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The invoices show as automatically paid but I have to painstakingly go through each transaction line and find the customer and project they should be paired to. This seems like the bare minimum that Quickbooks should automatically do. To add insult to injury, when manually changing the "payee" field, the banking tab goes ahead and changes every other "Intuit Soln Deposit" transaction line to the most recently categorized payee, incorrectly assuming that they all must be the same customer. Is there an automated way to solve this?
QuickBooks Team

Hi mikael,


Automatically matching payment transactions is indeed a time-saver. However, this isn't covered in QuickBooks Payments anymore.


Yes, the automatic part is the invoice gets paid when your customer pays online. However, when the money is transferred to your account, it's also reflected in your business account if you set it up. This will be a matching entry to your downloaded payment, and you can simply accept it without changing anything on the transaction. I can imagine what you've been through, and going through each transaction is an extra job and it costs time.


In the sample below, I have 2 bank download payments with matches. I can just select them and click Accept.


accept 2 bank transactions.JPG

Feel free to reach back out if you have more questions.

Level 1

Yea I was hoping that these deposit transactions would appear as your attached image suggests, as I have seen Quickbooks do for other matching items. However this option does not appear for these transactions. And choosing the "match" radio button does not give me a list of matching transactions that it could merge with. It seems as though these deposits are actually duplicating the amount I am showing for income and therefore perhaps I should be deleting these transactions entirely...?


Following your "set it up" link indeed takes me to that chart of accounts option page however none of my accounts appear in the dropdown menu, the dropdown is empty. It asks me to create a new account to reflect these deposits. Is the advice to create a new account for these Intuit Soln Deposits first, and then once they are attached to this new account, pair them with the respective transactions? I don't want to show duplicate income for all CC transactions. 


Thanks for your help!

QuickBooks Team

Hi mikael.


When QuickBooks Online downloads transactions from the bank, it analyzes the bank data against your QuickBooks Online data. What QuickBooks Online suggests for each downloaded transaction depends on whether you have existing QuickBooks Online transactions or not.


If you have one exact match, under the Category or Match column Quickbooks Online displays a green icon that says Match. The matching transaction will be displayed. If it is the correct match, click Match under the Action column towards the right. 


However, If you know there is a match but Quickbooks Online transaction can’t find the transaction or it isn’t matching to the right one. Here is how to find transactions to match:


  1. Banking, select a transaction.  
  2. Click Find Match.  
  3. In the Match Transactions window, type text to help you find the transaction: a name, part of a name, an amount, etc. 
  4. If the transaction you want to match to is outside the date range displayed, change the dates to help find the transaction you’re looking for. Click within the date box to manually change or click the calendar icon to change the from and to dates. 
  5. Once you have set your search parameters, click the magnifying glass to search. 
  6. When you find the item you’re looking for, click the checkbox in the list on the left of the date. 
  7. If the total amount is the same as the downloaded transaction amount, click Save. If the amounts are different, you can match to multiple transactions or Click Resolve Difference to add a new transaction to make the amount equal.  
  8. When you’re satisfied with the match, click Save. The transaction moves to the In Categorized tab. 

Note: If you still can’t find a transaction you entered in QuickBooks Online, there are a few reasons it may not be showing as an option to match: 


  • Verify that the transaction has not been reconciled  
  • Verify the transaction was entered using the same bank account 
  • Make sure the Quickbooks Online transaction has not been previously matched to another bank downloaded transaction  
  • If it is a deposit or payment received, make sure it is not on the Bank Deposit page (undeposited) 


To learn more about matching transactions and avoid duplicates, you can check out this article: Tips for matching transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Please let me know if you need further assistance with this. I'll be here to lend a hand. Have a great day, and take care always!

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