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Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

Quickbooks tech support process is set up to be extremely frustrating to the customer.  The agents are nice enough, but they don't have the tools or the skills to help.  If it's the chat, it takes foooorrrrrever.  I can reply in under 5 seconds, and they take 5 minutes to reply one little thing back.  The phone support also takes forever because they only let you interface with a bottom tier tech support and waste your time doing one of several things: 1) making you clear your cache, cookies, etc., even though the problem is clearly server-side and exists across multiple computers, countries, and browsers.  2) being on hold while they talk to a second level tech support 3) suggesting one small thing at a time and then putting you back on hold forever while they talk to someone else; 4) Making you go through the whole problem again super slowly, wasting the customer's time going back to the beginning so they can take pictures of every little step and write down descriptions of every step that you've tried.   The process takes about 2 to 3 or even 4 hours every time when it's something that could be accomplished in 30 minutes.   As a past support manager myself,  it frustrates me immensely.   There's no reason after quickly trying rudimentary things that the customer shouldn't be able to directly talk with the higher tier tech support without the hours of wasting time having the low-level tech support play ping pong between the customer and tier 2.  This is a premium, subscription product.  Not a cheap one-time buy software.  This poor quality tech support doesn't make sense.    I've been through tech support three times now and it's this way every time.   
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Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

Hi, @solutioning.


I appreciate you for bringing this to our attention. What I can do here on my end is to take note of this experience so I can pass it along to our management team. This way, we'll be able to think of new strategies and interventions on how to improve your experience with us.

To get started, may I know more details about your concern so that I can assist you further here in the Community?


Meanwhile, I'll be providing some articles that might come in handy to you in case you have other QuickBooks concerns, such as setting up your payroll and online banking, managing payments, and inventory, running reports, etc. so you can keep track of your business performance. 


You'll also want to know the latest QuickBooks updates and improvements and what are our Product Care Team is working on. Feel free to visit this site for more information:


Please let me know if I can be of any help by leaving a comment below.

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Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

Yes. Please pass my message onto management.   Here's why I'm frustrated. 


This is a premium subscription product, therefore, I expect a higher level of support than what I've received. 

The problem with the support is mostly that the customer isn't passed on to a higher tier of support once they are "screened" by the first tier.  This screening should quickly determine that the customer isn't just calling for "how to" help and can provide some basic troubleshooting quickly.   


But here is what I see happen every time. 

1) I do my own troubleshooting online before calling in to see if I can resolve my issue quickly on my own. 

2) I've tried chat, but it's way too slow.  Even if I'm sending messages instantly back, they are taking 3-10 minutes per reply.   That's useless and terrible support. 

3) I call in as a last resort.   I explain the issue in concise detail.   

a) They insist to try "clearing cache, cookies, and private window" every. single. time.  They insist that  I do it again.   The issue is clearly server-side if it's happening across multiple computers, in different countries (my bookkeeper is not in the US),  and browsers.   Doing it again for them to witness isn't going to change anything.   

b) They put me on hold forever to find some step-by-step reference document for them to read back to me to do.  They start telling me to do each step, even though I told them those exact same steps at the beginning of the call.  I don't get the sense they know the software well enough to have even understood what I explained that I did. 

c) They put me on hold again and start using a chat system with next tier support.  They come back every few minutes and say "try this".  Then they put me on hold again and come back 5 more times with the "try this" efforts again and again and again.  They don't have a grasp of what is being recommended because they are repeating their support's recommendation verbatim and didn't understand everything I explained I tried before.  This is terrible and a huge waste of time that I have to speak through a novice level support to relay messages back and forth to the next tier. 

d) The support tech they are speaking with will finally ask to document the issue.  I'm asked to show the problem again.  I start going through it fast.  They tell me to slow down and take 5 minutes per screen shot, writing each one up.   This isn't my responsibility.  Just record a video my screen and write it up later instead of taking an hour of my time documenting it so slowly! 

e) I leave the call with no resolution and all my time wasted that could have been done in a 1/10 of the time.   


I don't expect a resolution on the phone with a bug, but I do expect to get raised up to a higher tier support so I don't have to waste hours and hours through a low-level middle person. 


This is the third time I've gone through this.  This last time, I didn't let them waste as much time as they have in the past so I kept asking for the next tier of support.     


I've both worked in tech support and called other companies with my needs.  Never have I seen such a terrible, frustrating process as Quickbook's.   With a normal company you get screened through tier 1 and get passed on to a more expert support to speak with directly for help.  


Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

I hear you and appreciate the feedback, @info979.


This isn't the type of customer service I want you to have. I'm sure you would rather be doing other things than going through multiple contacts and I'm taking note of the feedback regarding your experience. Now that you’re in the Community, I’ll do everything in my power to help fix or resolve the issue you have.


To get started, can you please provide additional details about the help that you need? This is for me to provide the best resolution for you. 


Moreover, I don’t want to leave you empty-handed, you'll want to visit our Community Help Articles hub in case you need some related articles in managing your account.


As always, you can get back to me if you have any additional questions. I'm here for you. Have a great day!

Level 2

Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

Okay. Thanks @MirriamM   

At this point, I would just really like that my message gets forwarded to the management of the phone support department.     I don't have any issues with the individual reps there.   My issue is with the process of support Quickbooks has in place of blocking or severely delaying the customer from receiving efficient, higher-level support when it's needed.  


Other than that, my issue has already been escalated to the next tier and I should be receiving a call from them today. 

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Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

We raised an issue as the recurring invoice details did not update if you changed your customer's billing address etc. You would think this was a basic coding issue as what is the point in offering a recurring transaction if it doesn't change with the customers records and sends invoices etc. to the old address!!! 


We were repeatedly fogged off and advised that the issue had been escalated, after many, many months of receiving a standard email saying it was being worked on we were told the issue had been closed without any remedy being found. Clearly no attempt had been made, as I am sure a tweek to where the recurring transaction was looking for address details would have remedied the problem and should have come to light if even the most basic of testing had been applied to the software.


The online product is so inferior to the desktop programme and cannot deliver even basic requirements such as updating recurring invoices or offering customised fields (even though it appears in the menu!) 

We are currently assessing alternative providers in the light that support for the desktop product is to be withdrawn and we have no belief the online product can meet our needs.

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Tech support is the worst support department I've ever dealt with.

I completely understand your frustration, Peter3605. 


Please know that I hear you, and I want to help. I've checked with our back-end team and found out that this is not a bug, this is how the product works. 


As per the current design, only the following fields in the customer fields trigger a change in the recurring templates: 


  • Payment details. (Credit card) 
  • Name & Contact (not addresses) 
  • Email 


For now, I recommend sending your feedback to our dedicated team to help make changes to QuickBooks's capability. Your suggestions and ideas will help us stay in tune with what our customers need, want, and expect. But I want to let you know this is how QuickBooks Online works at the moment.  


Here's how:  


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks account.
  2. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Feedback under Profile.
  4. Share your feedback.
  5. Hit Next.  

 Also, in case you want to make other sales forms more personalized to reflect your business identity, you can customize the templates you use. 


Please know I'm always available to lend a hand with any questions or concerns about recurring templates in QBO. Take care always.

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