How to clean up your small business’ social media presence

How do you feel about your business’ social media presence? Is it something you are strategic about? Or are you one of the many business owners who neglect social in favor of “more important” or “more time-sensitive” tasks? If you fall into that latter camp, you aren’t alone. But here’s the thing: Your customers are […]

Sustainability, ‘small’ business, and love of the craft: Earth Day 2019

On the north coast of Cornwall, England—a half-day ride southwest of London along the Great Western Railway—lies Perranporth: population 3,188. There, behind a wrought-iron fence, within a 1,500 square-foot workshop, is Gavin Christman. Whirs, scrapes, and taps surround him. The sounds of his craft. “When I worked at Dyson,” says Gavin, “I used to travel […]

What’s Your Product-Market Fit?

Learn about product-market fit, and discover how you can find it for your business. Whether you’re working with a prototype or an idea, you can use the process to refine your product so it meets the needs of your customers and skyrockets your company’s growth.

How to Submit an Advertising Proposal to the Canadian Government

Learn how to find out when the Canadian government needs help with marketing, and read about how to apply for those opportunities. Find out how to contact the Canadian government’s Agency of Record if you have an advertising opportunity, and review some of the criteria advertising opportunities need to meet.

Make Your Company Better Through Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

Use Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to listen to your customer voice and deliver the product they want faster and at less cost. By applying the QFD process, you can bring about process improvements that enhance your product planning and design and shorten development time.

Cultivate Your Target Audience to Hit the Mark With Your Product or Service

Discover your target audience so you can market your products or services more effectively and create products that fulfill specific needs and desires. Learn the benefits of cultivating your target audience, as well as methods for categorizing your typical customers and clients.

Promoting Your Business with Videos for Mobile

Get your business in the mobile market through video promotion. Interested customers can tune in at any moment and refer to your expertise. With mobile videos, your business is virtually everywhere.

Take Your Tagline From Good to Awesome

Build customer relationships by growing your small business with a winning tagline designed around your marketing strategy. Create a memorable tagline by focusing on what makes your brand unique. Use techniques such as alliteration, rhyme and repetition to evoke emotion and increase brand loyalty.

How to Set up a Subscription-Based Website

Create a passive recurring revenue stream that pays every month and grows over time with your own subscription-based website. Learn how to come up with a membership site idea, build the website, and market it. Once you start getting subscribers, keep them happy so they stay subscribed.

How Mom-and-Pop Hotels Can Attract More Customers

Check out tips on how to get business at your independently owned mom-and-pop hotel. Look at ideas for competing with the big name hotels and franchises. Review the importance of focusing on what makes your property unique, and learn some digital marketing basics to help you get found online.

Rethink Your Product Packaging to Maximize the Unboxing Experience

Use your packaging as a branding and marketing tool by designing an outstanding unboxing experience. Packaging can also be used as a marketing tool to engage customers on social media.

The Most Important Pages for Your Business Website

Learn about the pages that are most important for your company’s website, and find out what to include on each page. Discover how to use your website to encourage customers to buy from your company and provide ways to help them get in touch or learn more.

Concise Marketing Materials Attract New Clients for Personal Trainers

Improve your chances of getting hired by potential clients by keeping your marketing materials straightforward and to the point. Create concise marketing materials to generate interest and encourage people to get in touch. From there, converting people to clients is simply a matter of being welcoming and professional.

Understanding Consumer Behaviour: The Four Factors

Grow profitability by understanding the four factors of consumer behaviour: Cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors. The more you know about the behaviour of your target customer, the more you can adjust your marketing to attract them.

The Anatomy of a Sales Funnel: A Guide for New Marketers

Master the parts of the sales funnel to turn prospects into leads and leads into sales. Learn how the funnel works and the process of capturing prospects in the top of your funnel and working them through the until they come out the bottom as closed sales.

Should You Add Ephemeral Content to Your Marketing Strategy?

Connect with younger social media users and boost your customer engagement with ephemeral marketing, which is content designed to stay up for only a short time, such as 24 hours or less. Learn why ephemeral marketing is perfect for today’s fast-paced, media-hungry society.

What Is VALS?

Tailor your marketing to your target customer by using VALS. VALS, or Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles, is a framework for understanding what motivates your customer based on psychological and sociological factors rather than demographics.

PrettyBird and StylU Apps Offer Mobile Barbers and Hair and Makeup Artists New Client Access

Learn how hairstylists and makeup artists are using the PrettyBird and StylU apps to increase the number of clients they have and make more money. Whether you want more freedom in your work or you need a part-time gig, these apps can help you.

Improve Your Online Branding With the Four Cs

Discover the four Cs of online branding and how you can use them to build a strong brand for your company. Use these tips to grow your online audience, nurture relationships with your fans, and become known as an expert in your field.

Effectively Manage the Marketing Strategy Process

Learn about the steps involved in developing a cohesive marketing strategy. Understand the importance of developing a vision and mission statement before you establish marketing objectives and finally dive into the creation of your marketing strategy.

5 Outbound Marketing Campaigns You Should Be Using

Incorporate outbound marketing strategies into your next advertising campaign. Discover how to initiate marketing in a way that captures the attention of your potential customers, and follow these tips and tricks to make your next marketing campaign memorable.

How to Calculate Customer’s Perceived Value

Use a simple metric to make sure you are pricing your products in a logical way. Learn what customer perceived value is and how it is calculated, and see a simple example illustrating the concept.

How to Use WhatsApp Business to Connect to Customers

Uncover the ways you can use the WhatsApp Business application to communicate with your customers, including using messaging tools, viewing statistics, and displaying your company’s information through a profile.

How to Write an Effective Freelance Proposal

Craft freelance proposals that help you land the high-paying gigs you want. Learn what to include in your proposals, why it’s important to emphasize the ways your work benefits the client, and how to make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

Using E-Books to Build Your Brand

Look at ways you can use an e-book to brand your company. Find out how e-books are useful for making you stand out as an expert, for re-branding your company, and for helping future branding efforts. Review the importance of reflecting your brand image in the text and artwork of your e-book.

Different Ways to Successfully Position Your Small Business

Carve out a niche for your small business and build a devoted customer base by figuring out the best way to position your products or services. Positioning is a highly effective marketing strategy that lets small business owners identify what they’re best at and promote these qualities to prospective customers.

Choosing the Right Type of Amazon Advertising for Your Small Business

Understand how to get a competitive advantage selling through Amazon by learning about Amazon marketing products including Amazon Pages, Product Display Ads, Headline Search Ads, and Sponsored Product Ads.

Essential Marketing Takeaways From Molson’s Beer Fridge Campaign

Look at what Molson accomplished with its beer fridge ads. Find out how you can take elements of this successful marketing campaign and use them in your own business. Look at the importance of iterative, interactive, and innovative marketing, and learn more about these ideas before you launch your next campaign.

4 Key Takeaways From Canadian Tire’s Marketing Campaigns

Look at Canadian Tire’s most successful ad campaigns, and find ways to draw those techniques into your marketing efforts. Review the strengths of the company’s We All Play for Canada, House of Innovation, and Tested for Life campaigns. Then, look at the company’s thumb-stopping social media efforts.

