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1099-MISC CA state filing

I have gotten conflicting answers from Quickbooks as to whether or not the IRS forwards the 1099-MISC forms to the state of California after we file using Quickbooks Online.  The answer in the link below indicates yes, but others responded saying Quickbooks does not use the combined filing system.  I want to know if the IRS forwards the forms to the state of California anyway because in prior years this company filed using Quickbooks, but did not file with CA, and there was never any issue which makes me suspect that California somehow received the forms anyway.  The other question I have is, if the company does indeed still need to file the 1099-MISC forms with CA after filing electronically to the IRS using Quickbooks, what format does the CA Franchise Tax Board require?  The company once sent in paper copies to the FTB, and never heard back from them.   I have been told that one must file electronically with the FTB if the IRS forms were filed electronically.  All this is totally confusing and there is not enough information on the IRS web sites, the CA FTB web sites, or Quickbooks, so I need someone at Quickbooks to do some thorough research here to come up with a comprehensive answer.

QuickBooks Team

Re: 1099-MISC CA state filing

Hi there, CA_CPA.


Calfornia is one of the states that support the Combined Federal and State Filing (CF/SF) Program. Let me route you to this Help article for reference: What states support the Combined Federal and State Filing Program (1099)?


With regards to your second question, it's best to contact the CA Franchise Tax Board to check what format is required. 


In addition, you can also contact our QuickBooks Online 1099 Support for more details about the e-fling service. Check out this link to get their contact information: QuickBooks Online 1099 Support.


The Community is always here if you have other questions. 

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Re: 1099-MISC CA state filing



Best answer Monday
QuickBooks Team

I have great news to share with you, renee8!


QuickBooks is using the Combined Federal and State Filing Program (CF/SF) for the 1099-MISC form. Also, I'm happy you've mentioned you're filing to the State of California.


With this, I'm able to confirm you're able to utilize QuickBooks to file your form, since it's one of the states that support the program. Additionally, I recommend the following link as it's a hub of articles to assist with the preparation of the 1099-MISC form: What states support the Combined Federal and State Filing Program (1099)?


I'm confident these resources will have you on the right path and filing the form in no time. However, before you go, can I ask for the QuickBooks link for California that you saw earlier? I want to report it to our Knowledge Management Team, so we can update it and ensure it'll help you and others in the future.


Please don't hesitate to touch base with me here in the Community if there's anything else I can do for you Thanks for reaching out, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Re: 1099-MISC CA state filing

So in english, if we filed our 1099s with Intuit it was sent to CA, is that correct? 

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Re: 1099-MISC CA state filing

Hello, JAguilar.

Yes, IRS will forward the 1099-MISC forms to the state of California. The IRS Combined Federal/State Filing Program will only have to file once. IRS will forward the California returns to your state.


Please get back to us if you need anything else. 

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