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Quickbooks Integration with POS App (Stripe, Square, Chargify, Others?) What's best?

I am researching the best and simplest way to accept orders and process payments on our website for professional services (no inventory) with an app that integrates with Quickbooks Online. 


Being out of my comfort zone, I am looking for insight, understanding, and recommendations from those with knowledge and experience. My research has resulted in more questions than I have answers. 


I am not sure if I am even asking the right questions but here goes! 


1. Does an app like Square, Stripe or others require that you use their Merchant Services? 


2. If so, the per transaction price is important to find out, correct? 


3. How long does it take from the time an order is placed / payment made to receive the funds in your bank account? 


4. Is there an additional app required to synch the data to Quickbooks Online? 


5. How long does it take on average to set this up from start to accepting orders when there isn't an inventory? 


6. What apps do you recommend? Pros and Cons? 


7. What else do I need to ask or be aware of? 


Thank you for taking the time to answer or point me in the right direction. I appreciate the Quickbooks Community that shares their knowledge! 

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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Integration with POS App (Stripe, Square, Chargify, Others?) What's best?

Thanks for dropping by the Community, Marcell.

I appreciate for being detailed about the issue. I can help point you in the right direction in integrating QBO to the POS applications mentioned.

For Square, you’ll have to use their merchant account and connect it to QBO. This way, you can download sales transactions processed from them. Here’s an article that provides an overview of the integration process: QuickBooks & Square. Better together.

Regarding Stripe, we’re unable to provide a direct connection so you’ll have to use another app. I recommend visiting the App Center to find one that suits your business needs. For Chargify, you can consider contacting their customer care for further assistance.

Please know the data we receive is dependent upon what the third-party application shares with us. QuickBooks Online is like a diary that records what happened to the actual transactions.

For your other concerns, I suggest posting them to the Intuit Developer's Forum. This is the place where customers, engineers, and product developers discuss a variety of development topics and answer integration questions.

I’m adding some links that provide resources to help your business thrive and efficiently handle it.


Let me know if you other concerns or questions about QuickBooks. I’ll be glad to lend a helping hand. Enjoy the rest of the day.


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Quickbooks Integration with POS App (Stripe, Square, Chargify, Others?) What's best?


If you are building your own webstore, you may explore 2CO as the payment gateway to integrate with your QBO account.



If you are using Shopify, you may integrate it with Chargify an/or Synder




As for AST Filing & Reporting app, you may explore Taxjar



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