Use Online Marketing to Build a Local Presence

Learn how to use local online marketing to enhance your business. With so many people connected to the internet, even small local businesses need an online presence. Fortunately, building an online presence that brings customers to your business isn’t hard.

Small Business Tip: Write Your Business’ Story

Learn why it’s important to write your business story, and how to do it. Find tips that show you how to relate the story you write back to your customers each step of the way so the story you tell creates a strong emotional connection between your business and your customers.

What Is Cross-Merchandising?

Implement a cross-merchandising strategy to help your small business increase sales, attract customers, and improve customer satisfaction. Cross-merchandising helps create a one-stop shopping experience that persuades customer purchasing behaviours by encouraging complementary purchases.

Keeping the Momentum Going After Your New Product Launches

Push to keep the momentum going after you launch your latest product to increase sales. Following up with valuable content, targeted communication, and additional events helps you reach your launch sales goals.

Publishing an Engaging Blog to Drive Clients to Your Interior Design Business

Learn how to use a blog to promote your interior design business, establish yourself as a go-to expert in the field, and drive a steady flow of new customers to your company.

Offering Coupons Without Losing All Your Profits

Boost sales and find new customers by offering coupons and special deals. Placing restrictions on how customers use coupons and using the deals as a way to collect information improves the results.

Creative Ways to Use Videos to Connect to Customers and Expand Your Business

Learn about all the different ways you can use creative videos as promotional methods to help market your small business. Doing videos is a relatively inexpensive way to expand your customer reach and raise your company’s profile in the marketplace.

YouTube Can Transform Your Small Business Into an Industry Leader

Produce quality videos for your small business YouTube channel to introduce your company to new people, define yourself as an industry leader, build a community, and increase your sales.

How to Add Value to Your Small Business Website With Evergreen Content

Load your small business website with evergreen content to get organic traffic through online searches. This timeless content shows your knowledge in your industry and never grows old.

Launching Your Writing Career With a Personal Blog

Write professional, high-quality posts on your personal blog to showcase your writing skills and establish yourself as an expert in a specific niche. Making yourself easy to find and hire can turn that blog into a source of finding new clients.

Improve Your Online Branding With the Four Cs of Branding

Learn more about the four Cs of branding, and how to use them to improve your company’s online brand. Building your online brand is important to your success. It’s what helps you build long-lasting relationships with the people in your target market, and the 4 Cs help you do that.

Choose the Best Meta Tags to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Find out why meta tags, meta descriptions, and page titles are important for drawing traffic to your website. Get tips on using Google Analytics to choose the right keywords for your meta tags, and review the importance of including keywords in your titles and descriptions.

How and When to Refuse Service to a Customer

Learn how to deescalate negative interactions with unruly customers, and understand when and how to refuse service when necessary. Improve your company’s customer service with these tips on asking customers to leave your place of business.

Don’t Feed the Trolls: How to Deal With Trolls in Your Social Media Campaign

Discover how to deal with internet trolls when you’re running a social media campaign for your business. Learn how to identify trolls and utilize different options for responding to people who leave negative, accusatory comments on your company’s social media pages.

What Are Convenience Goods?

Learn what convenience goods are, how consumers feel about them, and how they differ from specialty goods. Understanding how customers handle these goods makes marketing them much easier.

Ways to Use Text Messaging to Engage Your Customers

Incorporate text messaging into your communication strategy to help engage your customers. Sending text messages with useful, relevant information makes the communication effective.

Generational Marketing: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Find out what generational marketing is and why it’s important for businesses right now. Get tips on marketing to Baby Boomers, appealing to Gen X, and reaching out to Millennials and Gen Z. Look at some of the defining characteristics of each generation to strike the right tone.

Creating a Strong Value Proposition for Your Product or Service

Create a strong value proposition for your Canadian small business using a clear brand identity that makes your business stand out from the competition. Learn how to find your company’s unique value, and then clearly communicate it to potential customers.

Tips for Increasing Gift Card Sales

Bring in more customers and increase revenues when you implement these tips to improve gift card sales. By making gift cards a focus of your sales and marketing efforts, you can sell far more than the typical business.

Using Behavioural Analytics in Your Small Business

Discover why behavioural analytics are important to your small business. Learn about different analytics tools, and figure out how to choose metrics that support your business goals.

Small Business How-to: Use Periscope to Connect With Customers

Learn why Periscope should be part of your social media strategy as you build your brand. Use Periscope to offer live videos and behind-the-scenes looks at your company to engage customers.

Mitigate Consumer Switching on a Regular Basis

Cut down on consumer switching by improving your overall experience for customers. Delivering consistent, exceptional customer service backed by quality products or services encourages customers to stick with your company instead of running to your competitors.

Why Social Media Authenticity Is Important and How You Can Achieve It

Learn how important it is to achieve a sense of authenticity on social media. Read about the mistakes that can torpedo your online relationship with your customers, and find out how to avoid them.

What Is an Attach Rate?

Learn what an attach rate is, and discover how your small business can use this calculation to measure the success of the business and of different marketing and sales strategies.

Promote the Concept of Radical Transparency in Your Business

Look at the concept of radical transparency. Review how a culture of transparency can help improve business performance, and get tips for implementing more transparency in your business model.

Why You Should Invest in a Photo Shoot Instead of Stock Photos

Schedule a professional photo shoot to get custom, branded images for your company website, marketing materials, and social media feeds. Original images get more attention than stock photos and make your business stand out.

Planning a Launch Event for Your Newest Product or Service

Plan a successful launch event for your company’s new products or services with these helpful tips for getting your current clients and your future customers excited.

How to Write an About Us Page That Attracts Customers

Create an About Us page that offers insight into your business, reflects your company’s branding, and helps customers feel connected to you in some way to help improve your results.

Image Optimization for Visual Search

Learn about visual search, find out how it has the potential to impact e-commerce businesses, and discover how you can optimize your product photos to show up in searches.

Creating an Advertising Campaign for Your Retail Store

Attract more buyers into your retail store by using these tips for creating budget-friendly retail advertisements and successful retail marketing campaigns. Learn about branding taglines and advertising on social media platforms, radio, and TV.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Special Live Events

Share details about your live business events via social media channels to get people excited about showing up. Things like posting teasers, live streaming, and encouraging guests to share can generate buzz for your company.

How to Repurpose Content to Reach New Audiences

Learn about the benefits of repurposing your existing website content for use as infographics, social media content, white papers, and more. Gather ideas on how to repurpose specifics types of content, and learn about content gating.

Promoting Your House Cleaning Business to Stand Out From the Competition

Learn the steps you can take to make your Canadian house cleaning business clearly stand out from the competition by using smart marketing techniques to present a more professional image.

Engage Your Online Community With Influencer Marketing

Create trust and loyalty with your potential customers, while engaging your online community with the help of influencers and a strong influencer marketing campaign.

How to Compensate a Client If Your Business Makes a Mistake

Resolve customer service issues by addressing the situation promptly with a sincere apology and a correction that goes beyond expectations to keep customers happy and preserve your reputation.

