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adding user to gopayment in merchant account

I'm trying to add my husband to our gopayment app.  He is listed as the primary on the merchant account because he is the one with the EIN.  Quickbooks won't discuss anything about this with me because of that.  He's called and told them to do so but they require it every time!

I sent him the 'invite' from the app.  It is making him create an intuit account to use a different email.  But Intuit won't let him have another account because this one is set up in his name - and mine.

I've used the business office email to create my app and got it connected to our merchant account.  How do we make his work?  Does he have to have another Intuit account?  Does he have to have a different email address?  I've gone in circles all day, been on hold for hours only to get clicked off because I'm not primary and finally forced one agent (with chickens crowing and dogs fighting in the background, obviously over seas somewhere, milking the clock) to accept a conference call with my husband on the line to get permission yet again.


adding user to gopayment in merchant account

Hello LenW,


Adding users to GoPayments should be easy especially if the ones being invited don't have Intuit accounts. For the invited users, they should have an option to create new Intuit accounts or use the existing ones. Issues when adding users requires a tool that can pull up and review your accounts. This is not possible in the Community for security reasons. Hence, it is recommended to do it with our Customer Care Team. You can get their contact information through this link: Contact Payments Support.


Some of our representatives are working at home to prevent more issues of this pandemic disease. We hope you don't mind the background noise as long as your concerns are addressed.


Let us know if you need anything else. Have a great day!

Level 1

adding user to gopayment in merchant account

No, the issue has not be resolved. 

We own our business account.  I have the gopayment app on my phone.  I'm the one that uses the Quickbooks program.  The only one.  We had to open the account with his EIN number.  That made him the primary for the merchant account.            When I try to add him to the gopayment so he can do credit charges in the field, it tells him to create an Intuit account.  When he tries, it says he can not because he already has an account.  I can not open another account because in the main part of the Quickbooks , I am the contact person with all my info.  So around and around we go.  When I call, they either refuse to talk to me and literally hang up or say they have to have his permission.  I've done the conference call, adding him to the conversation and he's given them permission to talk to me then they promptly give the call to someone else who wants to go through the process all over again.

I just need some very simple answers, how to make it work!  Do I need to scrap the account and start all over again?  If so, I'm going with a totally different company and system.  This is just too much.  We're trying to make a living for ourselves, not the the phone answers to see how much they can get paid by not answering basic questions.  It should be a basic, simple operation to connect another user as I was told it would be.  Please help or get me to someone who can!



adding user to gopayment in merchant account

You don't need to create a new account, LenW.


When adding a user, it will prompt them to sign or sign up. Since your husband already has an Intuit account, select the sign in option. Enter the login credentials associated with his Intuit account.


Check out this article for the complete details: Add users to QuickBooks Payments.


Please let me know how it goes so I can assist you further.

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