6 Top Project Management Trends for 2019

These days, many small business owners choose to employ remote workers. Outsourcing work to freelancers is a great way to get some extra help with daily tasks without paying for full-time employees. Additionally, hiring remote workers is often the perfect solution for growing businesses that don’t have a dedicated brick-and-mortar workspace just yet. Many of […]

Common Pitfalls of Payment Processing & Cash Flow Problems

Healthy cash flow is often the difference between a business that survives or fails. Everything from small business payroll to inventory management to marketing depends on how much funding you have available day-to-day. One financial emergency could trigger a chain reaction of payment problems if you aren’t prepared to deal with unforeseen expenses. The worst […]

4 Reports That Put You in Control of Your Business

Are you launching a new small business? Are you wondering how to stay on top of your company’s finances? Having the right data helps you develop a winning game plan and make timely decisions, so you’ll know when to pivot on strategy, cut back on costs, improve time management, and more. It is crucial that […]

14 E-commerce Inventory Management Tips

If you run an e-commerce site, you know the success of your business is tied to properly managing your inventory. Not having enough of a popular product could cost you your best customers, but if you end up with inventory you can’t sell, your bottom line is likely to take a serious hit. Brick-and-mortar businesses […]

Payment Processing: Making It Simple for Your Small Business

Offering flexible payment options, such as paying via e-Transfer or credit card gives your customers more freedom to pay their way. There are many different payment methods, so take the time to review common payment methods and their various advantages before you start swiping cards or upgrading your systems. Explore common industry buzzwords, payment types, […]

New survey asks Canadian workers to dish on their midday break

When it comes to the lunch break at work, assumptions run amok. And when it comes to feeling overworked, most Canadians agree they need a break. To find out if Canadians are benefitting from the breather offered by the basic lunch break, TSheets conducted a global lunch break survey and asked 15,000 employees in 27 […]

4 Challenges Facing Your Small Business in Canada

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are actually big business in Canada. Nearly 99% of all registered Canadian companies employ fewer than 500 people, which makes the SME sector by far the biggest contributor to Canada’s economy. These companies are a vital part of the national economy and the source of most of the innovation in […]

Does My Business License Count in Canada? Doing Business in Other Provinces

If you choose federal incorporation for your business or nonprofit corporation, you can open a registered office location anywhere in Canada, and operate in more than one province or territory without changing your corporate name. But what if you don’t want to incorporate federally, or you’re incorporated in one province or territory and want to […]

7 Types of Technologies Small Businesses are Using Today

If you could buy a machine that manufactures more time, would you do it? While there’s no such machine yet, plenty of digital-age devices are available to help you use and manage your time more effectively. With the right technologies, including payroll software, small business apps, and automated services, you can: Spend less time on […]

6 Steps to a Paper-Free Small Business

When you run a small business, going paper-free has big benefits. It cuts your office supply budget and makes work life more convenient, because with digital systems, you can access files and workflows from nearly anywhere. Plus, using less paper reduces your company’s ecological footprint, which benefits the earth and your public image. By gradually […]

Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Crime

Are you in search of ways to prevent cyber attacks against your small business? According to a Statistics Canada survey about cyber crime, at least one out of five Canadian companies experienced an attack in 2017, and the numbers are expected to increase in 2018 and 2019. Small businesses were the most affected, and shockingly, […]

5 Top Time Management Methods from Experts

Does it sometimes feel like your to-do list is playing tricks on you? Your plans seem totally doable at first and get more chaotic the more you plug away at them. Think of time management as a lifelong skill that requires ongoing practice and personal accountability. These good work habits improve your confidence and help […]

What New Tariffs Mean for Canadian Small Business

When you own a small business, government trade decisions can have a big impact on your business, both directly and indirectly. In 2017 and 2018, the United States and Canadian governments created tariffs on certain products that each nation imports from the other. Although this may worry you, remember that there’s always an opportunity to […]

How Canada is Fighting the War on Patent Trolls

Prepare to fight against the patent trolls with the assistance of business networks. The Canadian government also offers several low-cost options to help you wage a war against frivolous lawsuits.

5 Field Service Management Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Incorporate field service management apps into the workflow of your service-based business to help save both time and money. Choose from a variety of applications to schedule appointments, create invoices, and even locate the fastest routes between jobs.

