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How do I import an invoice with the SERVICE DATE

I import bulk invoices several times a month, but the table for importing into Quickbooks MAC 2019 does not include a field to fill in the service date so I still have to go through them all and add that in manually. Is there another way to do this?

Also my line breaks don't cross over so I have to fix that in the item description too.

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How do I import an invoice with the SERVICE DATE

Being able to import your invoices with the service date is a fantastic idea, @ChristinaT!


Right now, QuickBooks will only recognize the available fields when importing your invoices. You're on the right track in manually adding the service date details.


Also, make sure the fields match with that in QuickBooks when importing your file. This way, you can prevent overlapping of lines or formats. Please head to this link for more details: Import data into QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

When performing this process, I also suggest updating your QuickBooks to the latest release. That way, you'll have the current features and patches.


I recognize your need for this feature and its relevance to your business. Thus, I recommend visiting our Firm of the future site to get you in the loop about the recent news and product enhancements.


For good practice, you'll want to back up your company files. This way, you can restore them anytime in case of accidental data loss.


You can tap me anytime if you have more QuickBooks questions or need any tips with managing your files. I'd be happy to assist you always.

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How do I import an invoice with the SERVICE DATE

Are you importing them with File->Import->Items? I'll add a request to include Service Date in the table but I see its not there now.


You might be able to use IIF format and import it that way but I'm not certain.


With regard to line breaks, macOS and Windows have different protocols for the line feed character.  I think you want a carriage return character (control-m I think?) but sometimes windows wants a line feed character (control-J I think?). Anyway that's likely the issue there.


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