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AJE's not in Accountant's Changes

Several Adjusting Journal Entries have been entered for my client's fiscal year-end, in addition to some regular journal entries and a bank reconciliation.  The AJE's do not appear in my list of Accountant's Changes when I go to send them back to the client, but the rest is there.  I have double-checked the date on the AJEs and they are before the cutoff for this Accountant's Copy.  I have also tried sending back the changes that did generate and having the client send me a new Accountant's Copy, but without any improvement.  Has anyone encountered a similar/same problem and, if yes, how did you solve it? 

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QuickBooks Team

AJE's not in Accountant's Changes

Welcome to the Community, @MartyD. I'm here to help you resolve unexpected results to ensure you're able to export accountant's changes to your client. 


Ideally, the client and accountant using the Accountant's Copy feature should use the same version or year of QuickBooks Desktop. Otherwise, any accountant's changes that use features that aren't available in the client's version will not import to the client's file.


To resolve this, you'll need to upgrade your file when you open an Accountant's Copy in a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop. You can also work on the Accountant's Copy using a different version as long as the gap between the versions is just one year, and ensure that the accountant has a more recent version.


I'd also suggest you ask your client to resend the accountant's copy. Then, recreate the adjusting journal entry. 


For additional insights, I'd recommend checking out this help article: Use the Accountant's Copy. It'll help you learn more about other Accountant's Copy workflows and general information. 


For future reference, read through this article to know more about how to fix errors and unexpected results when importing Accountant's changes should you encounter any. 


I'll always be here in the Community if you have additional questions about how the Accountant's copy in QuickBooks works. 

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AJE's not in Accountant's Changes

Hi @katherinejoyceO, thank you for replying.


The client and I are both working in Quickbooks Premier 2019, I am working in the Accountant's version.  I do the client's bookkeeping on a monthly basis and have yet to have any program compatibility issues.  All files are updated upon receipt when necessary.


We already tried a fresh accountant's copy (please see my original post).  When we discovered that the AJEs were not included on the "Send/Export Accountant's Changes" screen, we sent back the regular journal entries and bank rec that had already been done, had the client incorporate those changes, and then had them send a new Accountant's Copy.  The AJEs were entered exactly as they were previously, but the "Send/Export Accountant's Changes" screen still does not include them.  As a test, I created a dummy standard journal entry which did register on the screen, so it is only adjusting journal entries that are not being registered by the program.


Do you have any other suggestions?


AJE's not in Accountant's Changes

Good to have you back, @MartyD,


I want to ensure this is resolved for you. Since the regular journal entries are sent successfully other than the adjusting entries, I recommend getting in touch with our Support Team.


They can check the client's file and help you further with importing the adjustments. To contact us, use the steps below:


  1. Open QuickBooks and click the Help menu.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. On the pop-up screen select Contact us.

To reach us on time, see this link for our support hours and other contact options: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support


You may also refer to these related articles for reference:


Let me know how it goes in the comment. I want to ensure this is resolved. Have a good one!

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