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Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

I set up a custom field for marketing purposes using drop down selection.  I made it required on all invoices & sales receipts.  So when an invoice is entered it can not be saved until they fill in this field. For example ,  they have to choose, web ad, trade show, referral, etc.  The problem is that if we do a second invoice for the same customer what ever was selected selected the first time for this customer is populated on the new invoice.  Is there a way not to save this info by customer?

QuickBooks Team

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

Hi there, @droybal


Thanks for checking us here in the Community. Normally, when you use a template on an invoice and create another invoice, the regular template will display again. 


This setting will remain until there are changes made with the Invoice Template drop-down.


We can re-sort the template list to fix this. Here’s how:


1. Go to the List menu bar and click Templates.

2. Choose View and select Re-sort List.

3. Click OK.


Then, save your customized template preference again. Here's how:


1. Go to the Customers menu bar and select Create Invoices.

2. Create a new test invoice with a standard template.

3. Select the Template drop-down menu, then select one of the Intuit templates listed.

5. Enter Customer and Item details on the Invoice, then click Save & Close.


The template option is now the default selection. you can go to Customers and select Create Invoices


You can also check out this article for additional information: Fix common issues when you use and customize templates.


For future reference, you'll want to learn about creating and use custom fields to personalize your sales forms in QuickBooks Desktop. 


Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Enjoy your day!


Level 2

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

Thank you for your prompt response.  The template that is pulling up is correct.  The custom field is what auto populates with the last information for that particular customer.  I do not want it to do that.  I want to have to choose from the drop down custom field each time. I attempted to resort  the template list as recommended, but i didn't see a Re-sort list option.  I am using Enterprise Solutions 21 .  

QuickBooks Team

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

We can turn off the auto-recall information preferences, droybal.


It's possible that your company preference is set to automatically recall information that's why it generates the template you previously used. We can turn that off so you'll have the option to select a template moving forward. Let me show you:


  1. Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.
  2. From the General menu, click My Preferences
  3. Under the Automatically Recall Information section, uncheck the Automatically remember account or transaction information box. 
  4. Click OK to save changes.

Try creating an invoice or sales receipt and check if previously entered transaction information doesn't auto-populate. 


Feel free to use this link if you need more help in customizing your form templates.


Keep me posted if there's anything else that you need help with. I'll be here for you. Take care!

Level 2

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

Thanks again for trying to address my issue.  I changed the preferences as described but is still auto populates that field based on the last time that customer was invoiced.  See highlighted custom field below:Qbooks Custom Field.PNG


QuickBooks Team

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

Thanks for keeping us posted, droybal.


It looks like all possible troubleshooting steps have already been shared with you in this thread. In this case, we need to take a closer look at this to determine why it's still pulling up the same information even if the recall information settings have been turned off.


To do that, please contact our chat and phone support teams. They'll be able to investigate this further and check what's causing the issue. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Enter a short description of the situation, then click Continue.
  4. Click Get a callback.


You can also reach out to them via chat using this link: Contact Us.


As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us again if you need anything else. We're always here to help. 


Level 1

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

Hello droybal,

I too have been struggling with the same limitation you are, and that is it seems QuickBooks Desktop does not support custom fields at the invoice level. The best I can tell is that the custom field you created applies to the customer, not the invoice, and even though you can choose to display that field on the invoice, you are actually seeing data about the *customer*. This is why when you create a new invoice, this field auto-populates with the information from the underlying customer. When you change that value on the new invoice, this value will be saved back to the customer, and will become the new default value for that field for future new invoices, until changed again.


There may be some workarounds by first creating an Estimate or a Job, with the correct custom data attached (I know QB Desktop does support custom Job Types) and then generate your invoice from that. I haven't investigated all of the possibilities with this approach though.


Update: After working with this a bit more, I discovered (in Quickbooks Desktop 2020 at least) that when you fill in a custom field on a form (invoice, for example) and then save that form, you will be prompted on whether or not you want to permanently apply that value to the underlying customer. For my purposes, I always choose not to do this. Even if you do accidentally save the new value as the default for that customer, you can edit the customer, go to "Custom Fields" and remove the value saved in the field.



Community Champion

Custom fields for invoices and sales receipts

The only way to make the custom field not populate is if it is not set/blank on the customer record. In turn, there's a preference to not update the customer records, and also - even when that is not enabled - I see a prompt asking me if I'd like to when I save a sale. If I say no, then the field is not set on the customer record.


To set the preference, go to Edit | Preferences | General | Company.  Then enable the setting "Never update name information when saving transactions."

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