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General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

I am trying to move a sub account from one GL account number to another.  The box "Subaccount of..." is greyed out and I can not uncheck the box, nor can I change what account it is subaccount to.   I need to arrange our accounts so they flow better.  I know the rules of changing subaccounts, I just can't do it because the box is greyed out.  


I need help to figure out how to get the Subaccount changed.



QuickBooks Team

General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

Hello there, ChrisMc29.

I can see how important for your business to have your sub-accounts in tiptop shape. Allow me to share some information to seamlessly move the accounts.

When you move the sub-account to another general ledger account, make sure it has the same account type. Doing so allows you to change the information smoothly.

However, if they have the same account types, let’s perform the browser troubleshooting. This is the initial step to perform when you experience unexpected behavior in QBO.

To begin, open QBO using incognito mode or private browsing. The process allows you to browse the net without storing internet history and cookies.

Here's how:


  • In Chrome, press the CTRL + Shift + N keys simultaneously.
  • For Mozilla CTRL + Shift + N keys altogether.
  • For Safari browser: Command + Shift + N


If this works well, your main browser may be filled with cached data. To keep this from happening again, clear your browser's cache to start on a clean slate. Doing so enhances the overall browsing performance. Otherwise, use another browser and move your sub-accounts from there.

I'm also adding this article to help you in the future. It outlines the complete instructions on how to accomplish the following tasks in QBO.



Keep me posted if you have any clarifications or other concerns. I'll be happy to answer them for you. Have a good one.

Level 1

General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

I am not using a web based version of this software, so this solution is not applicable to me.  My issue is with unchecking the "subaccount of" button.  It is greyed out and I can not check or uncheck it.  I've tried using it in single user mode and Admin mode and nothing has worked.  That button is always greyed out.  My question is how do I get that button to not be greyed out and for me to be able to check it or uncheck it and change the subaccount.

Level 1

General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

I am not using a web based version of this software, so this solution is not applicable to me.  My issue is that when I edit an account and want to change the subaccount portion, the check box is greyed out.  I can not uncheck it to remove it being a subaccount, nor can I check it to put an account as a subaccount of another.  Please note it is not because they are not the same type of account.  They are the same type, but I can't even get to that part.  I have tried this in both Single User Mode and Admin User Mode and the "subaccount of" button to check is always greyed out.  My issue is I need to be able to get the subaccount checked box to not be greyed out so I can access it and change and add subaccounts.

Kristine Mae
QuickBooks Team

General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

Let me make it up to you, ChrisMc29.


I've checked our records and haven't seen any cases the same as yours. I've also replicated your concern. The Subaccount of box is not greyed out on my end.


The unexpected behavior can be caused by a corrupted file. Let's run the Verify/Rebuild utility to detect the data damage. Here's how:

  1. Click File.
  2. Go to Utilities, then choose Verify Data.
  3. If QuickBooks detected no problems, there's no further action needed. If you receive a message, "Your data has lost integrity," the file is damaged. Just continue to Rebuild Data to correct the problem.
  4. When you Rebuild Data, you'll receive a message to back up your company file, just click OK. The utility starts as soon as the backup is finished.
  5. Click OK when you get the message "Rebuild has completed."
  6. Run Verify Data again to check for remaining data damage.

If it didn't make any difference, let's use the QuickBooks File Doctor to fix the company file.


Feel free to get back to us if you need more help with this. We're available 24/7 to assist you. Keep safe!

Level 1

General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

I have to wait until one of the Users goes to lunch to run this.  


I just had a thought, I have an Accountant's copy out to our Accountant for our Yearly Financial Review.  I cannot make any changes to 2020 while they have it.  Would this also prevent me from making GL account and subaccount changes?  

Tori B
QuickBooks Team

General Ledger Parent and Sub Accounts

Hey there, @ChrisMc29


Thanks for following up with us and letting us know that your accountant currently has an accountant's copy. I'm happy to lend a hand with your changes. 


You're correct with your thinking. While an accountant contains an accountant's copy, you can not make any changes to the accounts. You'll need to wait for the accountant's copy to be returned to make your changes to the accounts. 


Once your accountant has returned the copy, make your changes. Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues. I'll be here every step of the way. 


Take care and feel free to reach out to the Community at any time. Have a great day! 

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