Same-Day Insurance Claims Coming to Canada Soon

Learn about the new ISO 20022 financial standard and inefficiencies in the current financial infrastructure. Discover how the ISO 20022 standard addresses these inefficiencies and makes same-day claim payment a reality for Canadian insurers.

Manage Dozens of Client Conversations and Customer Contact Apps at Once With Nimble Contact

Discover how Nimble Contact can help you to manage your client conversations and customer contacts more efficiently. Learn about this exciting app and the cutting-edge features that make it such a useful tool for today’s small businesses.

Which Canadian Province Has the Most Businesses?

Look at how many businesses Canada has. Compare the number of independent contractors to businesses with employees. Learn about the country’s top industries. Find out about some of the details collected by Statistics Canada, and review examples for how to incorporate that research into your business planning.

Social Enterprises in Nova Scotia: Use the Social Enterprise Network for Help

Make an impact in your community by using your business as a tool for the greater good. Nova Scotia is one of only two provinces to have a law that recognizes social enterprises as businesses. This means you can pursue your social interests without going broke.

How Canada’s Ocean Supercluster Is Introducing Emerging Technologies to Ocean-Based Industries and Businesses

Learn more about Canada’s superclusters, including the Ocean Supercluster located in the maritime provinces. Understand the mission of the Ocean Supercluster, and find out how it could benefit your ocean-related business or research firm.

Label Foods Properly to Help Your Customers Avoid Food Allergies

Understand the importance of clear allergen labelling for packaged food products in Canada. Learn about some of the regulations for allergen labelling, including priority allergens, order of ingredients, and allergen statements.

2018 Federal Budget Proposals Affecting Female Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Learn about the different programs that the 2018-2019 Canadian federal budget is establishing to help female entrepreneurs and business owners get ahead. With programs offering everything from educational funding to startup capital, you can build your business faster.

Managing Forms and Documents in Your Property Management Business

Find out how to save and organize all the important documents in your property management business so you can always find what you need. With lease documents, rent receipts, invoices for property owners, and much more paperwork to manage, having a smart organizational system makes all the difference.

Cut Down on Commercial Food Waste by Using These Canadian Apps

Reduce commercial food waste and connect with your local community with these Canadian apps. Learn how Ubifood and Flashfood’s technology can help you to offset the cost of wasted food while also helping you to grow your customer base and save the environment.

Free and Low-Cost Online Bilingual Surveys Help Strengthen Customer Relationships

Learn about popular survey services that help you create surveys in both French and English. Review some of the different options offered by these companies and start to decide how to make your next survey. Read about some of the ways you can use surveys to learn about your clients.

Strengthen Your BCIP Application With a Technology Testing Partner

Increase the chances that your Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) application is accepted by including a technology testing partner. Learn what a technology testing partner is, discover the benefits of having one, and read about the two broad categories of them.

New Technology in Canadian Restaurants? Not So Fast

Check out the latest technologies, including interactive tables and VR training, that can modernize your restaurant. Find out why Canadian restaurateurs tend to be conservative about implementing technologies in their small businesses, and learn how this could change in the near future.

Where Do Canadians Shop: Surprising Findings About the Retail Industry

Find out where Canadians shop. E-commerce continues to make in roads, but a recent Statistics Canada study shows that many Canadians enjoy shopping at the mall. Top-tier malls perform the best, but new retailers don’t need to rent space at the mall just yet. Keeping an eye on industry trends is the key to success.

Setting Up a Digital Loyalty Program

Boost your customer loyalty and give your best customers a reason to keep coming back by establishing a digital loyalty program for your business. With the proliferation of apps designed for this purpose, you can customize your digital loyalty program however you like.

Business Tip: Use the Government of Canada’s Surplus Department to Find Inventory for Your Business

Increase the assets or inventory of your business in an inexpensive way with GCSurplus of Public Services and Procurement Canada. Learn what the site is, and see what types of goods you can and can’t purchase for your business there.

Vulnerable Sector Checks: Who Needs Them and How Do You Get One?

Learn about vulnerable sector checks and how they can be used to help in your hiring process. Find out who qualifies as a vulnerable population, which applicants can undergo a check, and how to go about getting a check for a potential employee or volunteer.

