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How to setup Vendors from a W9 to receive 1099's

What is the correct way to setup Vendors from a W9 to receive 1099's.  I got a letter from the IRS saying I had incorrect information.  When I enter the name as it appears on tax returns, it makes it difficult to locate the vendor.

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How to setup Vendors from a W9 to receive 1099's

Hello, Ke-ri.


Here are the steps to ensure your vendors receive their 1099s correctly. 


I'd like to address the part where you're having issues locating the vendor. Is the vendor's profile not appearing on the 1099 Wizard? Or are the details not appearing as they normally should when you're trying to file the 1099 form? More details would definitely help ensure the form is filed correctly. 


In the meantime, let's make sure the vendor is eligible for the 1099. Here's how: 


  1. Go to Vendors, then open the Vendor Center
  2. Select and open the vendor's profile.
  3. Go to Tax settings
  4. Tick the Vendor eligible for 1099 box.
  5. Enter their tax ID. 
  6. Ensure other information is correct by checking it in the tabs. 
  7. Once done, click OK.




After setting the vendor up for 1099 filing, you'll want to run the 1099 Wizard to verify the data, map the accounts and prepare the form for filing. Here's how: 


  1. Go to Vendors, then hover your mouse on Print/E-file 1099s.
  2. Choose 1099 Wizard.
  3. On the pop-up window, click the Get Started button.
  4. Choose your 1099 vendors, then click Continue.
  5. Verify their information and other details, then proceed with Continue.
  6. Map the accounts for the 1099. 
  7. Review the payments on the next page.
  8. Confirm the entries, then finalize the form by either printing or e-filing it. 




Other helpful details can be found here: Prepare and file 1099s with QuickBooks Desktop.


Need help managing your vendors lists and recording expenses in QuickBooks Desktop? You're welcome to read our articles here. They contain guides and details on handling vendor transactions and your expenses. 


If you still need help with any other tasks in the Desktop version, please let me know. Leave your comments here and I'll reply to you as soon as possible. 

Level 2

How to setup Vendors from a W9 to receive 1099's

Hi jamespaul,


Thank you so much for your reply!


My problem is that I'm not sure how to enter information so I can still locate the vendor in the vendor list and print the 1099 with the "name as shown on their income tax return" on the W-9.


For instance, Joe Smith (name as shown on income tax return) and XYZ Co. DBA ABC Co. (Business Name), it shows as Joe Smith in the vendor list, but I locate the vendor as ABC Co.  Should I just make changes to the names for printing the 1099s and then change them back for ease of locating that vendor?


Thanks for your help!


How to setup Vendors from a W9 to receive 1099's

You're most welcome, @Ke-ri.


Yes, you're right. You can edit the vendor names after printing the 1099 form. For more insights about it, please check out this article: 1099 FAQs.


In case you want to print your 1099 form and file it by mail, you can order pre-printed forms through our Checks and Supplies website.


To review and make sure all vendor info is correct, you can pull up either the 1099 Detail or Summary reports. To do this, you can go to the Reports menu, and then select either of the said reports from the Vendors & Payables section. For more insights, please check out this article: How to create 1099 summary or detail reports.


You can always get back here in the Community if you have more questions about managing your forms in QuickBooks Desktop. I'd love to hear more from you in the comment section. Take care and have a good one.

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