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A Guide to Cash Flow Statements with Template

Download a free cash flow statement template, learn how to prepare a statement, and discover the direct and indirect methods of cash flow statements. A cash flow statement, along with the balance sheet and income statement, is one of the primary financial statements used to measure your company’s financial position. It tracks the inflow and […]

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Healthy Net Cash Flow? Why You’re Missing Out on More Money

If you’re a small business owner, you probably know what it’s like to struggle with net cash flow – especially if you’re a small business owner selling to large businesses. It’s exciting to land a well-known client who makes a big purchase. However, that excitement can be dampened quickly when those large clients negotiate Net […]

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Keeping a Business Cash Reserve: What it is and Why You Need One

Most business owners will quickly admit that things don’t always go according to plan. Everything is smooth sailing, and then an unforeseen circumstance knocks you over like a tidal wave. Maybe a crucial piece of equipment broke down and needs to be repaired and replaced. Perhaps a key customer is late paying an invoice. Maybe […]

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How to Increase Cash Flow with Alternative Funding

It’s no secret that many small businesses need to increase cash flow. 82% of small businesses fail because of poor cash flow management, making it the number one reason they go under. Having more money coming into your business than going out, not only ensures that you can meet your financial obligations – like making […]

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How to Improve Cost Management for Accurate Project Costing

Mistaken project costing isn’t just about the money, but also reputation- whether overspending or overdue- not delivering to clients can be a costly mistake in more ways than one. Due to the importance of budgets- project costing is an essential part of any project management planning. To improve project cost management, you will need to […]

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Just Add Cashflow: How to Boost and Take on Bigger Customers

Too often, small businesses get caught in the trap of trying to control situations they cannot control. We’ve witnessed several circumstances outside of an entrepreneur’s comfort zone. COVID-19, a rollercoaster economy, and tightening credit markets weren’t factors many small businesses owners could have predicted. One of the other things that may have fallen outside a […]

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How to Monetize a Website: 8 Ways to Drive Revenue and Build a Brand

A business website doesn’t just exist to advertise your products and services. On the contrary, a well-developed site can actually generate income for your company. But, knowing how to monetize your site is key. Website monetization refers to the various methods used to convert site traffic into real online revenue. Not all monetization techniques, however, […]

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How to Improve Cash Flow for Small Businesses

When companies look to their cash flow, they hope the money that runs into their business flows like a mighty river instead of a trickling stream. It is the cash flow of a company that keeps them going, providing them with the means to operate. If you’re looking to get your company out of financial […]

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How to Track Cash Flow

A business must track the inflow and outflow of cash to determine how and where the money is going. This cash flow refers to the cash a company generates and spends to operate accordingly. For successful cash flow management, a company must know how to monitor this flow of money. If you are a small […]

Employer explaining how cash flow affects the business

How Free Cash Flow Affects Your Business

Learn the components of free cash flow (FCF), what it means, and how to calculate it using accounts from your financial statements.

small business owner calculating cash flow

How to Calculate Cash Flow

Accounting calculations reveal a lot about a business’s financial health. Knowing the formulas attached to these essential calculations can provide small businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their finances. Take cash flow; if a business owner knows how much money is coming into and out of the company at all times, they can efficiently manage […]

Small business owner checking cash flow on tablet

Why is Cash Flow Important?

In the world of commerce, it is cash that keeps a business reigning. As a business owner overlooking your own kingdom, you will want to have as much cash flowing into the company as possible. This cash flow is an essential part of running a business. But, why is cash flow important to a company […]

Cafe owner checking his cash flow on a tablet

What Is Cash Flow?