What Is a Crown Patent?

Learn how the original Crown Patent for your land may be stopping you from using it how you’d like. Some of the original stipulations are old, though. You can apply to have them removed, and the process is a lot easier than you may think.

Convenience Store Owners: What You Should Know About the 2018 Federal Budget

Find out how the 2018 federal budget affects convenience store owners. Read about the tobacco tax hike, the lack of a cap on fees for credit card processing, and new benefits for low-income workers. Review how the changes to the passive income rule work, and learn how that may affect your business.

What Is a PBN?

Discover how obtaining a Procurement Business Number (PBN) lets you register your business as an official supplier for the Canadian government. By selling services and goods to Canadian government offices or government-run projects, you could increase your sales significantly.

Incorporate Your Distribution Strategy Into Product Design

Learn the importance of choosing the right distribution for the products your business offers. You may have the perfect product, but you need to get customer’s attention and a place for them to buy it.

Canada Post Ship Snap Can Reduce Your Postage Costs

Learn how your small business can save money by shipping through the Canada Post Ship Snap tool. This is designed for small businesses that are not heavy shippers, but the program offers different levels of service. You can also earn a higher discount depending on how much you ship.

Why Your Company Needs a Competition Compliance Program

Protect your business from inadvertent violations of the Competition Act by installing an effective competition compliance program. Learn what the Government of Canada recommends as the most important provisions of a compliance program, and see how such a program can benefit your company.

Should You Have a Military Leave Policy?

Support the Canadian armed forces by developing a military leave policy for your company. Reservists need regular time off work for professional training and development and can put these skills to good use in the civilian workplace. Clarify your commitment to your reservists to enjoy a motivated workforce.

Establish a BYOD Policy Before Creating a Program

Create a set of policies for your business’s Bring Your Own Device program before actually starting the program, and save yourself from future employee-related complaints. Learn why a BYOD policy is important, and read about some important items it should cover.

Using Event Chain Diagrams in Your Small Business

Learn what an event chain diagram is, and discover how to make one to map out each project and action in your business. Find out how these diagrams can improve your project planning and management.

Distinguishing Differences Between Layoffs Versus Buyouts

There are serious consequences and repercussions when you decide to let an employee go. Understand the important differences between laying someone off and buying them out.

How to Test Pilot a BYOD Program for Compliance Prior to Rollout

Look at the benefits of a bring-your-own-device policy, and see how pilot-testing this program before adopting it may be ideal. Review some of the common issues businesses face with a BYOD program, and find out how to sidestep them.

Government Suppliers: UNSPSC Codes Replace GSIN Codes

Learn about how the Canadian government is changing from Goods and Services Identification Number codes to United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes. Find out when the change is happening and whether it affects your business when you do work for the government.

Real Estate Agents for Sellers Should Help Negotiate Repairs

Get some tips for negotiating home repairs when you represent the seller in a real estate transaction. Find out how essential repairs differ from cosmetic and negotiable repairs. Learn how to deal with repairs in a seller’s market versus a buyer’s market. Look at the importance of finding out about issues early.

Google Updates Meta Description Lengths: What Does This Mean for You?

Take advantage of Google’s new longer META description length to help draw traffic to your site. Provide a more detailed description, and optimize the use of keywords to make user’s want to click.

Expand Your Art Clientele by Displaying in Alternative Spaces

Expand your reach to new potential fans, customers, and clients by displaying your art in alternative spaces. Grow your following by partnering with local businesses, restaurants, and venues, and use an online store as a portfolio for generating interest and as a platform for selling your work.

IRAP Helps Businesses Rise to Their Next Level

Grow your business with the help of the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). IRAP helps entrepreneurs , startups, and small businesses in Canada to obtain the resources they need to survive and thrive.

What You Need to Know About the New Programs in the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Learn about the Growing Forward 3 phase of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, and find out how it can help your small business move forward. Find out about the six new programs that launched in April of 2018, and discover how you can use them to boost Canada’s agricultural industry.

What Is a Standard Markup?

Learn how to use the standard markup formula for pricing products. Standard markup is a good starting point for small-business owners who are trying to figure out realistic, profitable prices for their items.

