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QuickBooks Team

Hi ah65,


You can add the S-corp Owners Health Insurance item in section 4 of the employee's information page. That way, it will appear in section 8 when you enter the YTD payroll data. You can also follow the steps in this article: Set up and record S-Corp health insurance.


The YTD section will look like this:


Let us know if you have additional questions in mind.

Level 1

Thank you for your response.  I have already done the things you suggested.  The problem is the S-Corp health insurance does not get calculated or recognized into a gross wage for taxing.  After I put in all of the tax deductions the system gives an error that states there is a problem in that the wage minus taxes don't balance.  It's because the S-Corp wage is not being recognized or taxed. 


I have since found something on the QB site that says QuickBooks does not support full taxability.  I have no idea what to do now.  I need to get this set up so I can process July 15 payroll.  Do yo have a work around for this issue?  

QuickBooks Team

Hello there, ah65.


Let's make sure that the amounts are entered correctly so they'll balance with the wage and taxes. I'd recommend using employee pay stubs and reports that may have employee year to date amounts.


If you get the same thing after verifying the amounts, we can perform a few troubleshooting steps. The browser's cache stores internet files that can cause errors and unexpected behavior within frequently visited sites such as QuickBooks. 


  1. Log in to QuickBooks and then enter the YTD information using a private browser.
  2. If it works fine, you can switch back to the main browser and clear the cache.
  3. Other browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox can also help us fix unusual behavior. 

If you're still getting the error after doing these steps, I'd suggest that you get in touch with our Phone Support Team so they can screen share with you. This way, they can look into the cause of the error.


Here's how to contact them:

  1. Go to the Help icon and select Contact Us.
  2. Give a brief description of your issue something like entering YTD information, then select Let's talk.
  3. We’ll provide you a few support options. Select which one is best for you.

To ensure we address your concern on time, check out our support hours.


Always know that the Community is always here if you need more help. Take care always!

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