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Conversion from Fake QB Services

I was recently hired onto my company for doing Network Engineering.

While learning all their systems, I noticed them using a version of QB Enterprise that I myself was conned into using about 15 years ago.

I did some research and found that is was someone posing as a 3rd party vendor for QB, which was not legit.  This incident has been processed and being investigated by the QB fraud team.

Here's our problem now, and no one seems to know how to fix it....

I did backups both on the virtual server, and on our server and my own laptop.

The problem though, is that when we try to migrate the files over, we get errors saying it cannot do it, since it is an online version, but it is Enterprise, or we get errors it just cannot process the migration at all.  I did manage to get it to a point where it pulled over the Chart of Accounts, but all the data was gone and all we have are zero dollar amounts.  When we call customer support, I get bounced back and forth between Enterprise and Online support for almost 5 hours.  That was kind of ridiculous.  We have 4 businesses we need to sort out, but we can't even get 1 business to switch over to Online.

The normal walkthrus for migration do not work for this at all.

I just managed to convince them to create a backup file for all of our businesses I can access, but I don't know how to snag them to get them into the legit QB Online Advanced version.

The guy actually admitted their version of QB doesn't have the capability to transferring to Online, which confirms they're using a hacked version of QB, as all your documents in QB show how to migrate from Enterprise to Online and vice versa.

Any ideas anyone?

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Conversion from Fake QB Services

Which QB Desktop year version are they using?

QuickBooks Team

Conversion from Fake QB Services

Hi, @Hofmann22.


I appreciate you for sharing your concern here in the Community. As much as I want to review the QuickBooks file in question, I won't be able to display personal information in this forum for the security of your account. That being said, I would suggest reaching out to our designated support for further assistance. This way, a live representative can look into your account securely, and review the QuickBooks services the company is using. Additionally, they can give you insights on how to migrate your data.


For the support's contact information, you can check out these links:



On the other hand, you can get more tips while transferring your data from QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and vice versa from these articles:



Let me know if you have any other follow-up questions about QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help. Have a good one!

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