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Reverse a transaction - what's the limit?

I am attempting to reverse a large number of transactions, due to refunds that need to be processed. I followed the steps here to complete the initial reversals and everything processed fine with just 1 error, stating:
The transaction was declined
We couldn't process this card. Please re-enter the card details and try again.
I am not attempting to enter a card number, just reverse the charge on that card to refund it.
I noticed under Step 2 in the window that there is a max of 20 transactions that can be selected for processing. I *thought* this was a max of 20 that could be processed in one action, but now I am unable to reverse any more transactions without getting the above error. What is the timeframe for this maximum amount? I completed 20 successfully and now I am stuck.
Screenshot 2020-08-02 21.32.17.png
Can anyone point me to documentation that would explain the specifics of this restriction? I have over 500 transactions I need to process and cannot be limited to only 20 per day!
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Reverse a transaction - what's the limit?

Hi @kjcleary , actually i don't really know how much the limitation but your issue could concern with Intuit Payment Merchant Agreement click this . Comment below for any issues. Cheers.

QuickBooks Team

Reverse a transaction - what's the limit?

I appreciate your time posting here, kjcleary.


We can try to sign out and sign into your QuickBooks Payment account to refresh the connection.


Here's how:

  1. Open File Menu > Setup Interview > Payments
  2. Select SIGN OUT and NO to taking Credit and Debit Cards
  3. Click DONE.

Then, sign in again and try to reverse the charge. If you're getting the same result, I'd recommend reaching out to our Merchant Service Team. They can pull up your account and check what's causing this error.


You can get their contact information in this article: Contact Payments Support.


Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any follow-up questions or other concerns. We're always around to help you some more. Take care and stay safe.

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Reverse a transaction - what's the limit?

I spoke with support today and got conflicting answers. One rep told me there was a limit of 20 reversal transactions per day, and that allotment resets at 12AM PST daily. He told me this is a known limit and is being worked on, but there is no timeline for the update to be complete. The second rep told me there is actually NO LIMIT and that the issue is that I am processing them too closely together (?). I was only able to get 20 through yesterday and only 3 today. 


There doesn't appear to be a pattern for when I get the error and when I don't. I tried this AM and got a declined error, and then again while chatting with the rep and got a success message. I did two more successfully but now all others have failed since. I am taking several hour breaks in between attempts so i don't think it's the latter issue. I am stuck and have a long list of customers who would like their refunds and my options are dwindling.

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Reverse a transaction - what's the limit?

I am having the same issue, I have 90 refunds to process and could only process 30 yesterday. Tried again today and same issue, all refunds are declining. The limit for refunds should be made clear to users. We need to know realistically what time frame we are working with. Is it 30 refunds per day, 30 refunds per month, we need to know.... This is NOT acceptable from a customer standpoint as well as our customers standpoint! I also don't understand why there is a limit in place, we are paying for processing fees initially and to reverse.... 

Kristine Mae

Reverse a transaction - what's the limit?

Let me share some information with regards to processing a refund, ScreeningOne.


We have a new Refund Policy that looks back at 6 months. It totals all charges and takes note of those that aren't voided for the particular merchant and credit card combination. It ensures that all prior refunds that are voided plus the requested refund amount don't exceed the total.


I'll include some articles to better guide you:

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to let us know. We'll be right here to assist you. Take care!

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