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Adjusting Journal Entry Checkbox

I am trying to make adjusting journal entries in desktop 2019 premier contractor.  When I go to "make general journal entries", the adjusting journal entries checkbox is not there.

QuickBooks Team

Adjusting Journal Entry Checkbox

I'm here to help you sort this out, @erinrlb.


Let's start by making sure that your QuickBooks software is updated to the latest version. This ensures that the program displays the latest features and resolve issues such as missing adjusting journal entries tick box. I can guide you in doing so.

  1. Go to the Employees menu.
  2. Choose to Get Payroll Updates.
  3. Tick the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  4. Hit Download Latest Update.
    • A window appears when the download is complete.

Once completed, make sure to restart QuickBooks to ensure that all components are updated.  Now, you can try adjusting your journal entries.


If the issue persists, running the Verify and Rebuild tool to isolate this unexpected behavior. This is a built-in tool that auto-detects and auto-fix data damage issues within QuickBooks.

  1. Open your QuickBooks company file.
  2. Choose the File menu.
  3. Select Utilities.
  4. Click Verify Data.
  5. Pick OK when you see the message QuickBooks detected no problem with your data. You may continue using your company file.

Once the Verify finds an issue with your QuickBooks data, you will be prompted to Rebuild Now or View Errors.  You can refer to this article for more detailed steps: Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop.


Get back to us here anytime you have other question or concerns in using QuickBooks. I'm always here to help.

Level 1

Adjusting Journal Entry Checkbox

I followed these steps, and there is still no checkbox

QuickBooks Team

Adjusting Journal Entry Checkbox

I appreciate you doing the troubleshooting steps, @erinrlb.


Let me chime in and add further troubleshooting steps to fix this. We can use File Doctor to resolve company file issues in QuickBooks Desktop. 


To start, download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub. Open the file you downloaded (QuickBooksToolHub.exe). Then, follow the on-screen steps to install and agree to the terms and conditions.


The next step is to Run Quick Fix my File. Here's how:


  1. Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. From the tool hub, click Company File Issues.
  3. Choose Quick Fix my File.
  4. Select OK when it completes and launch your QuickBooks.


If you still get the same result, let's run QuickBooks File Doctor.


  1. From the tool hub, choose Company File Issues.
  2. Click Run QuickBooks File Doctor. It can take up to one minute for the file doctor to open. 
  3. In QuickBooks File Doctor, choose your company file from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Check your file (middle option only) and then select Continue.
  5. Enter your QuickBooks admin password and then choose Next.


For more details, you may consider checking out this article: Fix company file and network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor.


However, if the issue persists, I suggest contacting our support team. They have advanced tools to further investigate your company file. 


Meanwhile, I'll be adding this link to learn more on how to enter journal entries: Create a journal entry in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or Mac.


Feel at ease to let me know if you have other QuickBooks-related concerns. I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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