When it comes to the operations of a business, cash is the lifeblood that circulates through a company. Cash flow, like blood flow, is required to stay alive and therefore needs to be closely monitored to ensure the optimum financial health of a company. As a small business owner or self-employed individual, you will be […]

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How to Manage Cash Flow for Small Business Survival

Cash flow proves critical for small business survival, and a positive cash flow can keep your margins right where you need them to be. Take control of your small business’s finances by managing cash flow with these tips listed below. Want more information on cash flow management, learning how to monitor your company’s finances and increase […]

Man looking over his cash flow data

What is Negative Cash Flow and How to Manage It

As a small business owner, you know firsthand how many obstacles you can face on the road to success. Ups and downs are inevitable and a critical part of any business that’s serious about growth. Even if you’re meticulous about financial forecasting, things can go wrong. Negative cash flow is among the challenges your growing […]

small business owners going over their cash flow projection

How to Create a Complete Cash Flow Projection

It’s essential to have sufficient cash in your account, since you have to pay your employees, handle business expenses, keep money in cash registers, and pay unexpected bills. Working capital is critical for small businesses, and cash flow projections can be an important tool for ensuring you always have enough cash on hand.   <<Back: […]

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How to Boost Your Cash Flow When Government Funding Ends

Right now, small and mid-sized (SMB) businesses face renewed uncertainty around COVID-19. Across North America, cases continue to rise in several hotspots as we begin autumn, a period typically tied to colder weather and flu season. Ongoing worries about new shutdowns come at a time that the Canadian government is poised to transition away from […]

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The beginner’s guide to cash flow [EBook]

Cash flow is an important aspect to any business. Download your free copy of a QuickBooks exclusive EBook that outlines everything a small to medium sized business owner needs to know about cash flow. Think of cash flow like your car’s gas tank. You fill up the tank with gas, and it empties as you [...]

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Projecting greatness [EBook]

Cash flow projection is fairly straightforward but incredibly useful. It can be a bit sobering to see your actual cash flow, but this information will only help you make better-informed decisions and grow your business in a responsible way. Over time you’ll become a total pro at cash flow projections. You may even grow to [...]

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Performing cash flow forecasting in 4 steps [EBook]

It’s clear that to pave the way for financial success in your small business, you need to stay on top of your cash flow. You’ll know where your business could be heading, you’ll make better business decisions, and you’ll potentially avoid collapse. Now, it’s time to do a cash flow projection. Follow these four steps [...]

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What is a cash flow projection? [EBook]

Cash flow is how much actual money you have coming into your business, as well as leaving it. A cash flow projection is an estimation of your cash flow over a set-period. Most businesses stick to a period of 12 months, tracking their cash flow for a full year. There's a difference between cash flow [...]

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How to use cash flow projection to keep your business healthy [EBook]

When you're running a business, it's easy to think your idea is great and your business is healthy. While optimism is important and you should stay positive, being realistic about your finances can keep your business afloat. More specifically, knowing exactly how much money you have coming in and out of your business is important. [...]

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The perks of cash flow projections [EBook]

Cash flow projections come with a lot of perks beyond knowing how much you can spend on coffee and donuts for your team. Here's a look at a few other business benefits. Understand where your money is As a small business owner, cash on hand never lasts too long. Bills have to be paid and [...]

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10 Tips for Using Cash Flow Management to Grow Your Business

Learn how to grow your small business with these 10 cash flow tips on how to manage and increase your cash flow. Trying to run a business without managing cash flow is like trying to paddle a boat without an oar. Even if you succeed, it will be an upstream exercise guaranteed to wear you […]

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Stay a Step Ahead

At Intuit, we are 100% dedicated to supporting you as the business environment evolves. We see the fiscal and mental impact that the current uncertainty is having on businesses around the world, and we will continue to create tools and content to help you navigate in these tough times. Here are some other resources that […]

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Maximizing Cash Flow

After you analyze the current cash situation and develop a forecast, you can focus on identifying the best ways to manage cash flow. You’ll likely need to implement a combination of approaches to both increase money coming in and decrease what you spend. As you did with the forecasting, use the data from key QuickBooks […]

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Cash Flow Playbook for Small Business Owners

A study of QuickBooks customers found nearly half (44%) of small or medium sized businesses who experienced cash flow issues said the problems were a surprise. On top of that, we’re in trying times, and that makes managing cash flow that much more challenging. This cashflow playbook will give you some tips to help you […]