Simple Ways to Surprise and Impress Customers by Going Above Expectations

Surprise your customers by exceeding expectations with cost savings, appreciation, freebies, and information to build a loyal fan base. Improving your customer service beyond the basics leaves your customers feeling satisfied and wanting more of your products.

Deciding How Often to Post on Social Media

Decide how often your small business should post on social media by analysing your target audience and focusing on quality rather than quantity to build a loyal following.

Tips for Managing Your Small Business Social Media Across Multiple Platforms

Discover how you can build your online presence across multiple platforms without getting overwhelmed. Avoid the common traps that bring down business owners running multiple social media accounts.

How to Structure an Effective Business Speech

Write a business speech that can effectively convey what you’re trying to tell your audience without letting yourself get nervous or distracted. Make use of a few key tips to turn your thoughts into actionable talking points for any crowd you’re facing.

Small Business How-to: Reach Users Seeking Personalized Products and Services

Reach out to consumers looking for personalized products and services to gain an advantage over your competition. Social media tools can help you identify consumers looking unique products and services not available in the mainstream.

Use These Website to Create Webinars for Free

Webinars are a great way to introduce valuable content to customers or potential customers, but the costs of producing professional-looking webinars may be prohibitive for some small business owners. Fortunately, there are some excellent online software options available that are easy to use and relatively high quality. Here is a breakdown of popular free online […]

Find the Right Tone for Your Marketing Material

Find the right tone to use in your marketing material to create and consistently maintain the desired brand image for your company. The tone of voice – the way you speak to your target customer base – has a significant impact on how people perceive your business. Why Tone is Important The tone of voice […]

The Best Times to Post on Social Media Sites

The Best Times to Post on Social Media Sites The age of technology and the ease of access to computers and other internet-connected devices enables users to pin, post, tag, tweet and update at any hour of day or night. In a world where friends, family members, acquaintances and co-workers stay in touch through social […]

Four Steps to a Solid Word-of-mouth Marketing Campaign

It is often said that the best type of advertising is free. If treated right, customers will turn into clients, buying your products and using your services again and again. Trumpeting their own satisfaction, those customers will be eager to share their experiences with friends and family. Referrals are an ideal source of new prospects, […]

Royalty-free Images: No-cost Options for Advertising Your Business

Few things can make your marketing materials, advertising or website stand out more than a well-chosen picture or image. The right image can be a real attention grabber and pull the focus of potential customers to what you have to offer. However, it’s not quite as simple as grabbing a good picture off of the […]

Effective Ways to Use Linkedin for Your Startup or Small Business

LinkedIn is a business-oriented network that is home to more than 33% of business professionals and nearly 50% of top decision makers in business settings. The substantial amount of professional interaction occurring on the network makes it a vital platform for startup companies and small businesses. There are several ways that you can effectively use […]

The Importance of Choosing a Great Website Domain Name

Your small business’s web domain says a great deal about your company. A well-chosen business name speaks to your company’s target audience and how well you understand it. The domain name you choose says more about the space your company operates in, how you view that industry, who you are as a small business owner […]

How to Run a Facebook Contest for Your Small Business

With the widespread social media explosion, promoting your business through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is a great strategy. As of late 2016, Facebook attracts about 1.4 billion users, and digital advertising can help you target your share of potential customers and established clients. The celebrated website offers paid marketing campaigns, but small business […]

A Guide to Buying Social Media Ads for Your Food Service Business

Learn the fundamentals of buying social media ads for a food service business. Understand the importance of choosing the right social media platforms and analyzing the success of your ad campaign.

Should You Use a Facebook Page Instead of a Website?

Discover the pros and cons of using a Facebook page in place of a website to choose the option that’s best for your business. Learn why it’s better to use Facebook pages in conjunction with your business website.

Use B2B Marketing Tactics to Create a Budget-Friendly Marketing Strategy

Discover budget-friendly B2B marketing tactics that help you attract new customers and retain current ones. Don’t let a limited amount of funds limit your business growth.

Use Analytics to Gauge If the Money You’re Spending on Marketing Is Worth It

Online marketing is everywhere, and as a small business owner, it can be tempting to invest in everything from Facebook ads to search engine optimization specialists. Before you blow through your budget, it’s a good idea to figure out which marketing strategies are working and which you can cut using analytics. Analytics programs gather information […]

How to Improve Organic Visibility to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Billions of Google searches each day make for plenty of opportunities to land in the results of your potential customers through organic visibility. When you rank at the top of the search results organically, consumers are more likely to click through to your website and give your brand a try. Improving your organic visibility helps […]

Use Review Sites for Lead Generation

Online review sites have catapulted small businesses to new heights and caused others to fall apart. Whether you like it or not, your business’s online reputation is one of its most vital assets in a technology-driven world, and the success of your business depends on you “the business owner” being a good steward of that […]

Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Grab a bigger slice of internet traffic by tailoring your website to rank well in voice search queries. Google reported that 50 percent of global searches happen on mobile devices, and voice queries make up roughly 20 percent of those searches. Small businesses can tap into this growing market by creating content that mirrors common […]

3 Benefits of Event Marketing for Your Small Business

Using event marketing is an excellent way to expose your small business to a host of new prospective clients. Even on a budget, your business can still take advantage of events to improve your company’s visibility and position in the marketplace. Getting Involved in Event Marketing Event marketing is pretty straightforward: you market your business […]

Use Interactive Marketing for a Competitive Advantage

Your small business can use interactive marketing to engage and interact with customers. Interactive marketing creates a two-way dialogue with customers about your product or service to enhance your customer insight and strengthen customer loyalty. This type of marketing can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and lower marketing costs for your small business. Interactive marketing […]

Improve Your Website’s Visibility in Search Engines With Responsive Design

Consumers’ smartphones go with them everywhere, and they increasingly use those devices for everything from searching the web to online shopping. Your small business website is key to capturing the attention of those mobile-focused consumers. A responsive design ensures mobile experiences are seamless and satisfying without requiring visitors to constantly pinch or swipe at their […]

Improving Employee Phone Etiquette

Whether you’re providing customer support, taking an order, or trying to land a sale, phone etiquette is key. Today’s consumers know they have options; if you’re not giving great customer service, they’re going to switch to the competition. Fortunately, providing a great phone experience isn’t hard. Here are some easy yet effective tips to improve […]

Sending Company Christmas Cards: Adding a Personal Touch for Clients

If you run a small business, you know what it’s like to compete for clients’ attention on a shoestring budget. One relatively low-cost way to keep your name fresh in your customers’ minds is to send out Christmas cards to your client list every year. It’s a relatively low-cost PR gesture, and it adds a […]

Five Tips for Reviving a Floundering Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs create customer retention and revenue while turning occasional shoppers into frequent ones. Occasionally, a loyalty program may start to fail, and if it does, it's probably time to look at new strategies to bring customers back into your store. Minimize Hassles Start by creating a loyalty program that's simple and easy to [...]

What Is a Nonprofit Entity?

