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Question about Invoice Payment Processing Fees


How can I see which online invoice payments the QB fees are based upon? I can sort of guess by looking at the dates the payments were made compared to the QB fees being deducted, but I feel like I'm missing how you can see exactly which invoices the fees are tied to. My fees look like they are more than the 2.95%+.25 I think I'm supposed to being charged.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



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Question about Invoice Payment Processing Fees

For your reference



You can also compare the fee with a 3rd party payment processor


Comparison MF and QBO US.jpg

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Question about Invoice Payment Processing Fees

Thank you for the reply. I know what my fees should be but when I see a new payment processing fee come through I'm not sure how to tell which invoice the fee is tied to. And the fee amount looks like it's more than the 2.95+.25 I am supposed to be getting charged. Is there a reference to the invoice somewhere in the payment processing fee that I'm missing?

QuickBooks Team

Question about Invoice Payment Processing Fees

Hello, Kate_1123.


I have some information about the QuickBooks Payment fees. QuickBooks Payments charges a fee each time you process a transaction. Fees also depend on how you processed the payment.


To learn about the different payment fees, you can check the QuickBooks Payments website for the latest processing fee rates. You can also browse this article to view the fee types: What are the fees for QuickBooks Payments?


For future reference, read through this article: Find out when QuickBooks Payments deposit customer payments. It helps you learn more about the turnaround time to get your customer payments in your bank account. 


Feel free to visit again if you have additional concerns. We're always here to help. 

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