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Generating a Cash Flow Forecast

First thing first: let’s get a clear picture of the current state of your business. It helps you determine how long you can maintain business operations, given typical patterns of bringing in and spending money. You can then use the forecast as a planning tool to evaluate “what-if” scenarios, based on potential adjustments to revenue […]

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Running QuickBooks Reports

These reports give you the key data you need to create a forecast and maximize your cash flow. Customer balance detail report Accounts receivable by customer. You can sort by due date to help prioritize which customers to contact. Go to Reports. Select Customer Balance Detail in the Who owes you section. Select Run report. […]

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Cash flow playbook for accounting professionals

Accountants and bookkeepers are at the forefront of helping small businesses grapple with ongoing uncertainty in all sectors of the economy. The advice they give to their small business clients is pivotal to managing cash flow to be as resilient as possible. Understanding the amount of cash that small businesses have on an ongoing basis […]

graphic of man managing cash flow

Running QuickBooks reports

These reports give you the key data you need to create a forecast and recommend steps your clients can take to maximize their cash flow. Customer balance detail report Accounts receivable by customer. You can sort by due date to help prioritize which customers to contact. Go to Reports. Select Customer Balance Detail in the […]

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Staying a step ahead

At Intuit, we’re committed to supporting you and your clients as the COVID-19 situation evolves. We see the fiscal and emotional impact that the current uncertainty is having on accounting pros around the world. We’ll continue to create tools and content to help you navigate in these tough times. Here are some other Intuit resources […]

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Maximizing cash flow

After you analyze the current cash situation and develop a forecast, you can focus on identifying the best ways to help clients adjust how they manage their cash flow. They’ll likely need to implement a combination of approaches to both increase money coming in and decrease what they spend. As you did with the forecasting, […]

graphic of man managing cash flow

Generating a cash flow forecast

Before you can advise your clients on how to adapt to changing conditions, you need a clear picture of the current state of their business. A cash flow forecast helps you determine how long clients can maintain business operations, given their typical patterns of bringing in and spending money. You can then use the forecast […]

graphic of man managing cash flow

Identifying clients who need help the most

Some of your clients will need more help—and need it sooner than others. There are a few things you can do to assess which clients need your immediate attention. This will make it easier for you to create an action plan across your practice and provide support and expertise to your clients during the next […]

Small business owners explore how to plug cash flow gaps.

How to fill your end-of-year cash flow gaps and get ‘positive’ in 2020

Positive cash flow is often the definition of success for small business. More money coming in than going out, determines whether or not you can pay vendors and leases, apply for loans, and ultimately take home a profit. Unfortunately, adding seasonal staff, paying your employees an end-of-year bonus, increased advertising spend, and ordering extra inventory […]

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Using the Cash Conversion Cycle in Cash Flow Analysis

Small wholesale or retail businesses require a delicate balance between inventory and cash flow. With too little inventory, you run the risk of not fulfilling customers’ needs, but if you have too much inventory, you might experience cash flow crunches. To avoid this situation, it helps to know how long you have to hold on […]

Woman doing some research into what a merchant cash advance is

Discover Whether a Merchant Cash Advance Is Right for Your Business

Merchant cash advances are an alternative to traditional bank financing. A merchant cash advance, or MCA, is an agreement that provides cash to a business in exchange for a claim against a portion of that business’ future income. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance is a system that allows a business […]

A retail business owner checking the asset turnover ratio of his business

What Is an Asset Turnover Ratio?

Learn how to calculate your asset turnover ratio, what this metric means, and how it can help you better compete against rival companies.

Two women in retail store room discuss hurdle rates for new projects near racks of clothing and computer desk

Know Your Hurdle Rate Before Starting a New Project

Understand how hurdle rate determines a project’s profitability as it relates to zero net present value and the project’s financing rate.

Man explaining working capital ratio to an audience

What Is Your Working Capital Ratio Telling You?

