Woman shopping online

How to Set Up Your Business for Online Sales in 5 Easy Steps

For many brick-and-mortar shops, diversifying revenue streams means putting products and services on an online marketplace. Over a quarter of small businesses are choosing to sell more products and services online this year, according to a recent QuickBooks survey. 94% say the coronavirus has influenced this change. Many were forced to close their physical doors […]

Person paying at POS with their watch

What are Electronic Payments and How to Accept Them

Say goodbye to jingly pockets, wallets stuffed with creased bills, and chequebooks. Payments are trending away from cash and paper cheques. Electronic payments are becoming more and more prevalent, and businesses that fail to accept these payment methods risk losing customers and falling behind. But what do you need to know about electronic payments? This […]

Employee signs up customer for email marketing at point of sale transaction

Use Incentives to Encourage Customers to Sign Up for Email Marketing

Reach your customers more effectively by enticing them to sign up for your company’s email list. Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for today’s businesses, as the people who receive your newsletter are already familiar with and possibly even interested in your products or services. At the same time, convincing people to sign […]

Food truck small business owner uses cryptocurrency while processing a point of sale

How to Accept Cryptocurrency in Your Business

Expand your sale and payment options with point-of-sale software that lets you accept cryptocurrencies. The success of Bitcoin has created a demand among customers to pay with the secure online currency, and your business can be one of the first to answer it.

Close-up of money on recurring payment sign up

A Guide to Recurring Payments for Your Small Business

Setting up proper payment systems and methods is an essential part of running a small business. Whether you’re initiating payments for your business expenses or setting up various payment schemes for your customers- it’s a good idea to keep recurring payments in mind. But what exactly are recurring payments, and why should they matter to […]

Man paying for his item using a mobile app

Best Mobile Payment Apps in Canada

Smartphone technology has reshaped the way we live our lives in the 21st Century. These devices are shifting the way we connect to each other, on a personal level and a professional one. Now more than ever, we are using our mobile devices to perform various financial tasks, including sending and receiving payments. Smartphone applications […]

Woman purchasing something from a retail store with a credit card

How to Accept Credit Card Payments

These days, if you were to look inside the wallet of any given Canadian, you would most likely see one or more credit cards. According to the 2019 Canadian Payment Methods and Trends (CPMT) Report, credit cards are among the most used forms of payments across the nation. In fact, Canadians are the second-highest users […]

Close-up of pos system accepting ApplePay

Choosing the Best POS System for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you always want the best for your company- especially when the best boosts sales, saves time and money, and provides efficient and convenient operations. Did you know the proper POS system can do that for you? These systems should always be integrated into your business, no matter what industry you’re […]

Woman setting up automatic payments on her credit card

How to Set Up Automatic Payments for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to increase sales and improve customer services. One way you can do this is by providing your customers with easy and convenient payment options, such as automatic payments for your products or services. So how can automatic payments work for your small business? […]

credit cards with lock symbolizing secure payment methods

What is a Secure Payment System?

A secure payment system, or SPS, refers to payment processing and information services that provide users’ security online. An SPS is a type of payment processing that ensures a user’s financial and personal information is protected from fraud and unauthorized access. These systems must provide reliable services as billions of dollars are transferred through them […]

Woman processing payments via tablet

Payment Processing: Making It Simple for Your Small Business

Offering flexible payment options, such as paying via e-Transfer or credit card gives your customers more freedom to pay their way. There are many different payment methods, so take the time to review common payment methods and their various advantages before you start swiping cards or upgrading your systems. Explore common industry buzzwords, payment types, […]

man paying at his computer with different currencies

How to Accept International Payments

Whether you interact with foreign transactions on a personal level or business level, the ability to deal with international payments is a good skill to have. There are various methods of payment that can be used for cross-border purposes. For the best ways to accept international transactions, consider using these various methods below.   <<Back: […]

Customer using debit card to pay for her items

What are Different Forms of Payment?

Will that be cash or credit? Typically when we step up to the front of a cash register, we are asked how we would like to pay for our purchases. Previously, many people would answer that question with cash, but these days, various other payment forms have taken the front seat of our wallets in […]

Common Pitfalls of Payment Processing & Cash Flow Problems

Healthy cash flow is often the difference between a business that survives or fails. Everything from small business payroll to inventory management to marketing depends on how much funding you have available day-to-day. One financial emergency could trigger a chain reaction of payment problems if you aren’t prepared to deal with unforeseen expenses. The worst […]

Entrepreneur adds late fees to delinquent invoices

Should Your Business Charge Late Fees for Delinquent Invoices?

Learn about when you can charge late fees on invoices that go unpaid and what alternatives to late fees might actually help you get paid. Understand why customers indulge in late pay, including how different reasons for late pay should result in different responses on your part.

Accountant explaining a merchant discount rate to a listener

What Is a Merchant Discount Rate?

Learn about the merchant discount rate, how these fees are distributed and how they affect the merchants you patronize every time you swipe your credit or debit card and find out why your bank suddenly mailed you a new debit card and why some merchants require minimum purchases to use cards.

