A guide to the top Canadian small business loans

Canadian small business loans: Which is right for me? You’ve been preparing for months to launch your new business. You have a genius idea, you’ve drafted a business plan, and you’re itching to get started.  There’s only one problem. You need funds to buy the equipment you need, hire and train the right people, and […]

Lessons on growing a photo business from Mike Peters

“When you’re telling stories with photography, you get a chance to shed light on things people don’t see very often,” says photographer, Mike Peters, the founder of May Contain Studios. Peters has been snapping shots of his hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba ever since he could remember. Some may think of the Canadian prairies as sleepy, but Winnipeg […]

Online advertising for small business: Five questions and five steps for success

Pay-per-click, remarketing, and landing pages … oh my! Those online advertising terms mentioned above may not be part of your vocabulary. They might even sound intimidating. Still, with 4.3 billion people online worldwide today—3.9 billion of which are mobile users, and 3.5 billion social media users globally—the upside is hard to ignore. One recent study […]

What is a customer journey map? Template, examples, and tools

“You can have the greatest product in the world,” says Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk, “and you can have the greatest service in the world, but if you don’t provide a great customer experience you’re not going to survive.” Why? Because in today’s marketplace—regardless of what you sell—experience is your product: before, during, and after a […]

Staying Competitive in a Crowded Online Retail Environment

An online retail business is a great way to sell your products to customers around the world. As the online market grows, however, competition is tough, that’s why we have broken tips to help you be competitive in the crowded e-commerce space. Maintain Your Prices In the face of steep competition from other online retailers, […]

Common self-defeating beliefs and how to let them go

From a bestseller book to a hit Netflix series, Marie Kondo has built an empire on the back of tidiness. “The objective of cleaning,” she explains, “is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” But, ask yourself this: What about your mind? You spend more time in your head than […]

How to Prevent Burnout: New Research and Tips for Mother Entrepreneurs

From construction firm CEOs—to consultants—to restauranteurs, many of Canada’s top small business owners are mothers. So, how are mother entrepreneurs (commonly known as mompreneurs) balancing scaling their business with ballet lessons and bedtime? The truth is work-life balance is a tremendous challenge for all entrepreneurs, but mothers who are small business owners face unique challenges. […]

Growth hacking your business

Growth Hacking Your Business in 2019: 6 Strategies to Try

There’s one word that belongs at the top of the priority list for most business owners: growth. In our survey of self-employed workers, we asked respondents to cite their goals for their businesses. Growth came in as the top objective, with the majority of business owners aiming for a 40-59% increase in the next year. […]

Brick and mortar retailers proud of how their business has grown

Boost Your Brick and Mortar Retail Business Like Amazon

Discover how Amazon is integrating physical stores into its business model and boosting its branding, customer engagement, and customer loyalty. Take a page from Amazon’s playbook, and learn its brick-and-mortar business strategies to boost your store’s sales.

Label on the inside of a sweater

Can You Use the "Made in Canada" Claim on Your Label?

Learn about the “Made in Canada” claim and find out whether or not you can legally use it on your product packaging. Learn what qualifications you must meet to make this claim, and discover other claim options that can bring in more Canadian consumers.

Create a pro forma balance sheet

Create a Pro Forma Balance Sheet to Aid In Planning

A pro forma balance sheet is a projected standing of what your business will look like in the future. This report takes your current financial position and predicts what your company’s position will be. Similar to how a budget is useful for planning for the future, you use a pro forma balance sheet to plan […]

Artist starting her own business

How to Start a Business Selling Your Own Artwork

It's no secret that selling art can be a challenge, even for the most talented artists. To keep from starving, it's important that you take steps to turn your passion into a viable source of income. Turning art or crafts into a business can be daunting at first, but you just need to approach it [...]

Businessman tracking the startup costs for his franchise

Franchise Startup Costs

Franchises are a major part of the Canadian economy, generating approximately $68 billion annually and employing over 1 million Canadians, according to the Canadian Franchise Association. With one in 14 working Canadians employed directly or indirectly by Canada’s over 78,000 franchises, these businesses offer exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs, and they’re not just limited to fast […]

A contractor prepares a project bid

What Is a Bid Bond?

A bid bond is a guarantee that independent contractors give to project owners. It states that the contractor has all necessary resources to perform the job as expected and that compensation can be expected if the job is not performed to the project owner’s specifications. Essentially, it prevents the project owner from being held responsible […]

A cup on the desk of a business owner who wants to sell his invention in Canada to grow his business

How to Sell Your Invention in Canada

Learn all of the necessary steps involved in successfully selling an invention you’ve come up with in Canada.

Female Waitress Taking an Order From Group of Friends in Restaurant

Make More Money: Most Profitable Menu Items for Your Restaurant

Markup your menu for increased revenue. Learn which menu items offer the most profit for inclusion on your restaurant’s menu.

Stack of new products and records in music store

Don’t Let Your New Products Cannibalize Your Current Product Line

Businesses face the threat of cannibalization of an existing product by a new product. Sometimes businesses get so caught up in the fear that cannibalization will occur that they cease to produce new product lines and end up missing out on potential profit. Rather than avoiding product development altogether, use some smart strategies to help […]

A start-up business owner with tight budget working at a rental space

How to Find a Rental Space for Your Startup Business on a Tight Budget

You might need to rent office space for your growing startup. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ need find an affordable space before you sign a commercial lease. Follow these tips to find a business rental that fits your a budget: Visit several business rental properties. Affordable spaces may not be in your area […]

An accountant works on a small business's fiscal year-end books

Can You Change the Fiscal Year-End for Your Small Business?

Find out the options for small businesses to change their fiscal year-end and the reasons for doing so.

Business consultants understanding and analysing Porter's Five Forces

Understanding Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Learn what Porter’s Five Forces analysis is and how you can use each of its components to better strategize for your business.

A stack of Etsy seller's packages await shipping

A Guide to Simplifying Shipping on Etsy

One of the biggest advantages of selling your handmade products on Etsy is having access to automated, customized product shipping from your shop in Canada to anywhere in the world. Use the Shipping Profiles and Listings Manager features to estimate shipping for your item listings, charge shipping at checkout, and pay for shipping when you […]

A self-employed woman fulfills a clothing order placed on Amazon.com

Expand Your Market by Selling on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Small businesses in Canada should consider expanding their online presence by selling on both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca, the Canadian version of the very popular Amazon e-commerce website. Selling on Amazon can set a business apart from its competitors, especially since 59% of businesses in Canada didn’t even have a website as of 2015. Small businesses […]

Loyal customer stops to pick up a lunch time treat

Five Reasons Why Customer Retention Is Essential

Customer retention helps increase the profitability of your small business. Build lasting customer relationships by providing personalized quality service, communicating effectively, rewarding loyal customers, and offering innovative products and services. It may be beneficial for your business to use data analytics software to help understand your customers more thoroughly. Customers who are satisfied with your […]

Professional Seamstress and Amazon Reseller Sewing at Home Office

How to Become an Amazon Reseller

Lots of Canadian companies sell their products on Amazon.ca, which, as of the third quarter of 2016, was the world’s largest online retailer. Some people make a living by buying the products from other companies and then reselling them through Amazon. The concept behind this type of business is easy: Find goods that you believe […]