Do You Know the Hidden Dangers of Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Protect yourself, your employees, and your customers from the risks of public Wi-Fi. Learn what public Wi-Fi is, and discover some of the common cyber threats that people encounter while using it, such as man-in-the-middle attacks and fake Wi-Fi networks.

Tech Companies: Join the Digital Technology Supercluster for Increased Exposure

Join the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster to become part of a group of technology businesses, not-for-profits, and academic institutions focused on driving innovation, job-creation, and economic activity over the next decade and beyond.

Farmers: What You Need to Know About the AgriInsurance Program

Learn about the Canadian government’s AgriInsurance program, and find out how it can help protect your farm from natural hazards like snow and flooding. Find out how coverage varies by crop and by province, and learn how you can insure your agriculture business.

Organizing Your Business Ideas Using an Affinity Diagram

Increase the level of productivity in your brainstorming sessions with affinity diagrams. Learn what an affinity diagram is and how to make one, and see when is the best time to use one.

What Is Duty of Good Faith?

Learn about the precedent-setting case Ghasin v. Hrynew and how the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada established a duty of good faith that applies to business owners and others when entering into contracts.

5 Reasons You Should Provide Cellphones for Employees

Save money, streamline communications, and keep everybody in touch with company-paid cellphone plans. This increasingly popular employee perk can connect your workforce, speed up project completion and boost company morale, all while saving your business money.

4 Ways Food Service Businesses Can Conserve Water and Save Money

Learn several practical tips for reducing water use at your restaurant or food service business. By reducing water use, you not only conserve water as a natural resource, but you also cut down on your own bills and increase your bottom line.

Review Your Physical Store’s UX (User Experience)

Optimize your physical store’s UX (user experience) to make the shopping experience better for your customers. Learn what UX is and how it applies to physical locations, and see examples of UX in action in physical stores.

Do You Need Business Intelligence Software for Your Enterprise?

Learn how you can incorporate business intelligence software into your business by developing dashboards, collecting real-time information, and performing trend analysis.

Canadian Laws Governing Wage Garnishments

Learn how to handle wage garnishments by looking at the garnishment process and reviewing laws for how to comply with it. Also, check out some examples of how to calculate wage garnishment amounts.

How to Expand Your International Export Opportunities With Canada’s Trade Accelerator Program

Learn about Canda’s Trade Accelerator Program, and find out how it can help your company start exporting products or services in an international market. Find out about TAP Canada’s three-workshop process and the resources that are available to participants.

5 Tips for Running a Successful Gastropub in Canada

Learn about what you can do to make your gastropub a success, including hiring talented chefs and bartenders, creating loyalty programs, reaching out to your customer base via social media, and treating your customers like an extended community.

Small Business Tip: Use Different Passwords to Mitigate Risk and Improve Cybersecurity

Find out why you shouldn’t recycle your passwords for work or personal use, and learn how hackers take advantage of recycled passwords to get into bank accounts or steal important information. Review tips on creating unique passwords that are hard for cybercriminals to guess.

Small Business Tip: Hire a Forensic Accountant If You Suspect Internal Theft

Hiring a forensic accountant to investigate internal theft is the right thing to do when you think something underhanded is occurring. They are experts in uncovering fraud and can help you determine whether to take the next steps to punish the wrongdoer.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Copies of Your Product on Amazon

Learn about how counterfeiting happens on Amazon, and discover how you can keep an eye out for fake copies of your product. Then, find out what to do to report the problem to Amazon and how to educate your customers to prevent them from buying sub-par products.

Zeekit Makes the Digital Dressing Room a Retail Reality

Learn about Zeekit, a digital dressing room technology that can help your small business. Find out how the software analyses images to help your customers “try on” clothing virtually, and discover the platform’s exciting personalized shopping features.

How to Become More Decisive

Build confidence and credibility by becoming more decisive. Small business owners reap massive benefits by taking decisive action and removing the shackles of indecision.

How to Manage Multiple Freelance Clients

Finish your projects on time and keep client satisfaction high by learning how to better manage multiple freelance clients. Juggling clients is a common challenge for successful freelancers. With a few management tips, scheduling projects and getting them done becomes much simpler.