Canada grants nonprofit status to several types of organizations, including clubs, associations and societies that are dedicated to social welfare, recreation, civic welfare and most other purposes other than making a profit. These organizations can take the form of professional organizations, social clubs, charities, athletic organizations and service organizations. Canadian nonprofits can be structured as [...]

Strategies for Making Your New Dance Studio a Financial Success

For many dance teachers, a dance studio is an ideal business. Opening your own studio is challenging, but it has a greater earning potential than standard teaching gigs. By implementing smart strategies from the beginning, you can build your new studio into a financial success. Use Social Media As you prepare to open a dance […]

How to Build a Successful Career as a Public Speaker

A career as a professional speaker can be fun and rewarding. You get to travel, meet interesting people, and share your opinions and ideas with the world. Of course, there are preliminary steps you must take before anyone is going to pay you to give a presentation. As with any career goal, you need to […]

Avoid These Public Speaking Pitfalls

For many professionals, public speaking is a necessary evil. Others avoid it entirely. Mastering this incredibly valuable skill is a massive achievement that can really give you an edge over the competition. Like any skill, becoming a better public speaker takes practice and experience, but there are steps you can take to improve now. Here […]

Protecting Your Business Idea While Marketing on Social Media

Every company has its trade secrets, including yours, but keeping confidential information private in the age of social media sharing is challenging. Before a major leak gets out and creates havoc, take steps to plug any gaping social media holes in your marketing strategy. Create a Social Media Policy Without a social media policy in […]

Should Your Small Business Offer In-House Credits to Customers?

As a small business owner, you know that building customer loyalty is as important to your bottom line as attracting customers in the first place. One popular way to encourage sales is to offer customer credit, or in-house financing. Offers for financing or deferred payment can help attract new customers and keep existing ones coming […]

How to Increase Customer Loyalty Through One-Stop Problem Resolution

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business. Today’s consumers recognize that they have options, and it only takes one bad experience to send them packing and tarnish your company’s good name. In order to prevent or at least reduce negative reactions from customers and the damaging reviews that accompany them, it’s important […]

Four Small Businesses That Center Around Social Media

Since its inception, social media has provided the opportunity to connect with other people, but now, it also provides all kinds of business opportunities. Many of the most popular online businesses either revolve around social media or heavily favour businesses that use it. Here are four types of small businesses in which taking advantage of […]

5 Canadian Companies That Excel at Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to promote your business, engage directly with your customers and boost sales. An increasing number of your current and potential Canadian customers have accounts on a number of platforms, especially Generation Y and millennials, yet around half of Canadian businesses are reluctant to exploit this popular medium as part […]

Network Marketing: The Pros and Cons

If you want to make money in sales without going through the process of finding your own products, network marketing is an alternative. In the network marketing business model, you promote another company’s products and make a commission on the sales you generate. In some cases, you also make a smaller commission on the sales […]

How to Find Speaking Opportunities to Boost Your Business

Getting public speaking engagements is an excellent way to boost your business as an independent contractor. Public speaking offers you the opportunity to network and connect with potential clients or customers, and to advertise the services you offer. Before you can deliver an informative speech, you need to craft a clear message to deliver and […]

Small Business Marketing: How to Update Your Chemical Manufacturing Website When You Decide to Franchise

Making the switch from a single-location chemical manufacturing business to a distributed franchise operation is tricky at the best of times. Even the simplest transition of this kind requires a fundamental restructuring of your company model and can strain your business management skills to their utmost. The potential rewards, such as greater revenue and a […]

How to Land the Ideal Client for Your Accounting Firm

Land your ideal client by defining your demographic and branding your accounting business to appeal to that audience.

Writing the Blog Post That Your Customer Wants to Read

Like many small business owners, you use your blog as a content marketing tool for stimulating customer interest in your products or services. After spending a good deal of time creating a seemingly excellent blog posting for your business, you could discover that nobody else in the world cares about that article. By following a [...]

What Is a Target Market?

A target market is a clearly defined group of people most likely to patronize your business. Target markets have specific age ranges, genders, educational backgrounds, professions and geographic locations. If you run a coffee shop in an area with a robust co-working scene such as downtown Toronto, for example, your target market might be millennials [...]

Using Your Vehicle to Advertise Your Small Business

Using your car as a mobile billboard can be a great way to reach new clients. Once you cover the initial investment, it's a low-cost marketing technique. Here's a closer look at the logistics and how to make the most of this type of marketing. Options There are three main options for advertising your business [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Businesses

Pinterest is a valuable social media platform that allows you to reach your niche audience and drive traffic to your website or blog. In fact, despite Pinterest having less than 10% and 5% of Twitter’s and Facebook’s user base, respectively, several 2012 studies found that it creates more sales than Facebook and higher traffic than [...]

4 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Web Design Business

Market your web design business organically with plenty of high-quality design examples in your portfolio to display your talent.

A Guide to Video Marketing for Restaurants

Get people excited about the items on your restaurant’s menu and build a sense of community around your food service business with video marketing.

Competing with the Big Players in E-Commerce

Learn useful strategies that position your e-commerce site for success. Discover the unique advantages that small stores have over their larger competition.

Crafting Effective Call to Actions for Your E-commerce Business

Learn why your e-commerce business could benefit using a call to action. Discover four ways to create an effective call to action that lures your customers.

Create a Website to Grow Your Freelancing Business

Grow your freelance business by building an effective website, and drive traffic through targeted search-engine optimization.

Driving Sales Through Cross-Promotion

Looking for an easy way to increase sales without adding extra costs? Learn more about cross-promotion.

Film a Cooking Tutorial Spotlighting One of Your Food Products

Teach instead of selling your food products by creating high-quality cooking videos to appeal to your target audience.

Hire a Copywriter

Hire a copywriter when you want to create engaging marketing messages. You can save money by hiring copywriters only when you need their services.

How to Market a Home Inspection Business

Learn why it is important for your home inspection business to use effective marketing tactics. Discover four strategies that may assist your company.

How to Market Your Home Care Business

Boost business with these easy yet effective promotional techniques that will help you to better understand how to market a home care business.

Use Content Moments in Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Learn about the eight different content moments. Each moment connects with readers emotionally in different ways.

What Is Overlay Advertising?

Learn what overlay advertising is, how it works, and why it might be perfect for your brand. Find out how this approach might be the future of advertising.

Winning Over New Clients Through Body Language

Make a lasting first impression by honing your use and understanding of body language to win new clients and maintain existing relationships.

How to Design Signage for a Coffee Shop or Cafe

Entice customers to come inside and stay a while at your coffee shop or cafe with signage that shows off your brand’s personality.

How to Market a Custom Remodeling Business

Promote your home modeling business more effectively with these easy yet powerful marketing strategies.

Industry Analysis: Performing Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the strategy of targeting different consumer segments based on common characteristics, such as location or gender.

Jumpstart Your Contracting Business by Creating “How To” Videos Customers Love

Learn how to land more clients for your contracting business and increase revenue by creating simple how-to videos for YouTube.

Managing a Public Relations Crisis at Your Small Business

Understand how to deal with a public relations crisis at your small business by establishing crisis-management protocol, and responding quickly and decisively.

