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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

Pardon me if this isn't the correct forum to ask the above question.


It appears that Intuit is going to start offering a Bookkeeping service. I've been reading and following this topic but don't seem to get any good answers. I've even called Intuit but nobody at their call centers seem to know. 


I am holding off on Bookkeeping before making a decision based on the cost of Intuit's service. Understandably, ProAdvisors seem to be unhappy but it looks like a good deal for the end user. Does anyone know more about this? Or can Intuit respond?



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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

There was a post about it here:


Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

Hi all!


We don't have a bookkeeping service at the moment. The newest service we offered was the QuickBooks Advanced version which includes more features from the Plus version. Here's a link to our website:


Though, we also have the Intuit Full Service Payroll (IFSP) and QuickBooks Online Full Service Payroll that offers paying and filing of tax forms. 


Feel free to ask questions in the Community if you need more help. 

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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

Intuit is testing an on demand bookkeeping support aimed at helping business owners conquer their own bookkeeping. The support is facilitated by certified ProAdvisors via video chat and closes the gap for customers who don't want to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to do their books. Currently, Quickbooks Online Support included in the Quickbooks subscription, focuses on technical issues rather than bookkeeping assistance for business owners. Live on demand bookkeeping support on the other hand, focuses on helping with the actual bookkeeping process.

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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

This all started with twitter spreading the rumors that Intuit is entering the bookkeeping space. Some had noticed that on the pricing page for QuickBooks products, a new offering had appeared called “Live Bookkeeping.” But Intuit has denied availability of the new product, saying the appearance of this offering was a test only available to certain website visitors, designed to measure interest in such a service.


According to the new feature, which I was able to view, potential clients would be able to access a live bookkeeper — think Lyft for cabs or TaskRabbit for chores — for prices ranging between $205 to $350 per month, depending on their needs. The placement of the offering and the price ranges visible have changed over the past few days, which is most likely a part of the test Intuit says it is running.


Hopefully soon Intuit will start offering such services which might be helpful for non-bookkeeping people.




QuickBooks Hosting consultant

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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

Hello I'm interested in QuickBooks booking service in the community.

QuickBooks Team

Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

Hello, @johnson_67.


The Live Bookkeeping is a monthly bookkeeping subscription service for small businesses provided but QuickBooks ProAdvisors and bookkeepers. A test was launch last June 3 and made available to a limited number of small businesses most of which are new QuickBooks Online subscribers.


Stay tuned to our blog for announcements and updates: QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping June update: QuickBooks Live available for purchase on


Swing by here in the Community if you have other questions. I'm just a few clicks away.


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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

Personally being a bookkeeper I think this is so wrong.  I guess it is time to move my clients to non compete software company unh?  This is ridiculous after being with them for 8 years as a ProAdvisor. 




Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?



Intuit DOES offer a live bookkeeping service.  The main page with all the information about it is located here:

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Is Intuit offering a Bookkeeping Service?

I feel the same. It would be different if they would allow ProAdvisors to sign up to get this work, but that does not seem to be the case. It may be about time to move my clients to Wave and offset that payroll cost by increasing my fees a little bit.  When I called and asked them about it, they tried to act like it wasn't  bookkeeping service. Do they really think we are all that stupid?! Checking transactions line-by-line, giving end of year info for their accountant, reviewing monthly reports, live video chat...yeah right..this isn't bookkeeping at all!!!

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