How to Use Less Energy to Reduce Overhead Expenses

Reduce company expenses by using less energy in the office. Go green to cut costs and to enhance your company’s reputation. Use Energy Star-certified products to cut costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

What Is a Merchant Discount Rate?

Learn about the merchant discount rate, how these fees are distributed and how they affect the merchants you patronize every time you swipe your credit or debit card and find out why your bank suddenly mailed you a new debit card and why some merchants require minimum purchases to use cards.

Expand Your Restaurant Clientele by Booking Live Music

Attract new customers to your restaurant by booking local musicians for live performances on a regular basis. Establish your restaurant as the go-to destination for a good meal complemented by good music. Learn about the benefits of live music, as well as how to select the right musicians for your brand.

Small Business Tip: Use This Tool to Help Train Employees About Counterfeit Bank Notes

Learn about the new security features on the polymer bank notes issued by the Bank of Canada, and how you can use a tool the bank produces to train your staff on how to recognize counterfeit notes. Feel, Look, Flip can help you spot counterfeits.

What Is a Contract for Deed?

Learn why someone who has been turned down or does not qualify for a loan from a traditional bank or mortgage company may want to consider a contract for deed to arrange for the purchase of property. Discover why this might also be beneficial to the seller.

What is the Help-Wanted Index?

Discover exactly what the Help=Wanted Index is and how knowing the information provided in these monthly reports can benefit your company. Whether you want to create a hiring plan for the next year or you want to see potential upcoming economy changes, the Help-Wanted Index reports can help you.

What Is a Triple-Net Lease?

Learn about what a triple-net lease is in commercial leasing, how it shifts costs that are normally the owner’s responsibility to the tenant, and the potential benefits and risks to the landlord and the tenant under this type of arrangement.

What is a Small Business Fire Safety Plan?

Keep your employees safe and your business secure with a fire safety plan. If fire breaks out in your office, it’s too late to start reading up on procedures. A fire safety plan, along with regular training and evacuation drills, helps you and your employees stay calm and act effectively in the event of a fire.

Conduct Your Own Market Based Research Before Asking A Mentor To Help With Sales Growth

Get the most out of your mentor meeting by preparing yourself with market-based research. When you already know the basics, you’re ready to absorb more complex and intricate ideas.

Reduce Fuel Use and Save Money With the Government’s SmartDriver for Highway Trucking Training

Discover how your company can use less fuel, cut back on emissions, and reduce fuel costs with the SmartDriver for Highway Trucking program. Learn how this free, government-run program can help you improve your bottom line and keep your drivers safe on the road.

Finding Success Through Sports Metaphors and Athletes’ Stories

Look at some of Canada’s top sports stars and coaches. Discover ways that you can bring their leadership techniques into your business. Read about the leadership strategies used by Christine Sinclair, Melody Davidson, and Mike Babcock. Learn how to adopt the leadership methods they use on the sidelines and the field.

Small Business Terms: What Is Voice Search?

Ensure your business gets ahead in online search optimization. Voice search is here and getting better by the day. Learn what voice search is and the ways it can be used to help grow your business.

Project Management: Key Terms to Know

Learn what a project charter is, the purpose of a project charter, what information is found in the various sections, and how this document helps establish your authority as a project manager.

Simplify Closing the Deal With Closing Folders Software for Lawyers

Simplify your legal process, eliminate paper waste, save on gas and travel, and improve client relations by bringing Closing Folders into your law practice. This cloud-based program takes the messiness out of closing deals and makes your life as a lawyer easier.

Membership Management Tool Options for Small Businesses

Learn more about the type of membership management tools available to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations. Member management software helps you manage your members, process payments, and schedule classes and events, making it a must-have solution for every membership-based business.

What Is a Latent Defect?

Learn what a latent defect is, how it differs from a patent defect, which party in a transaction has a duty of disclosing latent or patent defects, and which party is generally responsible for the cost of correcting them.

What is Bid-Rigging?

Learn about bid-rigging when it comes to contracts, the elements that must be present for a bid-rigging conviction, and how the crime affects competition and consumers. Also, find out how Canadian law punishes bid-rigging.