Marketing to the Bereaved: Tips for Gravesite Caretakers and Florists

Considering opening a gravesite caretaking business? Find clients with these marketing tips. Use these tips to improve the marketing of your existing business.

Outselling the Competition through Competitive Analysis

Learn how to give your small business a competitive edge in the marketplace by doing competitive analysis.

Product Sellers: Know The Difference Between Promotion and Advertising

Differentiate between advertising and promotion. Advertising communicates a message about a product or service, while promotion is more interactive.

Promotional Ideas for Your Indoor Cycling Studio

Learn how to market your indoor cycling studio more effectively with these helpful promotional tips.

3 Reasons You Need Business Cards in Your Pocket

Discover why it’s important to carry business cards in your pocket, even in an era when marketing is quickly moving into the online sphere.

5 Tips for Writing Effective Sales Emails to Potential Customers

Find out how to write effective sales emails to your potential customers in a way they enjoy reading.

5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Effectively Utilize Social Media

Find out five ways financial advisors can effectively utilize social media to attract more clients and grow their business.

7 Elements of a Perfect Elevator Pitch

What do you do? What do you sell? An elevator pitch means you’re always ready to answer those questions. Get tips for pitching to clients and investors.

A Comprehensive Guide to a Professional Google+ Presence

Looking for a way to enhance your company’s online presence? Using Google+ to your advantage can help you reach out to customers and score new clients.

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting a Paid Referral Program

Discover how to set up a paid referral program, and learn why it’s such an effective lead generation strategy.

How to Market Your Bed and Breakfast

Promote your bed and breakfast with these tried and true marketing strategies. Once you know how to market your bed and breakfast, the sky is the limit.

How to Market Your Dog Walking Business Effectively

Learn how to market your dog walking business effectively with these simple and budget-friendly ideas.

How to Market Your Landscaping Business

Market your landscaping business effectively online and off with these simple yet powerful marketing techniques.

How To Use Case Studies And Why They Grow Your Small Business

Use case studies to help grow your business by giving potential customers a detailed account of real work that you’ve done.

The Four Components of the Utility Marketing Model

Understanding the four components of the utility marketing can help you more effectively market your small business’s goods or services.

Understanding the 4 P’s of Marketing

Understand the 4 P’s of marketing and the interrelationships among the four marketing elements to develop an integrated marketing approach.

Advertising and Marketing an Insurance Agency

Energize your advertising and marketing techniques by employing some basic, yet effective, campaigns to drive sales and loyalty.

Affinity Marketing for the Small Business

Consider the advantages of utilizing an affinity marketing program for expanding the customer base of your small business.

Canvassing to Draw Attention to Your Small Business

Explore the benefits of canvassing for small business. Canvassing lets you share information about your business with potential customers face to face.

Develop a Loyalty Program

Explore the benefits of loyalty programs. Loyalty programs encourage repeat business and get customers in your store to earn more rewards.

Slap on a Maple Leaf and Other Design Ideas: Lessons From Canada’s Best Logos

Learn how simple logo design underlies some of the most iconic logos in Canada. Discover what makes WestJet, Tim Horton’s, and other Canadian logos work well.

Use Instagram to Promote Your Hair Styling Business

Learn the ins and outs of marketing your hair stylist business on Instagram. Use the social network to share images of your best styles and announce promotions.

What is Viral Marketing?

Explore the benefits of viral marketing. Use this lean marketing method to create highly shareable content and get your brand noticed fast.

8 Tips to Make Your Brand Appeal to a Younger Audience

Want to appeal to a younger demographic? Check out these eight tips on how to appeal to millennials and even younger consumers.

Common External Users of Financial Statements

Understand who the common external users of financial statements are, how they use them, and why it is important to have correct and appropriate information.

How to Wow Your Clients

Learn how your small businesses can differentiate itself from competitors by wowing clients. Explore these four strategies to help create the wow factor.

How to Write Compelling Long-Form Content

Drive more traffic to your website with long-form blog posts, and learn how to make them highly engaging and compelling.

3 Advantages of Print Advertising in the Digital Age

Understand the benefits of print marketing, such as magazine advertisements, and why it is still relevant in the digital age.

Cost Determination: A Guide to Pricing Strategy

Examine some of the various pricing strategies that businesses use, and consider which ones may be the most profitable for your small business.

Handling Customer Complaints

Use customer complaints as an opportunity to improve your business, despite the difficulty in receiving negative feedback.

Integrating Pay-It-Forward Into Your Restaurant, Cafe, or Winery

Find out how to integrate pay-it-forward marketing in your social media campaign. Use a pay-it-forward campaign to support a cause you’re passionate about.

Keep Your Content Creative

Find out how to keep your blog or website content creative. Consider following interesting bloggers to find blog ideas to share.

The Business Cycle

Learn what the business cycle is, its four stages, and learn some current economic theories behind this phenomenon.

Tracking ROI on Marketing

Review the importance of tracking return on investment for marketing costs. Get marketing tips on calculating costs and measuring ROI.

Tricks to Appeal to Visual Consumers

Find out how to appeal to visual consumers. Lean marketing tactics, such as posting images on Instagram, can attract visual customers and clients.

Using a Charity Drive to Drive Customers to Your Business

Launch a charity drive to increase traffic into your business. It will lead to good karma, a branding boost and more revenue.

Volunteer Your Business Strategically

Volunteering can provide financial benefits to your business, aside from the personal satisfaction you may derive.

Marketing Strategies for Musicians and Bands

Explore ways to market your music as an indie musician. Use word-of-mouth advertising to sell digital downloads of your music and merchandise.

Why You Should Audit Customer Service

Perform a customer service audit to gather important information relating to your brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and customer shopping experience.

Are You Advertising Your Small Business or Promoting It?

Allocate your marketing budget easily once you know the difference between advertising and promoting. Consider building customer relationships with promotions.

Measuring Foot Traffic

Understand why measuring foot traffic is important to your small business retail store, and learn how to implement foot traffic metrics.

What is a Pull Promotional Strategy?

Learn what a pull promotional strategy is, how to use it, and learn about various pull marketing strategies.

