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Can't find company file!

QuickBooks Team

Can't find company file!

Let's find your company file, jcornish-iinet-c.


This happens when it was moved or renamed. To locate it, you can follow the steps outlined below:


Solution 1: Perform a wildcard search for all company files.


Just type one of the following into the search bar. Be sure to include the Asterisk (*) before the extension type to ensure the search works correctly.

  • *.qbw (Working Files)
  • *.qbb (Back Up Files)
  • *.qba (Accountants Copy Files)
  • *.qbx (Accountants Transfer Files)
  • *.qby (Accountants Change Files)

Once the file is found, make a note of the file's location. Then, proceed to solution 2.


Solution 2: Opening a company file (.qbw).

  1. From the File menu, select Open or Restore Company.
  2. Select Open a Company File, then select Next.
  3. Select the company file.
  4. Select Open.

If you access the file over the network, check out the Company file is missing or cannot be found. Then, follow the outlined steps in this page to locate it.


Let me know how this goes by commenting below. I'm always right here to help ensure you're able to locate your QuickBooks company file.

Friends Properties
Level 1

Can't find company file!

do you know someone who can share my screen and help me locate the files? I am willing to hire someone but I would like to know if you can help me with someone knowledgeable not only with QB but computers as I am not very good on computers let alone QB. LMK thanks,


Friends Properties
Level 1

Can't find company file!


Can you recommend someone to help me with this? I am not very good with computers and things can be in a google drive, my backup file or it should be on my desktop. I am so confused and need professional support. Please let me know if you can recommend a person to help me with this. I am at my wit's end. LMK , thank you,


QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Can't find company file!

I can route you to the right support to help you find the company file, Friends Properties.


Our Technical Support Team has a tool like screen sharing that will help you locate your QuickBooks company file. They'll pull up your account in a secure environment and guide you with the step by step process of your concern. You may send a message via chat, call us at a time convenient to you, or we’ll get in touch with you instead. To ensure we address your concern, our representatives are available from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM on Saturdays, PST. See our support hours and types for more details about this one.


Here's how to reach them:

  1. Click the Help icon on the top menu. 
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help
  3. Tap Contact us.
  4. Select Search for something else and enter your concern in the Tell us more about your question: field. 
  5. Tap Search
  6. Choose Start a Message or Get Phone Number to connect with our support. 

For more details about finding your QuickBooks file, see the Company file is missing or cannot be found article. Feel free to visit our Install, upgrade, and register page for more insights about installing, upgrading, activating, and registering Intuit products.


Keep me posted if you need a hand with running your business in QuickBooks. Assistance is just one click away. Have a great day. 

Friends Properties
Level 1

Can't find company file!

I've ben looking all over your different pages and don't have a "HELP" button. can you send me a number? I am worried I am not looking at the correct page. I don't have an online version of QB just a desktop but I want to go online as soon as you help me find my company files.Urgent, need your help.  thank you


PS- can't find a chat section either.

QuickBooks Team

Can't find company file!

Let me provide another way on how to get in touch with our Support Team, Friends Properties.


You can message us outside of QuickBooks and we'll help you locate the company file on your computer. Please visit this link:


Choose QuickBooks Desktop and its edition. Then, enter a brief discussion in the What's your question? field, then click Continue.


You can either chat or get a call back. 


I've added this link to know when to contact us: QuickBooks Desktop support.


Let me know if you need anything else by commenting below. I'm always around to help ensure you're able to find your company files.

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