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Kehn Construction
Level 1

historical payroll into a checking account register

moved to QB payroll late august, but moved to QB for everything else in July. I'm trying to reconcile the payroll checking account and none of the historical data I entered for q3 as part of the payroll setup is showing in the payroll checking account register. How do I reconcile the bank account without messing up the payroll-related accounts on the COA?

QuickBooks Team

historical payroll into a checking account register

Hi Kehn Construction,


Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Desktop. I'm here to help you in reconciling your accounts.


It could be that the historical payroll data are posted to a different bank account that's why they're not showing in your payroll checking account register. To isolate the issue, we can open and check the transaction in the Employee Center. Additionally, please make sure to select the Affect liability, expense, and bank accounts so that the Year-To-Date adjustment will show up in the bank register.


Here's how to do it:


  1. Select Employees from the top menu bar.
  2. Choose Employee Center, then go to the Transactions tab.
  3. Select Year-To-Date Adjustments, then locate and open the historical paycheck.
  4. Make sure that the bank account is correct.
  5. Click the Accounts Affected button.
  6. Tick the Affect liability, expense, and bank accounts radio button, then select OK.
  7. Click OK again to save the changes.

Once done, we now start reconciling your accounts so they match your bank and credit card statements.


I also encourage reading these articles to learn how to fix mismatches and other reconciliation issues:

Feel comfortable to tag me in the comment section if you have follow-up questions or any other concerns. Stay safe and have a great rest of the weekend.

Kehn Construction
Level 1

historical payroll into a checking account register

so I tested this on a few transactions and it worked.  I have 2 months of weekly payroll at 35-40 checks per week.  Is there a batch way to do this to all the relevant transactions?  

QuickBooks Team

historical payroll into a checking account register

Thanks for keeping us updated, Kehn Construction.


It's good to know that the steps provided helped you determine what's causing the issue. However, there's no batch action feature to affect the bank account for historical payroll transactions. 


For now, you'll need to open each entry and select Affect liability, expense, and bank accounts. Although, you can click the Next Period button in the upper-right hand corner of the page to move to the next entry.


Since you're new to QuickBooks Payroll, let me share some of our payroll-related articles to give more references on how the feature works:


As always, you can reach out to us anytime you need help. 

Kehn Construction
Level 1

historical payroll into a checking account register

okay, this got me part of the way there. For some reason, the payroll liability payments I entered into the historical data part of the payroll set up don't seem to be showing anywhere, that I am currently looking.  I also have jerks that didn't cash their checks in a timely manner, so checks that were not entered individually but as large quarterly entries in the historical payroll data.  How do I account for those in this reconcile without messing up my payroll register or the liabilities register? 


In short, I need to account:

1. for individual paychecks that were part of lump-sum data

2. payroll liabilities that were paid individually from 7/1 on but that I can't find a record of in QB, even though I know I recorded the payments during the setup process. 

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