How to Perform A/B Testing to Improve Your Conversion Rate

The method of comparing two versions of the same thing to see which one converts at a higher rate is known as A/B testing or split testing. Almost anything can be split tested, but the most common items are headlines, sub headlines, paragraph text, images, testimonials, calls to action, links, and social proof content. To […]

How Word-of-Mouth Marketing Helps Financial Professionals

Increase your reach and build your client base by using the lean marketing technique of word-of-mouth advertising. Referral marketing can be especially important for financial professionals – such as attorneys, financial planners, and accountants – because your success depends heavily on establishing trust with potential clients. You also have to consider regulations that govern the […]

The First Sale Is the Hardest: Closing Your First Marketplace E-Commerce Sale

Marketplace e-commerce is more popular than ever, and for good reason. It is an accessible way to start a small business with hands-off website logistics. However, the competition can be tough for a brand-new Amazon, eBay or Etsy seller. Here is what you need to know about getting that crucial first sale, and many more […]

A Guide to Snapchat for Small Business

Snapchat is a mobile social media platform that was created in 2011. It lets you send images and videos that self-destruct after a certain period of time. Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing platforms, and businesses have already started utilizing it for marketing. Find out why Snapchat is something that you can no longer ignore […]

Avoid These Common Mistakes with Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be a great way to market your small business. However, there is a lot more to managing Adwords campaigns than meets the eye. If you want a rock-solid marketing strategy, avoid these common mistakes. Using the Wrong Keyword Match Types Developing a sense for appropriate keyword matches is critical. This is not […]

Build Your Credibility by Using Micro Influencers

Micro influencers offer an effective and affordable way to market your brand, products, or services. The term “micro influencer” refers to the fact that these social media users are popular but not as popular as the biggest users. This lets you target an engaged niche group. Benefits of Influencers When potential clients see a tweet, […]

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a marketing method that allows businesses to reach customers without the traditional advertising intermediaries such as magazines, newspapers, and radio or TV stations. Businesses that engage in direct marketing typically use mailers, fliers, or emails to reach consumers. Ideally, a business collects mailing addresses or email addresses from customers who have expressed […]

Early Adopters: The Key to Developing and Marketing Your Products

The success of any small business ultimately depends on developing, marketing, and successfully selling quality products that shoppers buy repeatedly. Utilizing early adopters can be a key ingredient to making this process smoother, more efficient, and more profitable. As a small business owner, you can benefit greatly from understanding exactly how early adopters can assist […]

Social Media: Is It Right for Your Business?

If a business wants to be found, connected, and relevant in the digital world, it must have an online presence. Social media is the driver of social engagement, lead generation, website traffic, and referred leads on the web. Many businesses have procrastinated when it comes to starting a social media strategy, offering reasons such as […]

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing for More Hits and Better Results

Regardless of what you sell, prospective customers are searching for your business online, and if you want to increase the number of customers who find you through Google, you should optimize your Google My Business listing. Luckily, this is a relatively easy search engine optimization technique you can implement on your own, without paying a […]

How to Build an Email Marketing Campaign That Works

The right email marketing campaign can deliver big returns for your small business, but many email marketers can make critical mistakes that hold them back. If you want to do a better job engaging your readers and creating loyal customers, here are some professional tips for building an email marketing campaign that works the way […]

Don’t Give Up on Abandoned Carts: How to Restart the Stagnated Sales Cycle

Closing e-commerce sales can be challenging when you’re not in front of the customer to continue the sales discussion. Customers often add products to their virtual cart and walk away without completing the order. Sometimes they aren’t sure about the purchase or want to compare prices, while other times they are distracted and don’t finish […]

Get Creative and Edgy With Guerrilla Marketing

Conventional marketing methods take time to gain traction. If you need to make a big splash fast, consider employing guerrilla marketing. This unconventional marketing method has been known to put companies small and large on the map. Read on to learn how guerrilla marketing can generate a significant amount of buzz for your small business […]

DIY Photography Series: 3 Tips for Real Estate Listing Photos That Really Sell

Discover these three secrets to taking better DIY listing photos for your small real estate business.

Employing Facebook and Google for Market Segmentation

Discover how Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights allows users to improve their marketing campaigns through customer segmentation.

How to Set Up a Customer Loyalty Program

Review the steps involved in creating a rewards program for your small business. Read about potential options, advantages, and drawbacks of loyalty programs.

Image Is Everything: How to Project Professionalism and Success

Learn the basics about how to produce and maintain an image of professionalism and success in the workplace.

Know When to Use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for Your Graphics Needs

Learn about two of the most powerful graphics programs available, Photoshop and Illustrator, and determine when it is appropriate to use each one.

Lean Marketing: Promote Your Small Business With Coupons You Design Online

Review lean marketing strategies for creating digital and paper coupons, and read tips on sending coupons to customers.

Using the Product Life Cycle to Maximize Sales

Get ideas and tips for maximizing sales for each of your small business products sales throughout its life cycle.

Why Word-of-mouth Marketing Is Perfect for Your Online Store

A strategic word-of-mouth marketing strategy can help increase traffic to your online store. It is a proven method for effectively marketing your business because of its authenticity and naturally occurring nature. It has the ability to increase your sales while keeping your marketing budget in check. Cost-Effective Using word-of-mouth marketing is a cost-effective way for […]

Expos and Trade Shows: Face-to-face Marketing in a Digital World

Social media outreach, content marketing and search engine optimization are phrases that dominate marketing discussions in the digital world. Face-to-face marketing techniques still deserve a place in your marketing strategy, and some of the most effective venues for face-to-face marketing are trade shows or expos. There are pros and cons to this type of marketing […]

Taking Your Content Marketing to the Next Level With Podcasts

Content marketing is an excellent, low-cost tool for a small businesses to use to expand its reach, engage customers, and ultimately increase revenues and profits. Podcasting can help your small business stand out, since many other small business owners fail to utilize it . Podcasts are simple audio files that are created and uploaded to […]

Getting Your Small Business to Go Viral on Social Media

One thing that can launch or propel your new small business into the stratosphere of exposure is posting content, written or video, that goes viral, spreading like wildfire across the internet universe. Content is considered to be viral if it garners 10,000 or more shares, comments or likes. While no one really knows what content […]

How Geofencing Can Help Expand Your Purchase Order Base

Geofencing is a new marketing strategy that has emerged in the mobile-based world. Learn what this term means and how a small business can take advantage of this concept to better market to prospective customers and clients and increase sales. What is Geofencing? Geofencing is a location-based mobile service that enables businesses to send a […]

How To Create A Sponsored Ad On Instagram

Instagram is an image-focused social media platform that allows businesses to reach the millions of users on the platform through sponsored ads. To create a sponsored ad on Instagram, take the following steps: Log in to Facebook and access the Facebook page of your business. If your business doesn’t already have a Facebook page, create […]

How to Develop an Instagram Following for Your Business

Instagram is a popular social network where users can post, search for and react to pictures and videos up to 60 seconds long. Ways to get followers for your business include: Find a niche. Post actively and regularly. Reciprocate likes from users. Respond to all messages. Use hashtags frequently and wisely. Cross-link your content from […]

How to Get Good Reviews on Yelp

Potential customers may read reviews about your company on Yelp. Ideally, you want these reviews to be as good as possible. Although requesting reviews from happy clients is not expressly against Yelp’s policy, the company discourages the practice because it can lead to inauthentic reviews. However, there are other ways to get good reviews on […]

How to Reverse Search Hashtags to Reach Your Instagram Audience

When you use a popular Instagram hashtag, you increase the chances that people see your post and potentially draw new followers or customers. To identify hashtags to use, you may want to consider doing a reverse hashtag search. Make a list of keywords related to your product or fun words you want to target Type […]

3 Steps to E-Commerce Customer Service That Excels

Successful companies set themselves apart with excellent customer service, and your e-commerce small business is no different. Even when you don’t have customer service representatives physically standing in front of the customer, you can implement remote customer service best practices that ensure every customer leaves feeling satisfied with their experience. Multi-Channel Service The key to […]

