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Special Order Non-Inventory Job Profitability

Hi to all-

I have been having an issue of getting a accurate Job Profitability Report on Special Order Non-Inventory items. I will outline the way we have been doing it (which isn't working), if someone can help me with how to fix "our" way or a far easier better way I would sure appreciate it.


I have setup a Special Order Item (SOMisc) in the Item List under the type Non-Inventory Part. We then create a Sales Order for the Customer and change the description to match what he is ordering. Also we change the retail price on the Sales Order. Then we create a Purchase Order from the Sales Order. Upon the item arriving we then create an Invoice and Receive the Item with a Bill making sure to have both the Invoice and the Bill having the same date. This way has worked in the past but now continues to give me an incorrect report. This is a cumbersome way of entry and would like a much easier route if there is one. Please advise on how to fix or improve.



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Special Order Non-Inventory Job Profitability

set the non inventory item to double sided, there is a check mark box on the item screen to say it is used in an assembly or for resale, then select the expense and income accounts for that item


when you use that item on the purchase order, select the customer/job - that assigns the cost to the job.  then you can mark it billable to make it easy to bring over to the invoice using time costs if you wish.

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Special Order Non-Inventory Job Profitability

You don't need to do this part: "making sure to have both the Invoice and the Bill having the same date"


You date things to match the reality. You can Enter the bill dated in Dec and have the sale from the SO in November. But on the bill, on the items tab, where you list everything, Job Track it here, as Direct for that customer:Job, and remove the checkmark = Not Billable, since you charge from the SO.


That's the step that allows you to run Item Profit and Job Profit details for the same think you bought and sold for this customer name. Dates are not what relates them. Dates are for your Financial reporting reality, not the customer or item activity.

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Special Order Non-Inventory Job Profitability

I figured out part of my problem was that there had been some items sold at a much different rate that had never been built out therefore it had cost averaged out to show my profit very different than reality. On this date issue tho, it doesn't seem to work that way. For instance I invoiced 52 bags of fasteners today at a retail of 70.00 per bag. I had received the bill from my supplier with an invoice date of 12/07/2018 in the amount of 50.31 per bag. Upon running a Job Profitability report this evening it showed that for the day I had a very inflated profit. After going back to my suppliers invoice and changing the date to today and refreshing the report it now shows a cost to that transaction. Before I changed the date there was no cost showing up for that job/transaction.

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Special Order Non-Inventory Job Profitability

Hello @gregk.

Thanks for the clarification. I want to ensure you get the answers you need with this concern.

Verifying the reason why the transaction doesn’t show an amount when running the Job Profitability Report before changing the invoice date requires assistance from our QuickBooks Desktop Support Team. They have a screen sharing tool that would help in getting the answers you need.

Also, this is to ensure that your account is safe and secure, which we are unable to do so in this public forum. To get our updated contact information, follow the steps below:
1.    Go to this link:
2.    Choose QuickBooks Desktop and select your QuickBooks version.
3.    Select a topic.
4.    Click the Get Phone Number button to contact us.

That’s it. Please let me know how the call goes. Should you need anything else, don’t hesitate to reach back out to me here in the Community. I'll keep an eye out for your response. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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