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Error Creating PDF directly to Sharepoint synced drive

Hello all,


My company is experiencing an error in saving an invoice directly as a pdf to a synced sharepoint folder on their PC. Right now we host QB on a central server which the employees access through RemoteApp, which is working fine.  From there they can save a file as PDF to the server itself, or to a file within their local drives.  As soon as they try and save it to a synced drive on their file explorer they get the following error:




I verified that it was working to save in other locations and ran the QB PDF repair tool on the server it's hosted on as the error suggested and we still get this same error.  For now we're having them save a file to a local folder, then copy it to the Sharepoint drive synced to their file explorer.  


Is this a known error we can fix or will we need to continue with our workaround?

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QuickBooks Team

Error Creating PDF directly to Sharepoint synced drive

Hello there, rhalls.

I appreciate for taking the initial steps to resolve the error. Let’s reboot your computer to refresh it. Then, open QuickBooks to save the invoice.

If none of these suggestions work, reset the temp folder permissions to ensure the users have access to perform the task. I’m here to assist you through the steps.


  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key + R to open the Run command.
  2. In the Run window, key in %TEMP% and hit the Enter key.temp folder.png
  3. Right-click an empty area of the temp folder to select Properties.
  4. Tap the Security tab and review the usernames and groups.
  5. Make sure they’re set to Full Control.

After configuring the setup, save the entry again (QuickBooks). If the issue persists, perform Steps 2 and continue up to Solutions 3-4 in this guide: Troubleshoot PDF and Print problems with QuickBooks Desktop.


For additional resources, this link provides information on what causes printing problems in QuickBooks as well as the solution to fix them: Troubleshoot Issues with Printing and .PDF Files

Stay in touch if you still need help when working in QuickBooks. I’ll be around ready to assist further. Have a great day ahead.

QuickBooks Team

Error Creating PDF directly to Sharepoint synced drive

Hello again, rhalls.


I’m back to check if the troubleshooting I shared helped you save a PDF copy of the invoice. Let me know if you still need further assistance with this. I’ll jump right back in to make sure you’re taken care of.


Thanks for visiting the Community. Have a great weekend ahead.

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Error Creating PDF directly to Sharepoint synced drive

We attempted the solutions you recommended and when we checked the permissions on the %temp% folder all users on the local laptop had permissions to that folder.  Would it make a difference if the user had those permissions on the VM in which our QB server is hosted?


Otherwise we did everything else and still get the error.  According to the user himself, it only began to happen recently and didn't seem to be an issue about a week ago.

QuickBooks Team

Error Creating PDF directly to Sharepoint synced drive

Thanks for the prompt reply and sharing additional details, @rhalls.


I also appreciate you for going through the steps provided by my colleague Rasa-LilaM above. 


We can try to have the permission of your VM to let the user access the file. This way, we can check and further isolate this issue. 


If they still receive the error after having the VM permission, then I’d recommend contacting our Support team. They have the proper tools to look into your account and investigate the cause of this issue. You can follow these steps on how to reach out to them in your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) software:


  1. Navigate to the Help menu.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click Contact Us.
  4. Enter a brief description of your concern, then click Let's talk.
  5. Then choose your preferred way to connect with them.

You can also refer to this article for more details: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support.


I’ve also collected this article that you can use for your future reference: Batch print forms in QuickBooks Desktop. This link provides complete information on how to print invoices in QBDT.


You can always get back to me if there’s anything else you need help in managing your QBDT software. I’m just around ready to back you up. Keep safe and have a great day ahead!

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