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Pro Advisor profile suddenly missing

So, after much effort to publish my Pro Advisor profile, as I'm sure any other PA will understand, I'm checking up on it today and it's MISSING...poof, gone. I contacted Customer Service by phone, and went through a couple of tiers of support to find out why. I'm told that it's due to an "algorithm" that rotates us on and off the website randomly, in order to "give other accountants a chance to acquire business".


This does not make sense to me. In my little town there are 4 in a 5 mile radius. All the same faces are listed, except me. We would all fit on the first page of a search in this area. Instead, I'm "randomly" removed so people from 10, 20 miles away can show up? And I go all the way through the pages of available profiles, to the very end, and mine is not there ANYWHERE.


Is this happening to anyone else? And if so, what explanation have you been given? I'm just not satisfied with this algorithm answer, since I've also been told that the "most relevant" order is not random at all.

QuickBooks Team

Pro Advisor profile suddenly missing

Hi there, Evalive.


Currently, we haven't received any reported issues about Pro Advisor profile suddenly missing.


Having a QuickBooks certification reflects your skills as a certified ProAdvisor and helps you attract more clients. If your QuickBooks Desktop certification is missing on your profile, check the status of your membership subscription.


ProAdvisors who support QuickBooks needs to have an active QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor membership. This will ensure that all your QuickBooks Desktop (including previous) certifications appear on your Find-a-ProAdvisor Profile.


Please check this article to see different answer questions about program changes for QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification: Frequently Asked Questions about ProAdvisor Certification.


Don't hesitate to ask again if you have other concerns related with QuickBooks. I'm always here to help you.

Level 2

Pro Advisor profile suddenly missing

Well I am doing everything I know how to report that this issue is happening to me. My status is current, and set to auto-renew in June. I can see my profile if I Google search it using my own name ...


But it does not appear in a general search on the ProAdvisor site. ...


QuickBooks Team

Pro Advisor profile suddenly missing

Thanks for coming back to the Community, Evalive.


I appreciate adding more details about your concerns. It provides me a better picture of the issue.


To check why your profile doesn’t appear on the ProAdvisor site, I’ll have to gather personal information. Since we need to verify your account I encourage you to give us another call.


Our QBO Care Team will be able to review the notes from the previous agents and perform the necessary steps to resolve the issue. Once they’ve identified this is unexpected behavior, our support team can raise a ticket for further investigation.


  1. To reach them, enter this link in the browser:
  2. This will take you to the Intuit ProAdvisor Program page.
  3. From there, scroll down to the Support section and click the Check out your support options link to view contact details.

Let me also share this link that contains articles that can help develop and maintain a great relationship with clients: Firm of the Future.


Keep me posted if you have any clarifications or questions. Please know I’m here to answer them for you.

Level 2

Pro Advisor profile suddenly missing

I will call again. But as I mentioned, I went through 2 tiers of support and both assured me this was completely normal behavior, and were unwilling to investigate further. There has to be a better way than to call until I get an agent willing to take it seriously that I am losing potential clients I have paid to reach.

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