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QB Payment Experience.

Hands down the worst experience I've ever had on a cloud service or software of any kind, by far!



  • Send a client an invoice on a new QB account, even though they have ACH to pay me directly. 
  • Once payment is sent I receive a notification payment may be delayed 6 business days - which is ridiculous. Set this up when I sign up for an account or at the very least give ample warning this is the process!
  • Day 6 comes around I get a notification that payment is on it's way. I'm relieved since I need the money to run my business. 
  • Then I receive a notification saying that payment has been withheld I need to provide a ridiculous amount of personal information and client information just to process a payment. 
  • I call and ask them to simply refund the clients money, because I'm insulted by this whole process and it's a waste of my valuable time. It takes 20 minutes on hold just to get authorization to refund my clients money! At no time was it mentioned there would be extra processing feeds.
  • Few business days later, I receive 170 dollar in fees from QB just to refund money that never even hit my account! Support would not help me even though I was never told of these fees, frankly I would like to hear the audio of this call to prove said fact. 

If you are a consultant thinking of using this software, DO NOT! Square or any other provider is a better choice. Horrible software, horrible support, completely opaque pricing and ridiculously slow merchant account setup! Then nothing but canned BS responses to any of these VALID complaints!

QuickBooks Team

QB Payment Experience.

Hi surrational1,


We believe that this should be easier since this process involves money and time, and these are important aspects of a business. Let me shed light on the process so you'll be guided, and you can use the service efficiently.


Normally, the funding time will take 2-3 days. However, for a first-time payment, it can take up to 5 business days because we're still building up your merchant account. If you're using Next-day Deposits, this 5-day- funding time can take up to a month. 


If we need more information for security reasons, we let you know, and this can add up to the timeframe. The subsequent payments should run smoothly after complying with everything.


With regards to the fees, please refer to these articles:

On a lighter note, a lot of our clients enjoyed our QuickBooks Payments services. One advantage is that data is synced. This converts your time for recording transactions into taking care of your business. I believe this can bring potential to your business, too, and ease for your clients when paying you. We hope these features and processes introduce more time and simplicity into your day.


Let me know if you have other questions about QuickBooks Payments.

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QB Payment Experience.


You may have other options to explore




Level 1

QB Payment Experience.


I think that you can try to receive payments using payment systems like Square, Stripe, Paypal for example, and synchronize transactions from there into your QuickBooks company using third-parties apps. This can be a good solution as will save lots of your time as invoices can be sent in several clicks and all the transactions will be recorded automatically in your QuickBooks. Here is the link to the app that can help you to do this [click here].

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