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Aflac pretax deductions are negative in box 12, how to fix?

My Employee have Aflac, some of the deductions are Pre-Tax.  On the W2's this is showing as a negative amount in Box 12 letter J .  I am getting an error from QuickBooks that says entries in Box 12 can not be negative. Can't find how to  fix this, so I can complete  processing.  Any help would be appreciated!!

QuickBooks Team

Aflac pretax deductions are negative in box 12, how to fix?

Hi cchalice,


I'd like to help you get the information sorted out. Before making any changes, let's make sure to run the Payroll Summary report. This is to check if we have an accurate report for the deductions.


Here's how:

  1. Go to Reports at the top.
  2. Select Employees & Payroll.
  3. Choose Payroll Summary.
  4. In the Payroll Summary window, select the Date.
  5. Check the deduction details.


If you still need to modify the information, here's how you can edit the W-2 form:

  1. Go to Employees located at the top and select Employee Center.
  2. Click the Payroll tab.
  3. Hit the File Forms tab.
  4. Highlight Annual Form W-2/W-3 - Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal, and click the Create Form button.
  5. In the File Form pop-up window, choose All employees or Employee's Last Name - From.
  6. Select the Filing Period and click OK.
  7. Click the Review/Edit button in the Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 window.
  8. In the Payroll Tax Form page, click Next located at the bottom twice.
  9. Go to the Box 12 section and select the correct entry and you'll get a pop-up to override the calculation. Select Yes to change the information.
  10. Enter the correct amount and select Save and Close or Submit Form.

I'm also adding this article for reference: Create a payroll summary report.


Reach out to me if you need anything else. Thanks.

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Aflac pretax deductions are negative in box 12, how to fix?

Thanks so much for your Help!  On the W2  The Aflac Pre-tax amount is Box 12 Letter J.

The Aflac after tax amount is in Box 12 Letter W.  

J is a negative Amount, W is a positive Amount.

On the Payroll Summary Report They are the same. List as deductions from gross Pay. 

The dollar amount is correct. The Error says Box 12 can not have a negative amont.



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Aflac pretax deductions are negative in box 12, how to fix?

The Box 12 W deductions   ( which are Aflac Disability, Life Ins & Personal Sickness Indemnity)are subtracted from the Gross Pay  on the W2.  this seems like it is backward.  shouldn't the Pre-tax items be deducted from the Gross pay?


Kayla H
QuickBooks Team

Aflac pretax deductions are negative in box 12, how to fix?

Hi there, @cchalice.


Thank you for trying the steps my colleague has listed above. I'm happy to provide you with the information to correct this error. QuickBooks allows you to either give a lump sum at the beginning of the year or choose between two types of paid time off accruals (sick and vacation time) that you can use when paying employees. To ensure the set up is correct, view Set up and spend sick and vacation time or follow these few simple steps I have provided below:

  1. Select Lists > Payroll Item List.
  2. From the Payroll Item drop-down on the bottom left, choose New.
  3. Pick Custom Setup, Next.
  4. Go to WageNextAnnual Salary, or Hourly Wages (depending on whether you have salaried or hourly employees).
  5. Then Next, Sick or Vacation Pay, Next.
  6. Enter a name for the item, then Next. 
  7. Choose the expense account you want for the item, then Finish.

This will assist with making sure that the information has been entered correctly and will reflect properly on the W-2 forms.


Also or more detail on each box in the W-2 form, check out W2 fields and Box 12 codes defined.


Please reach out if there's anything else I can do to help, I'm determined to be your number one resource for QuickBooks





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