How to Access Click Analytics on

To track what is happening on your website, Google offers free analytics tools. These tools provide information on total clicks, browsers, and platforms used to access your site, the location of your website visitors, and more. Go to Enter your website address into the “simplify your links” box. Hit “shorten URL”. When the pop-up […]

How to Evaluate Your SEO With the Raven Tools Site Auditor

Search engine optimization techniques can boost traffic to your website by helping your site rank higher in relevant keyword searches. You may hire an SEO specialist to help you, or you can automate the process with Raven Tools. Its Site Auditor assesses SEO issues on your website and gives you tips on addressing those issues. […]

3 Social Media Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

For retail businesses, the holiday shopping season can represent a sizable percentage of yearly revenues, making it imperative that your marketing efforts reach and resonate with your targeted audience. If your business has a social media presence, the holidays provide several seasonal marketing opportunities to leverage your advertising and connect with potential and existing customers. […]

Create Shareable Content to Increase Your Business’s Reach

Encourage your readers, listeners and viewers to share your business’s content on all types of social media. An active social media following acts as a form of free advertising, and when done correctly, it encourages people to feel attached to your business and engage with it more often. Sharing is so important because people like […]

How to Design an Effective Business Website

Having an effective website is critical for online success. A business’ website must be engaging and useful for a customer or prospective customer; otherwise, there is little point to having the site. Here are six bare-minimum requirements for good business website design. A Great Domain Name Choosing the correct domain name is an important step […]

What Is a SEO Audit?

A search engine optimization audit is an evaluation process that looks at the health of your website in several areas. It examines the infrastructure of your website, in addition to, the on- and off-page essentials to improve search engine visibility and conversion. Whether you decide to perform an SEO audit yourself or hire a professional, […]

Tips to Hook Your Customers With a Great Landing Page

Engaging ads and shared links can encourage people to click through to your website, but click throughs without something to entice readers probably won’t accomplish your marketing goals of boosting sales or building a mailing list. A landing page is a distinct page on your website that encourages or guides visitors to take an action […]

4 Tips for More Effective Coupon Strategies

Offering coupons can be an effective method for drawing in new customers and motivating existing customers to spend more with your small business, since consumers love getting a bargain. Studies indicate that Canada ranks seventh in the world for coupon use. Craft your coupon offers to stand out from the crowd and make consumers more […]

Tips for Turning Your Business’s Social Media Presence Into Sales

Developing a social media presence is a quick and efficient way to build a brand identity for your business. Engagement levels with social media platforms are soaring. Users, particularly younger ones, check their various social media accounts as many as 100 times in a single day. A social media presence puts your business in front […]

How A Small Business Can Use Omni-Channel Marketing To Retain Customers

Omni-channel marketing is a strategy that provides a seamless experience for the customer, regardless of channel or device. Customers can view a product in the store, website, mobile app, catalog or through social media. For example, say a customer is looking at a sweater in the store and decides to walk away. A few days […]

How To Create A Coupon Code In Etsy

Etsy lets its shop owners to create three types of Etsy coupon codes: percent discounts, free shipping or fixed dollar amount discounts. To create a coupon code in Etsy, take the following steps: Log into your Etsy account. Click the icon for your shop at the top of the screen, click on Promote, and then […]

Improve Your Content Marketing With Infographics

If you are looking to provide a quick and inexpensive boost to your small business content marketing plan, incorporate some graphic design elements. Think about using infographics and data visualisation to drive your digital outreach. Infographics are designed to portray or expand on critical information with maximum efficiency. Rather than wasting too many words explaining […]

Dealing With All Forms Of Negative Customer Reactions

As an entrepreneur who is passionate about your business, one of the hardest things to handle can be negative customer experiences. However, it is vital to prepare for these occasions ahead of time, as the right response can convert an angry customer into a happy, lifelong client. There are four types of negative customer reaction […]

Creating Your Logo For Free

A company’s logo often stands as the first contact clients have with a business. As a new business owner or freelancer, however, you might not have the budget to hire a graphic designer to create a logo for you. If this is the case, here are some ways to get a memorable, eye-catching logo for […]

Interpreting Analytics and KPI’s: How These Numbers Keep Your Business Afloat

As your business operations, underlying trends, patterns, and results occur. For this reason, utilizing key performance indicators to minimize the information you look at will improve your company’s overall direction, planning and success. Dashboard A KPI report is generally formatted into a dashboard. This layout summarizes various aspects of the business in a concise manner. […]

Host a Big Event for Your Small Business

Hosting events can mean big business for your new venture. It takes understanding your target audience, planning and intense marketing for events to yield your desired result. Consider hosting the following kinds of events to build brand awareness, generate leads and make sales. Worthy Cause Events Hosting fundraising events makes your company and brand look […]

Small Business Terms: SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a report generated by a business to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The results are used to provide direction, implement strategic planning, and evaluate future financial budgets. In addition, the analysis can be used as a risk mitigation tool as threats can be minimized as weaknesses are addressed. Strengths and […]

How to Take the Stress Out of Pricing Your Products

A good product pricing strategy, one that is easily integrated with your company’s brand identity and overall marketing plan, can provide your small business with a substantive edge in the marketplace. Knowing precisely how, and at what level, to price your products gives you a marked advantage over a competitor who guesses at proper price […]

Small Business Terms: Call to Action

A call-to-action, or CTA, is a component in marketing materials, such as social media posts, blog posts, or whitepapers, that asks readers to take an action. Typical actions include signing up for consultations, subscribing to receive emails from a business, or filling out forms to receive sample products. A CTA should be written in precise, […]

Using Instagram’s New Business Analytics to Maximize Your Audience Engagement

In 2016, Instagram introduced new tools for business customers that makes Instagram more viable as a part of your overall social media marketing plan. Using the new “Insights” tool that offers analytics on your Instagram posts and followers, you can more accurately assess your customer base and the impact and effectiveness of your posts. Understanding […]

How to Set Up Google Analytics for Your Business Website

Google Analytics lets businesses track certain metrics, including number of visitors and amount of time people spent on the website, related to their websites. To set up Google Analytics for your small business website, take the following steps: Visit the Google Analytics website and sign in using your Google username and password. If you don’t […]

Use Hootsuite to Schedule a Facebook Post

Hootsuite is a tool that lets you schedule social media posts in advance. Link your Facebook account to your Hootsuite account to use the service. Here’s how you schedule Facebook Posts in Hootsuite: Launch Hootsuite and place your cursor in the Compose Message field at the top of the page. Write your Facebook post. Click […]

How to Launch a Marketing Campaign Using Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of using social-based websites to market and promote your business and its products. Generally, the steps involved can be listed as: Decide on the goals of the campaign. Make them measurable. Establish a timeframe and budget Define your target audiences and demographics. Choose the social sites to use. Determine […]

Understanding Website Traffic Patterns With Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that every business with a website should utilize. It informs the website owner about often and what type of traffic is hitting the site. How It Works Google Analytics works is a free online digital solution that collects data about a website’s digital presence. Each Google Analytics user […]

What Is Corporate Image Advertising?