As a small-business owner, it’s important for you to keep an eye on the short-term financial health of your company, because short-term challenges can turn into long-term issues. So how do you get an accurate picture of your company’s financial health? A great way to get a quick snapshot of short-term financial health and the […]

Canadian small business owners have one thing in common when it comes to cash-flow: uncertainty

Nearly 2 in 3 (64%) Canadian small businesses have had cash flow issues.   Cash flow is the lifeblood of success – small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs rely on the ability to pay current expenses and forecast correctly to enable the ongoing growth and success of their business. To shine a light on the impact […]

A woman keeping track of her small business cash flow

How to Avoid Cash Flow Problems in Your Small Business

Small businesses may be hit hard by financial problems due to lack of working capital. Managing and monitoring your cash flow carefully can help you ensure you have enough operating reserves, and lets you take corrective action when faced with a cash flow crunch. That proactive approach can help your business thrive when other businesses […]

Man at nonprofit business holds tablet while viewing financial trends

Track Financial Trends with Ratio Analysis

Are you looking to build your company? Great financial management can help. When you know what’s going on with your company’s finances, you can make better decisions, keep projects profitable, and grow the company at a manageable pace. One way to understand your business’s finances is ratio analysis. This method helps you track financial trends […]

Inventory for your business

Direct or Indirect Cash Flow: Which Is the Right Fit for Your Business?

Learn how to use the indirect method to present cash flows from operations and the advantages the indirect method offers over the direct method.

A business owner reviews company cash use on a tablet

Burn Rate: How Much Cash Does Your Company Use?

Uncover the meaning of burn rate and how to calculate your burn rate, and ways you can improve your long-term cash flows.

Restaurant manager calculates bottom line on computer near kitchen counter

What Is the Bottom Line of a Company?

Find out what the bottom line of a company is and what small business owners can do to increase the bottom line of their businesses.

Accountant explaining the nuances of the current ratio to her client

What Is the Current Ratio?

Learn what the current ratio is and why it is important for business. Also learn the ratio’s formula, and see a sample calculation.

Accountants review customer accounts where cash application processing didn't match payments to a specific invoice

Should You Adopt Cash Application Automation?

Look at some of the financial and operational advantages your small business can gain from adopting cash application automation to handle accounts receivables.

An artisan manufacturer calculates production costs on a tablet

Cost Accounting: Prime Costs vs. Conversion Costs

Learn how to calculate prime costs and conversion costs, and understand how these two measurements can help your company’s pricing and operating policies.

Smartphone on accounting office desk with financial analysis on the screen

Financial Analysis: Cash-to-Cash Cycle

Understand how to calculate the cash-to-cash cycle to gain a deeper understanding of purchasing, inventory management, and sales operations.

Mobile device on table displaying financial analysis near a notepad

Financial Variance Analysis: How to Calculate Variances

Implement a variance analysis of materials, labour, and sales to gain insight regarding why actual financial results are different than budgeted amounts.

Accountant explaining to his client how to incorporate present and future values

How to Incorporate Present and Future Values

Plan for the future more accurately by understanding the time value of money, and learn to calculate present value and future value.

Clothing retail store owner sorts through inventory with projected revenue on tablet

Projecting Revenue in Cyclical Industries

Forecasting revenue for a cyclical business presents challenges, but it is crucial to do so to run your enterprise effectively.

Artist in gallery holds tablet displaying emergency funds available

What Is a Rainy Day Fund?

Setting up and maintaining a rainy day fund takes discipline, but it can save your business when the bad times hit.

Food truck owner secures cash transaction with customer

What Are Cash Reserves — and Why Do You Need Them?

Discover the downsides to holding cash reserves and safe alternatives that exist to maximize the benefit of your emergency fund.

Accountant discusses using lockbox processing to streamline his company's receivables with the bank manager

Use Lockbox Processing to Streamline Receivables

Review the advantages and disadvantages of lockbox processing, and learn how lockbox processing can help with automated bank reconciliation.

