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Profit & Loss Report



I just did my bank reconciliations on Quickbooks Desktop 2019 and then I ran my P&L statement and none of the cleared checks are in the P&L. I did a back up and also restarted the software and there still no where on the report. I even made sure that reconciliation saved and it did because all the checks that cleared the account have cleared check marks on the items.


please help I need this report so I can finally submit my findings to the board.

QuickBooks Team

Profit & Loss Report

Hello there, @Soccertreasurer.


I appreciate the details you've shared. I'd be happy to show you what report you can use to present the cleared checks.


You may run Check Detail Report and include Cleared checks in the filter. I'll show you how to do that.


  1. Go to the Reports menu and select Banking.
  2. Choose Check Detail.
  3. Click the Customize Report, then go to the Filters tab.
  4. Search Cleared in the Filters box.
  5. Select Yes and OK. This is how it looks like:


I've added this article in case you'll bump into any reconciliation issues in the future: Fix issues when you're reconciling in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can always get back in this thread if you need further assistance or if you have other questions. I'd be glad to be a part of your success.

Level 2

Profit & Loss Report

Thanks for your reply. I already knew how to run a checks cleared report, the problem that I am facing is that my Profit & Loss report doesn't show the checks that cleared my account in Jan but it did on  report that it did in December.


I feel like every time I get used to this software it throws a wrench in the works. I don't have the time to figure problems  out every time QB doesn't give me what it used to the time before.


Feeling frustrated.

QuickBooks Team

Profit & Loss Report

I can help you sort it out., @Soccertreasurer.


For you to clear the checks in January, you can change the Date in it.


You can run the report suggested by my colleague. From there, select the check in question and then change the Date. Ensure to save it afterward.


Adjust the reporting period of the Check Detail report to January.


Then go to the bank register to mark the payment as cleared (✓). You can then rerun the Profit and Loss report.


I'll be adding these references in case you need them again in the future. It shares insights on how to filter reports and memorize them:


Let me know if you have other QuickBooks concerns. I'm always around to help. Have a great day!

Level 2

Profit & Loss Report

Hi Jovychris,


Before I begin I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you, I am not sure if its my explanation of my problem but I feel like the 2 replies that I have received are not the answers to my problem that I think will address my issue, so to that end I will explain.


I just did my Jan 2021 Bank reconciliation and it balanced to 0.00. I have a board meeting very soon and I don't have all the time in the world to get all my reports ready so I am starting them today.

I ran my Profit & Loss report and only 1 of the 5 checks that cleared my bank account actually showed on my P&L the other 4 checks didn't. Which to me is very strange. 3 of these 4 checks were issued last year and just cleared by bank account but the last check was issued and cashed in January. Thus Quickbooks P&L is making it look that my profits are larger than they should be.


I understand how the cashed checks report works and I have issues in there as well because all my bills that I receive I enter them in the "Enter Bills" then pay them obviously in the "Pay Bills" when paying the bills they are either Debit Card Transaction or actual checks that I cut to pay them but either way the debit card bills receive a DC normally in the check number field and when I run the outstand checks these debit card transations appear in it, that why I dont really want to use it. 


Your solution I think you were attempting to fix check that had cleared in the wrong month thats why you are having my change the date but that's not what my problem is.


My problem is that the P&L does not show cleared checks that came out of my account, when it used to.


I have attached to PDF

1st PDF : Shows the 2 checks issued in Jan and cleared in january but only one of them shows up in the P&L for January. The other checks that cleared my account were issued in 2020 and cleared this month (Jan2021)

2nd Attachhment is the P&l that only shows the $216.00 check that cleared the account the other checks are nowhere to be seen on the report.



I hope that this explains my problem.


Thanks Ever so much




Level 2

Profit & Loss Report

Before I add my reply I would liked to take this oppertunity to thank you for your assistance.


I am not sure if I am ultimately explain my problem thoroughly, so I will try again.


GOAL: I need my Profit & Loss report to show all the checks that cleared my bank account Jan, because its only showing 1 of 5 checks. I have attached my P&L for you to look at below.


Today I did my January 2021 bank reconciliation and it balanced to the penny. But not all checks that I reconciled show on my P&L ??????????


Below you can see the 5 checks that cleared my Bank A/C but only the $216 is showing on my P&L. To fix this I don't want to run a separate report for cleared checks because it should show up on 1 report as it used to do (the P&L). The checks issued date are correct and the cashed date is also correct, I am not sure why you provided me instruction on change the dates of the checks.


1/11/2021Referee Payroll $            20.00
1/15/2021Equipment Purchase (We Got Soccer) $           216.00
1/19/2021Referee Payroll $           115.00
1/19/2021Referee Payroll $            75.00
1/29/2021We Got Soccer $        2,020.00







QuickBooks Team

Profit & Loss Report

I appreciate all the details and screenshots you've provided, Soccertreasurer.


As I’ve read your concern, it looks like the issue could possibly be a potential data damage. This might've caused the transactions not to show on the Profit and Loss report.


If the date and accounting method selected on the report is correct, what we can do is completely close the program and restart your computer. Then, come back and rerun the report.


If doing a total restart doesn't resolve the issue, let's make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated to the latest release. Then do the Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop to repair any damaged data in your company file.


Please let me know if this helps. I'll be around to provide assistance until a solution is found. Thanks.

Level 2

Profit & Loss Report

I get it I’m such a idiot I just need to change the bill dates and the check date to this month and they showed up in the P&L I just always thought that once I reconciled the check it would automatically show up in my p&l ..


although I am extremely happy that you figured this out QB should be automatically doing that and I am just dealing with a few checks what was to happen if I was dealing with a payroll run of checks , unless I’m messing something . What’s the point of having a reconcilement every month if these checks don’t show up in my reports.

QuickBooks Team

Profit & Loss Report

Hello there, Soccertreasurer.


The reports being displayed will depend on the reporting period you set, how the transaction was recorded and the accounting method either it's Cash or Accrual. Feel free to look into these articles for more details in running reports and reconciling your accounts: 


Keep us posted if there's anything else that you need help with. Take care!

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