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Connecting QB Point of Sale at other store location to the company file back at the main store.

My wife is opening another store at a few miles away. I plan on moving one of the current computers that has a POS client (plus all its peripherals) to the new location. Ideally I would like to connect that POS system to the main company file on the main POS server back at base. Is anyone else running a set up like this successfully? Here are some options I'm exploring, has anyone got any thoughts on these?


  1. The new store will have an internet connection but clearly it is not on the same network as the POS server. I could use a VPN to connect the two networks together; I do already have pretty high bandwidth but Intuit very clearly states elsewhere on this support site that VPN is not supported. Nevertheless are any of you currently using VPN to connect your remotely located stores, successfully?
  2. I could use a separate company file at the new store and run the POS system standalone in single-user mode. But my wife uses Quickbooks to manage the books; how would the end of day procedure work -- how would everything be transferred to the copy of quickbooks back at base?
  3. I could use a separate company file and a separate copy of Quickbooks for Desktop at the new store. I believe that my current QB for Desktop license would allow this provided only one instance of Desktop is run at a time. Of course, I do already have a separate license for this additional QB Point of Sale.
  4. Any other ideas?
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Connecting QB Point of Sale at other store location to the company file back at the main store.

Good day, ken-skybar.


You're correct that using VPN is currently not supported when using QuickBooks POS. The system requires that both program are installed in the same server or network. Check out this list for more information about this: System Requirements For QuickBooks Desktop Point Of Sale 18.0


With regards to end of the day tasks, you can use the Financial Exchange process to transfer or sync your data from POS to QuickBooks. Please see this article for more details: Financial Exchange Overview.


For more question about setting up QuickBooks POS, you can reach out to our Chat Support Team. Just go to this article and click the Chat with us link under the 

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale section: Contact Payments Or Point Of Sale Support


I'll also leave this post or thread open so other POS users and other members of the Community can join in and share their thoughts as well.


Lastly, let me share this FAQ page to get more reference about using QuickBooks POS:QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) FAQ


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us again if you need more help. 

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Connecting QB Point of Sale at other store location to the company file back at the main store.

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