Small Business Owner

Managing Multiple Small Business Incomes at Once

Many entrepreneurs advocate establishing multiple streams of income as the road to financial success. But how do you manage multiple small business interests at once? To make the multiple streams of income approach work, it’s a good idea to proceed cautiously and with careful, deliberate planning so you don’t spread yourself too thin. With a […]

Business Owner Using Financial Software to Track Accounts Receivable for Her Business

Managing Your Accounts Receivables for Maximum Cash Flow

Extending credit to your customers gives them another purchase option and may increase sales, but it also requires you to effectively manage your accounts receivable to keep your cash flow stream strong. When you extend credit to customers, instead of getting paid in cash right away, you record accounts receivables (AR) as claims held against […]

Refinance Your Business Debt

Debt refinancing usually happens in a declining interest rate environment. When you refinance your debt, you take out a new loan – usually a larger loan – at a lower interest rate to pay off an existing loan. This allows you to take advantage of the lower interest rate and reduces your interest expense. Taking […]

Business Owner Discussing Payment Terms

Creative Payment Ideas to Improve Cash Flow

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your clients paid their invoices on the due date? Because this does not always happen, it’s important to be creative when it comes to collecting payments, especially on past due invoices. By doing so, you can keep cash rolling into your accounts and keep your customers happy. Installment […]

Bartender serving female customer drink in restaurant after handling cash flow

3 Essentials for Successful Cash Flow Management

Since cash flow is the lifeblood of your small business, understanding cash flow and how good management affects your business is vital to your success. This makes it important to take special care with inventory, sales cycles, and accounts receivable time frames, and it also pays to watch out for economic shifts that can tighten […]

Tablet with small business terms in view sitting on desk near packages in retail storeroom

What Is Undercapitalization?

Cash flow is the essence of your small business, and managing your business well keeps it flowing. If your cash flow becomes a trickle, it may mean your enterprise is undercapitalized. While undercapitalization is not ideal, it doesn’t mean your business has to close its doors. You can learn how to prevent the situation and […]

Factures impayées : cinq façons d’obtenir l’argent qui vous est dû

Les factures impayées ne sont pas seulement frustrantes, elles ont également un impact sur vos liquidités et peuvent mettre votre entreprise en péril. Voici cinq conseils pour garantir le paiement.   Automatisez votre facturation Faire le suivi des factures impayées et envoyer des courriels de rappel peut prendre beaucoup de temps, mais de nos jours, il […]

Employee holding tablet and credit card while processing product price

What Is the Industrial Product Price Index?

As a small business owner, you know that cash flow is king. Learn about the Industrial Product Price Index in Canada and discover how you can use it to help prevent cash flow shortages caused by unexpected cost increases. What Is the IPPI? The Industrial Product Price Index measures fluctuations in the prices of major […]

Female accountant holding mobile device with Quickbooks application near office desk with computer

10 Ways Accounting Is Easier With Square & QuickBooks Online

As a busy entrepreneur running an accounting business, you know that every precious work hour counts. It’s also important to have up-to-the-minute financial reports. The Square mobile payment device can enable you to accept credit card payments from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. And what’s more, there’s an app called Sync […]

A Business for Sale

How to Value Your Small Business

Are you building a business with the goal of selling it down the road? You’re not alone — this is a common strategy among entrepreneurs. Before you can list your company for sale, however, you have to know how much it’s worth. That’s where business valuation comes in. This process helps you put a dollar […]

Seasonal Inventory Business

5 Tips for Managing Cash Flow for a Seasonal Business

If you run a seasonal business, you know your cash flow can be challenging to manage. Sure, if you have a product that’s a runaway success, maybe you can focus your attention elsewhere. However, most seasonal businesses encounter cash flow challenges along the way. Luckily, there are some straightforward steps you can take to manage […]

Evan Carmichael

How to Boost Your Short-Term Cash Flow

You’ve done it! You’re in business, and now the sky’s the limit, right? It could be – but which metrics should you measure? Your profits? Revenues? New sales? Well, it’s not exactly that easy. While it’s definitely a good idea to monitor what you have coming in and going out, if you don’t keep an […]