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Change payroll schedule

I have to change our pay schedule nearly each pay period - starting in december 2021 I am no longer able to change it. Each time i click on the pencil to change the pay shedule I get an error that says: "Something went wrong. Give us a few minutes to come back". See attached image. For the 12/30 payroll and the 1/14 payroll I have had to call QB support and have them change the pay schedule for me so that I can run payroll. Both times on the phone i was told there are no other businesses reporting this issue. This needs to get fixed - it's not ideal to call quickbooks support every time I need to run payroll. I've been able to change it on my own for atleast the past 5 years. 


More background - the first time i called quickbooks support we tried all of the following:

restart computer

clear browsing history (on FF and Chrome)

delete cookies (on FF and Chrome)

use private browsing (on FF and Chrome)

used a computer that had never previously went to the QBO website (on FF and Chrome)

used the windows 10 Quickbooks App

create a brand new pay schedule

none worked.


Both times I was on the phone I also did a screen and they agreed this was not expected behavior.


What is left for me to try so that Quickbooks will actually look at and fix this? 


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QuickBooks Team

Change payroll schedule

Hi there, @kbillings. I understand how critical it is to rearrange your calendar before payday. Before you execute direct deposit to your employees, I'll make sure you can adjust this.


I also appreciate you for performing the basic troubleshooting on your end. Those are the straightforward remedies to do when there are unexpected errors like you're currently experiencing.


May I ask if you are the administrator of your current account in QuickBooks?


Here’s how to check user:


  1. Enter your login and password into the QuickBooks application.
  2. In the QuickBooks menu bar, select "File."
  3. Read the option underneath the Close company option on the menu. You are currently in single-user mode and have administrator capabilities if it says "Switch to Multi-user Mode."

Utilize this article to learn more about the different user and access permissions for your reference.

You can always call the back support team to assist you further with this issue. They can also help you how to check the user mode you currently have and create an investigation with it.

Alternatively, see this article: Run payroll reports to learn about the different types of payroll reports that are available in QBO.

I can see how you and other businesses would benefit from this functionality. In the meantime, I recommend visiting our blog to remain up to date on any QuickBooks news and developments. For your convenience, here is a link to the QuickBooks Online Blog.


Drop your comment below for any other concerns with your payroll. Have a great day!


Level 3

Change payroll schedule

I haven't seen a "switch to multi-user mode" since we stopped using QB Desktop and started using QB Online. Am i missing it?


Regarding our online account, I have admin permission. While i am not the "primary admin", I am an "admin" (see attached). The first support call about this in December, I was told only the primary administrator could change the pay schedule, which would have been something new - regardless, we had the "primary admin" try to change a pay schedule and he received the same error. At the end of the first call, the person on the call agreed I should be able to change the pay schedule as I have the past 5 years, but didn't know why suddenly I couldn't. Since no one else is having the same issue i'm not sure it's on the QB radar. 

Thank you!


Change payroll schedule

Hello, @kbillings.


Thanks for getting back to us and sharing additional information about the issue you're having. Allow me to hop in and help make sure this is taken care of.


To start, the option to switch to multi-user mode is only available in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Since you're an admin of your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account, you should be able to change the payroll schedule. Since the issue persists even after performing those troubleshooting steps you've mentioned earlier, I suggest contacting our Support team again.


I know you already called several times, but they're the ones who can create a ticket for you. It will be forwarded to our product engineers for further investigation. An email notification will be sent to you once this has been resolved. I'll also inform you here when we get the update as well.


You can refer to this article for the detailed steps on how to reach them: QuickBooks Online Support.


For more information about managing payroll schedules in QBO, consider checking out this article: Set up and manage payroll schedules.


I'll also add this article that tackles managing employee paychecks, information, forms, and other topics for future reference: QuickBooks Online Payroll Hub.


Please let me know if you have more payroll questions or anything else QuickBooks. I'm only a few clicks away. Take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

Level 3

Change payroll schedule

@FritzF Thank you, will do!

Level 3

Change payroll schedule

Spoke with support today:


After some time I did finally get this which seems to be a step in the right direction as it's the first time I've been told others were possibly reporting the same issue.


"Currently we are receiving reports from multiple clients for this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our system engineers are already aware of this issue and we're working on fixing the said issue as soon as possible. I already added your account on the priority list as one of the affected customer to make sure your account will be fixed asap. We'll be sending you an email update once the issue if fixed. I'll keep an eye as well on the escalation and we'll definitely get back to you once there is an update."



Level 3

Change payroll schedule

Going on 3 months, still no fix and have to call support to change. Just venting here as I know there is nothing to be done. 

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