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Manaaging Permissions

How can I restrict specific users from creating new customers or vendors? Is there an option in manage roles?

The employees I want to restrict create PO's to the vendors but I want the vendor account to be approved and set up properly before a PO is written.  Any way to restrict specific employees and/or allow only certain employees?

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Manaaging Permissions

This is a great question, @Tsunegirl.

I would be happy to help you adjust permissions within your account.  In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you can customize the access for different user roles. This way, users will only be able to access what they need to do their job in QuickBooks.


You can create brand new roles from scratch. This gives you the flexibility to determine which specific area of your accounts can be accessed.

  1. Go to the Company menu and select Users. Then select Users and Roles.
  2. Select the Role List tab and select New.
  3. Give the role a name and description. Tip: Name it something that indicates its permission level.
  4. In the Area and Activities section, select an area of your accounts. Review each area and select NoneFull, or Partial to set the role's permissions.
  5. Once you set permissions for each area, select OK to save.

 For more details on how to limit these permissions, check out this article: Create and manage roles in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.


Let me know if you have follow-up thoughts on this, I am happy to help! Take care.

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Manaaging Permissions

Hi Jessica:

Thank you for that information.  

I do need specific instructions, like with radio button to include/not include, so employees are not able to add new vendors.  It is not apparent to me.  I already have roles set up for each employee.

Please let me know if you have any insight.


Manaaging Permissions

I have some inputs to make sure you're able to assign restrictions to your employees, @Tsunegirl.


Congratulations on being able to create roles in QuickBooks! Let's do a few tweaks to ensure we can apply them to your specified users. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Company menu at the top.
  2. Select Users, and then Set up Users and Roles.
  3. Go to the Role List tab, and then choose View Only from the options.
  4. Click New, and then give your role a name or description.
  5. Tap the plus icon beside Centers, and then select Vendor Center.
  6. Choose either None or Partial under the Activity Access Level. This way, that employee can only view the vendor info but unable to add, modify, or delete any entries.

Once done, you can go ahead and assign the created role to your employees. This time, go to the User List tab and then click New or Edit. Select the said role from the Available Roles list. When you're ready, click Add, and then OK.


IFor more insights, please review this article: Create data level permissions in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.


Lastly, if you want to view all the access permissions of your employees or users, you can click View Permissions below. Select the users you want, and tap Display.


I'm always around to help if you follow-up questions about this. I'd be happy to assist you further. Have a nice day!

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Manaaging Permissions

Thank you for your detailed information.

I need more clarification.  If I have a user who has a role that creates PO's to submit to vendors, is there a way to restrict that employee from creating a new vendor?  Management wants to be able to control that.

I don't see that option.  


Manaaging Permissions

I appreciate your time posting here in the QuickBooks forum, @Tsunegirl,


When you give a user access to Vendors & Payables, they will have the option to create new supplier profiles. Having this preference under Role List is a great idea to add in the program.


While this isn't an option for now, you can log your product suggestions for our developers. Just go to the Help Menu and select Send Feedback Online.


For more information about setting up roles, see these links: 

Let us know if there's anything else you want to know about user management or anything within the program. I'll be glad to help you here. Have a nice day.

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Manaaging Permissions

unfortunately thius wasnt a great reply as you failed to discuss what eahc role limits and how it in itself is limited in what you can and can not do

Manav Sachdev
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Manaaging Permissions

Hello Jessica,


Thanks for this information, it would be really helpful if you can guide me to know if there Is any way that we can only update PO number in Quick Books without unlocking period?

QuickBooks Team

Manaaging Permissions

We appreciate you joining the thread, Manav. We're glad to provide some insights into making an update to your Purchase Order (PO) number in your QuickBooks account.


We know how important it is to manage your transactions after closing your books. To answer your question, yes, we can update the PO number in QuickBooks without unlocking the period. However, when we edit the transaction after closing the books, you'll get prompted if you want to continue the changes. Let me guide you with some of the steps below.


Here's how to do it in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT):


  1. Go to the Vendor in the top menu bar, and select Vendor Center.
  2. Click the Transactions tab.
  3. Locate and open the purchase order you want to edit.
  4. From there, update the P.O. NO. field and click Yes.
  5. You may read the prompt, and when you're ready to save the changes hit Yes.


Please refer to this article in managing PO in QBDT file: Create purchase orders in QuickBooks Desktop.


On the other hand, please follow the steps below if you're using QuickBooks Online (QBO).


  1.  Go to the Expense menu bar, and select Expenses.
  2. Locate and open the PO transaction.
  3. Update the PO no. field.
  4. Read the prompt and then click Yes to save changes.


See this article for details on managing PO in QBO: Create and send purchase orders in QuickBooks Online.


Moreover, we'll be including these links in case you want to get a snapshot of your business:



Keep us posted if you have any other QuickBooks-related concerns. We're always here to assist you, Manav. Take care always, and have a good one!

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