Information technology professionals review a callback URL for a small business

What Is a Callback URL and Why Does Your Small Business Need It?

If your small business generates revenue through online sales, or if you are interested in creating a dynamic website through which customers can buy your goods, you should definitely learn about (and probably implement) a callback URL — sometimes referred to as a postback URL. On a practical level, a callback URL directs your customer’s […]

A man makes an online payment from an app

Benefits of Online Payment Apps

Explore reasons to encourage your customers to pay with an app. Increased cash flow is a significant benefit, but some payment apps are vulnerable to fraud.

An Employee Completes a Point-of-sale Transaction

Choose the Right Point-of-Sale System for Your Small Business

Learn what a point of sales system is, the many different types available, and the benefits each may have for small business.

Employee Swipes a Credit Card Made With EMV Technology

What is EMV?

Learn the definition of EMV and how the new payment technology is saving Canadian businesses millions of dollars a year in fraud losses.

A woman reviews an electronic funds transfer on her smartphone and laptop

ACH vs. Electronic Funds Transfer: What’s the Difference?

While many people think that an electronic funds transfer (EFT) and automated clearing house (ACH) payment are the same thing, there are some key differences. A quick rule of thumb is that all ACH transactions are EFT transfers, but not all EFT payments are ACH transfers. Both payment methods allow for automatic funds transfers from […]

A customer pays his bill using a touchscreen at a wine bar

Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Types of Payment

In the modern world, a large variety of payment types are available to please customers and move money quickly into your accounts. While some methods charge a small fee, the pros of the payment type may offset the costs. To optimize your profits, consider what types of payments are the most cost-effective for your business. […]

Business Owner Using Mobile Payments to Save Time and Maximize Revenue

Increase Productivity and Maximize Revenue With Mobile Payments

With all of the major banks offering mobile pay compatibility, it’s time to thrive from the advantages of contactless payment. Mobile payment technology offers customer convenience and added security, which translates to more sales for your small business. They’re also quicker and more efficient, which results in faster transaction times and higher staff productivity. What […]

An employee swipes a credit card with a mobile card reader

A Complete Guide to Dealing With Credit Card Payments

Review the process involved in disputing a credit card chargeback, and identify cases where you may not want to lodge a dispute.

A business owner checking credit card payments received using Square at a craft show

Using Square to Accept Card Payments at Craft Shows and Markets

Accept credit card payments at craft shows to boost your earnings. Find out how you can use Square to accept these payment methods.

Small shopkeeper accepts payments with QuickBooks in order to provide mobile payment option

How to Accept Payments With QuickBooks

How do you get paid? If you’re a small business owner that accepts or wants to accept credit cards, QuickBooks makes it easier than ever to do so. QuickBooks recently launched a new bundle for QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) that allows any small business to get paid in their office, store, or on the go, […]

An employee swipes a credit card donation at a fundraising dinner

Methods for Accepting Credit Card Donations at Your Fundraiser

If your nonprofit holds a a charity event, you want to collect as many donations as possible during the evening. Accepting credit cards lets you maximize the amount of money you collect .Luckily, you don’t need to drag a bulky point of sale system to the event, since many mobile credit card processing tools are […]

An Etsy seller reviews direct checkout sales on a tablet

Maximize Your Sales With Etsy Payments (Etsy Direct Checkout)

Etsy reports that sellers who accept multiple forms of payment experience 49% more sales than sellers who only accept one type of payment. With Etsy Payments (formerly known as Etsy Direct Checkout), it’s easy to accept credit cards or debit cards, transfers from select banks, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal, Etsy gift cards, and Etsy […]

Point of sale hardware collection

Point of Sale

Traditionally, point of sale is a computer used to process sales transactions in a retail establishment. A POS has some features of a traditional cash register but can process cash, check, mobile wallet and credit and debit card transactions. A POS can be configured to communicate with other devices in a retail establishment, such as […]

Small business owner sets up a cloud payment processing system to streamline her online sales tax collection accounting

Use a Cloud Payment Processing System for Sales Tax Collection

Cloud payments? The term might sound lofty, but processing your customers’ payments in the cloud makes the collection of sales taxes, and all your other accounting entries, much easier – not to mention more accurate. What is Cloud Computing Technology? Cloud technology simply means that, rather than all of your transactions and computations being stored […]

Shop Owner Checks Shopify Sales With QuickBooks Online on Laptop

QuickBooks Online, Shopify, and the Evolving Payments Landscape

Being an entrepreneur comes with many perks and many responsibilities. Fortunately, you have many technology solutions at your fingertips to improve how you manage your small business and serve your clients. Technology impacts the way entrepreneurs operate their companies and empowers their growth. One of these technology solutions, the e-commerce platform Shopify, stands out due […]

Man on mobile device reviewing payment processing sitting outdoors on farm

Why You Should Cancel Your Payment Processing Contract

Offering credit and debit cards as a method of payment can be a benefit for your customers, but is it worth it? It pays to do your research and choose the best payment processing service in Canada. For instance, a merchant service that requires that you sign a contract might not be in your company’s […]