Corporate image advertising is a form of advertising where a company promotes itself instead of a particular product or service. When engaging in these activities, a company attempts to portray itself in a positive light to increase its overall positive perception in the eyes of the consumer. Corporate image advertising also helps a company improve […]

Creating Customer Profiles to Visualize, Identify and Reach a Target Audience

To increase your customer base, develop a marketing plan to promote your company’s products or services. Create an accurate customer profile for the busines’s target market. If marketing plans are more tailored to a specific type of customer, it will be much more effective and will eventually lead to new customers. A shotgun marketing approach […]

Refresh Your Content to Revitalize Your Online Presence

Content marketing – using what you publish online as part of the overall marketing plan for your small business – is one of the most effective tools for solidifying your company’s brand identity, reaching potential new customers, and building customer relationships. When content marketing is done correctly, it can be a major contributor the growth […]

How to Successfully Take Your Brick and Mortar Business to the Internet

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to establish an online retail business presence in addition to your brick and mortar store. E-commerce is the fastest growing channel for retail sales, growing at an exponentially higher rate than traditional storefront sales. Setting up an online store can be especially advantageous for a new small business, […]

Tips for Effectively Managing Your Company’s Blog

An effectively managed company blog is important for continuing to grow your company and build its brand. Blogging, as indicated by the success of other Canadian small businesses, has proven to be a key way to driving traffic to brick-and-mortar stores and websites. Make sure you take the time to properly manage your company’s blog […]

Free Ways to Promote and Market Your Small Business

Small businesses that succeed are those that manage to deal with the two basic facts that advertising and marketing are necessary to grow a business, and small businesses don’t usually have the financial resources to pay for expensive advertising. Therefore, one of the keys to making your small business a success is being able to […]

Is the Business Brochure Dead?

As businesses continue to go paperless, the question arises as to whether it is useful to publish business brochures for potential and existing clients. For a small business, publishing a brochure can become expensive. However, there are some advantages to using a traditional, hard-copy brochure. Moving Away From the Business Brochure Desktop publishing allows small […]

3 Keys to Leveraging Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

In the 21st century, social media outlets such as Twitter are used by millions of consumers every day. Twitter can serve as an important avenue for promoting your small business at little or no cost. It is difficult for small businesses to fund large, traditional marketing campaigns or advertisements in a way that effectively make […]

10 Secrets for Taking Great Photos on Your Small Business Instagram

Instagram has quickly become one of the world’s leading social media apps, especially with audiences under 35. What makes it unique and fun is the app focuses solely on photographs and short videos. With the click of a button, these photos and videos can be easily shared and found. Learn a handful of tips and […]

3 Secrets To Better Business Writing

One key element for a small business to be successful and continue to grow is effective business writing. Small business owners must communicate to employees, clients, and prospects in various forms, for example emails, web pages, social media content, and advertisements. Clear and effective business writing can save time, increase productivity, and lead to more […]

3 Tips to Making This Your Best Year

Small businesses always need of fresh ideas and improvements to grow their businesses. Your company’s early years may involve a lot of learning as you just keep your head above water. Once you begin to settle in, however, it is time to think of ways to set up your business for further future success. Some […]

Customer Service Skills for Accountants

Whether you run your own accounting firm or work for someone else, customer service skills can be essential to your success as an accountant. If you want clients to return year after year, make them feel comfortable and appreciated. That involves listening to your clients with empathy, answering their questions and adapting to their needs. […]

Write Terms of Use & Privacy Policies that Work for your Website

It’s not a coincidence that nearly every website has a link in its footer to the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”. We all know that few people actually click these links, so do they really matter? And does anyone take the time to write these things from scratch, or do they just copy them […]

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter and Other Social Networks

Any business navigating the world of social media marketing needs to know how to use hashtags. What is a hashtag? On Twitter, a hashtag (denoted by the # symbol) turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link. This allows users to organize content and track discussion topics based on those […]

Tips for Finding Your USP

What is USP? Ever wondered why you choose some brands over others? What’s the real difference between Starbucks and Second Cup? As you embark into the world of business, one of your key goals is to create something that isn’t already being offered. You aim to provide something unique and original, and to tell a […]

PR Tips for Small Business

“If I was down to my last dollar I’d spend it on PR.” – Bill Gates “Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” – Richard Branson A public relations department or specialist is an important business asset. Follow these tips to boost your company through PR. […]

How to Buy a Domain and Set Up a Website

When it comes to buying a domain and getting a website online, there are a few things business owners should know before they get started. The process of getting a business online  has multiple steps, from learning how to register a domain, to choosing a name, to determining what hosting is appropriate for your website’s […]

The Name Game: Tips and Tools for Naming Your New Company

Picking a name for your company is one the most important parts of starting a business. Your company’s name will be written, searched, drawn, spoken and maybe even whispered in certain circles, so it’s your job to make sure you pick a name that is distinctive, memorable, reflective of your company’s values, and, most importantly, […]

5 Creative Ways to Generate Leads for Your Small Business

To keep your small business growing, your sales funnel needs to be continuously topped up by generating new leads. Do a search online and you’ll find a lots of ways to generate leads, but your unique small business may require some unique –even unconventional – lead-generating tactics. Here are a few creative ways your small […]

QuickBooks Customer Management: happy customers are your best marketing

Wondering where to put your efforts (and your wallet) to grow your small business in 2015?  Well, I’m here to tell you that investing in happy customers is where your dollar will be best invested. The ROI of Happy Customers with a QuickBooks Customer Manager In the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it’s well […]

Tips for Planning a Social Media Marketing Campaign on a Budget

If your startup has been bootstrapping for a while, or your small business shares its marketing budget with the design, development, and food budget, or you simply want a no-frills, cost-effective social media campaign, this article is for you. Stage 1 Tip 1 – Develop a Strategy Never create a social media profile before you’ve […]

The Past, Present and Future of Your Website Design

There are many things to consider when designing a website, regardless of whether you are doing the work yourself or seeking the help of a professional developer. While it may be easy (and fun) to get wrapped up in the aesthetics of choosing colours, typefaces, layouts and images, there are a few basic elements that […]

What is a Conversion Rate and How Do I Optimize It?

In marketing terms, a conversion is when a customer takes a desirable action. This could be signing up for a newsletter, downloading a brochure, or in the best case scenario, making a purchase. So, a conversion rate is the measurement of how many customers respond to an invitation to take action. Here’s an example: Let’s […]

The Free Trial: Will it Work for Your Business?

When consumers land on your website, they usually arrive with mixed emotions. On one hand, they’re intrigued to see what you can do for them. At the same time, they don’t trust you one bit! So how do you bridge the trust gap? You offer a free trial. The free trial helps you and the […]

How To Make A Great Sign For Your Small Business

A well-crafted business sign is critical to making a good first impression on potential customers — and building brand awareness. Whether it’s a sign on your retail storefront or a lawn sign advertising your contracting business, you either draw people in or push them away with your signage. The most effective signs are both informative [...]