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JE missing from accountants copy changes import

Hi, so something strange has happened with a client who imported our accountants copy changes. The changes were missing a JE completely. It just didn't show up in their file. We double checked and it's in the file we had but doesn't show up on the accountants copy changes report in PDF either......It's 2020 Enterprise. The only thing I can think of is that I imported that JE in the first copy we received and it was edited in the 2nd copy we received. Could it be that importing a JE would cause the changes to that JE not to import to the client? 

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JE missing from accountants copy changes import

An incorrect company file has been imported is the possible reason why the journal entry changes you've made didn't import in your accountant's copy. Make sure you have the right file before doing any changes.


Also, check if you have received the same accountant's copy because a different copy will cause missing transactions.


Learn more about common accountant's copy issues and how to resolve them: Fix Accountant's copy issues.


Comment below if you still have queries. Keep safe and have a great day!

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JE missing from accountants copy changes import

We checked that....It's good. 

Anna S
QuickBooks Team

JE missing from accountants copy changes import

Allow me to chime in, @009.


Since the journal entry didn't import to your file from your accountant, I recommend running a verify and rebuild on the file. This will fix any data damage the file has. Then you can send your file to your accountant again so that they can import the changes. The steps below will show you how:


  1. Go to Window and choose Close All.
  2. Navigate to the File menu, hover over Utilities, and select Verify Data.
  3. When "Your data has lost integrity," or another specific error message appears, you'll want to search the support site for instructions.
  4. Then, run a rebuild by going to FileUtilities, and pressing Rebuild Data.
  5. Back up your company files for the rebuild to start.
  6. Hit OK when you receive the message "Rebuild has completed."


Now that your file's data is rebuilt, you can send the copy to your accountant and have them import the journal entries. You may find this article helpful: Import journal entries from your accountant.


Please don't hesitate to touch base here with me if you need any additional assistance. Have a great weekend!

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