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Faulty report filtering

I want to customize the Transaction Detail by Account report. When I first open the report, I see details for all accounts. When I filter for liabilities only, the report is blank, even though these accounts appear on the full, unfiltered report. Any suggestions for generating a transaction detail report (not registers) for liability accounts, please?

Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Faulty report filtering

Hi there, Jim3333.


It's nice to see you back here in QuickBooks Community. I appreciate you for providing detailed information so I can share accurate details.


Since you're done customizing the report to show for liabilities only, I suggest ensuring that you selected All dates. This is to make sure that all data entered in QuickBooks beneath liabilities will show. I've attached a screenshot below for visual reference.






You can refer to this article to see additional information on how you can customize reports and focus on the details that you want to view: Customize reports in QuickBooks Online.


Please check this article to view a table list that contains various financial reports that give you snapshots of different areas of your business: Reports included in your QuickBooks Online subscription.


Please visit our Community forums again if you have other questions for QuickBooks Online, running reports, etc. We're always here to help. Have a wonderful day!

Level 2

Faulty report filtering

Thank you for taking the time with a thoughtful reply.


I make no other changes when customizing - I only add a filter to select liability accounts. When the filter is applied, all transactions disappear. The date range remains the same.

QuickBooks Team

Faulty report filtering

I appreciate your prompt reply, @Jim3333.


Allow me to chime in and provide additional insights on how to get around this issue.


Let’s access your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account on a private window (incognito) and customize your report from there. This way, we can see and check if this issue is due to stored browser cache.


The browser saves cache files to help load the page faster on your next visit. In the time it gets outdated, it can cause issues resulting in unusual behavior that affects the performance of your account. Using a private window helps us verify this as this doesn’t save any cache data.


To begin, here are the keyboard shortcuts in opening a private window depending on the browser you’re using:


  • Press keys: Ctrl + Shift + N (Google Chrome browser)
  • Press keys: Command + Shift + N (Safari browser)
  • Press keys: Ctrl + Shift + P (Mozilla Firefox browser)


If you’re able to customize your report via a private window, go back to your regular browser and delete its cache. If the issue persists, try using other supported browsers. This way, we can check if this is a browser-integrated issue.


Once everything looks good, you might want to memorize your report to save its current settings, or export it to access it anytime outside QuickBooks.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions in personalizing your reports, you're always welcome to share them with me. I'm always here ready to assist you. happy holidays!

Level 2

Faulty report filtering

I want to filter my clients' Transaction List by Account to show only a few selected liability accounts. I only change the filter by Accounts and when I run the report, ALL the accounts disappear. The new report does not filter for the liability accounts. I have not tried to filter for say, Equity accounts.

I could do so in the past.


I have logged out and back in, re-booted, cleared the cache, tried both Firefox and Chrome (with and w/o Incognito) and attempted this simple filter in several QBO client accounts. Always fails.


I have a problem when I change the date for Balance Sheet Comparison, too. I run the report and all data vanishes. One QBs "support" person suggested I just live with it. That doesn't sit right.


Thanks to the Community for any ideas and Happy New Year!!

QuickBooks Team

Faulty report filtering


I appreciate all the efforts that you've exhausted just to get this working, Jim3333.


Clearing the cache is a good start in isolating the issue since this process deletes the accumulated junk files that may cause strange behaviors. I tried filtering my Transaction Detail/List by Account report here and was able to refine the transactions.


You'll want to make sure to apply the appropriate accounting method and reporting date so that all the related transactions will be shown. However, if the same thing happens, I'd recommend getting in touch with our technical supports. This way, we'll be able to look into your account in a secure environment and conduct an investigation of your Transaction Detail by Account and

Balance Sheet Comparison report.


Here's how to connect with us:


  1. Go to the Help icon.
  2. Select Talk to a human.
  3. Enter "Talk to a human" again in the search bar.
  4. Choose I still need a human, then click Contact us.
  5. Select Get a callback or Send a message to start a conversation.

Our representatives are available from Monday to Friday 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and Saturday 6:00 AM to 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time.


Additionally, here are some resources that you can read to help streamline the reporting process in QuickBooks Online:

I'll be right here to keep helping if you have any other concerns or further questions. Have a pleasant day ahead.

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