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Level 3

AR report by CLASS

So...  IN my continuing adventures in the QBO program....

Why can I not sort or find or generate an AR report by class?

IN the Desktop version - I can run the AR report - filter by CLASS ---> define class

and then I get a report showing the AR of any and all in that CLASS only.

When I try to run a filter on the AR (both summary and detail)   there is not a CLASS option in the 


Please tell me I am just not looking in the right place...
Please don't tell me that QBO can't run this report because ( as in other questions the facile answer has b

Level 15

AR report by CLASS

In desktop, if you select class at the top of the invoice by the customer name, that class tag tracks the whole invoice and that is why you can report on it.  But if you had left that class entry blank and just selected class per line item, the A/R reporting would not see the line item class.


In QBO if you want to report on the whole transaction you use location.  In QBO class only tracks line items.

QuickBooks Team

AR report by CLASS

Hi B-MUSIC-school,


Currently, running the Accounts Receivable (A/R) report by class is unavailable. As an alternative, you can run the A/R Transaction Report from the Balance Sheet to show the class on the column.


Here's how: 

  1. Click Reports on the left menu.
  2. On the search bar, type Balance Sheet.
  3. Click Accounts Receivable amount.
  4. Click the Gear icon.
  5. Click Change columns, tick the Class box.
  6. Click Run report.

You can also run accounts reports in QuickBooks: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


Please let me know if you need further assistance. I'll be right here to help.

Level 3

AR report by CLASS

I am familiar with the Desktop reports and how to use them. We always entered classes for each entry and the splits therein,

It's QBO that is the less powerful reporting, and really is becoming hard to use.,,

Having to enter a "location" does add extra work.

Level 3

AR report by CLASS


Even though the original invoice to the customer DOES include a CLASS -   it does not show up in

the proposed solution.  YES - the column for CLASS shows up, but it is empty.


QuickBooks Team

AR report by CLASS

Thanks for posting to the Community, @B-MUSIC-school.


You can run a customized Transaction Detail by Account report to show the Accounts Receivable by class. Customize the Rows/Columns by class to show the Account Receivable transactions.


Let me show you how:

  1. Go to Reports on the left panel.
  2. On the Search box, enter "Transaction Detail by Account Report".
  3. Click the Customize button.
  4. Go to Rows/Columns and then Group the account by Class.
  5. Click Change columns.

  6. Uncheck the Memo/Description and Location box.

  7. Filter the Transaction Type by Invoice.
  8. Hit Run report.

There you can see the CLASS column filled with the corresponding AR.

You have the option there to show All, Paid and Unpaid accounts receivable by utilizing the Filter drop-down.

You can also check this page for more videos and articles about customizing reports: Customize Reports.

Please feel free to leave a message to this post or tag me (Jovychris_A) if you need further assistance. I'll be around to help. Enjoy your weekend!

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