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Update to handle new 1099-NEC forms for QB Pro 2017 desktop?

This didn’t work. I’m running 2021 version. Please help


Update to handle new 1099-NEC forms for QB Pro 2017 desktop?

Hello, Ethelrat.


I take it that you're unable to print the 1099 form in a three-page format. I'd like to help you out and resolve the formatting issues regarding the form. 


What steps did you do regarding the 1099 issue? If you haven't done it yet, you'll want to ensure that your QuickBOoks 2021 version is updated to the latest release


You can also run QuickBooks as an administrator. Certain program privileges might be blocking the 1099 wizard from running properly. Simply right-click the QuickBooks icon on your desktop, then select Run as administrator


Though if you still can't get the program to print the 3-page format for the 1099 forms, you can contact our support. They can check the issue in the program and fix the 1099 issues. 


Here's how to reach them: 


  1. Press the F1 key to bring up the Help window. 
  2. Click the Contact Us button.
  3. On the text box, enter "1099 issues" or something similar.
  4. Click the Chat with us or Have us call you button. 


If you need a quick reference on printing the 1099 form, you can check this article: Print your 1099 forms.


Need to review your financial data through reports? There are preset reports you can run in QuickBooks. Check this article if you need a guide or two on what report you can run: Understand reports.


You're more than welcome to visit this thread again if you have more questions regarding your 1099 forms. If you'd like some assistance on other areas in QuickBooks, add the details to your reply, and I'll see what I can do. 

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