Zootly May Help Your Moving Company Attract More Business

Learn how the Zootly app connects moving companies with people who need help moving. Read about the history of the app, and see how it works to find out if your moving company should sign up.

Staying Organized: Cable Management

Learn about strategies for organizing cables and power cords around the office. Discover ways to prevent tangling and keep your employees from tripping over loose cables, and find out how to hide cables to make your office look neater and more professional.

Sustainable Fashion: Environmentally Friendly Tips for Designers and Boutique Owners

Discover how you can make your clothing store or design studio more environmentally friendly. Learn about eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, and find out how you can help reduce clothing waste with your products and in-store repair or recycling programs.

How to Form Strategic Business Alliances

Form a strategic business alliance to help your business reduce costs, expand your distribution network, or gain entry into a new market. A strategic alliance fosters the growth and success of both businesses while allowing each business to remain independent.

How to Update Your Company Information

Keep your business in good standing. It’s easier than ever with Canada’s online registration tools. You can update your information in three steps. Determine where you are registered. Make updates. Confirm changes.

Momtrepreneurs: How to Balance It All

Learn how you can balance your home, family, and work responsibilities when you work from home. Discover ways to avoid distractions, sneak in short periods of uninterrupted work time, and make the most of the time you have without neglecting your family obligations.

Should Your Business Go Paperless?

Weigh the pros and cons of going paperless at your office so you can decide if it’s the right path for your company to take. Learn about different ways that going digital can help your office, as well as some of the pitfalls that often go overlooked.

Should Your Business Charge Late Fees for Delinquent Invoices?

Learn about when you can charge late fees on invoices that go unpaid and what alternatives to late fees might actually help you get paid. Understand why customers indulge in late pay, including how different reasons for late pay should result in different responses on your part.

What Is Keystone Pricing?

Learn what keystone pricing is in the retail industry, the margins that it generates, and why retailers must sometimes adjust the keystone markup for some categories of items.

Cutting Food Waste to Boost Your Triple Bottom Line

Learn more about the issue of food waste and how it can affect your triple bottom line: social, environmental, and financial. Understand where food waste tends to originate in the food manufacturing and service industries, and discover ways that you can reduce your company’s waste.

Is a Burger-Flipping Robot in Your Restaurant’s Future?

Get acquainted with Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot, and learn how this robotic arm could revolutionize the fast food restaurant industry in the near future. Find out about the benefits and drawbacks of an automated workforce and whether robotics could help or hinder your business model.

7 Strategies for Rising Up Against Procrastination

Discover new habits and strategies that can help you to overcome procrastination and become a more productive person. Take action steps to work more efficiently, and learn about the psychological steps you can take to nip laziness in the bud for good.

What is a Collection Period?

Figure out how fast your credit sales are converted to cash by calculating your business’s collection period, or average collection period. Learn what this metric means, and see an example calculation.

Maintaining Your Office Business During a Remodel

Create a plan to handle business operations smoothly during an office remodel. Finding a temporary location and keeping everyone informed on progress helps minimize the disruption to your operations.

Establish or Update Your Maternity and Parental Leave Policy Under the 2018 Rules

Learn about new Canadian small business rules pertaining to maternity and parental leave. Learn how to keep your company in compliance with federal policy and your workers’ morale high.

How to Handle an Argument at Your Place of Business

Use conflict resolution skills to de-escalate arguments and conflicts within your workplace. Staying calm yourself and stopping conflict at the earliest stages is key to an emotionally healthy workplace.

Small Business How-to: Market a Small Business Mobile App

Promote your small business app to boost the number of downloads it receives. Reaching customers through email, blogging, videos, and other methods helps increase awareness in a crowded app market.

Refrain from Discount Pricing

Learn why offering a discount is a poor strategy that can have several repercussions for your business. Find out how discounting hurts your profit margins and reputation.

Unexpected E-commerce Expenses to Consider and How to Prepare for Them

Learn about the unexpected business expenses that come with running an ecommerce business. Find out how you can plan for these expenses and keep your business profitable.

Sign Up for the Registration of Canadians Abroad Service Before Foreign Business Travel

Learn about the government’s Registration of Canadians Abroad program, find out how to register, and review how this program helps to keep you safe when you’re travelling internationally for business.

How to Calculate a Utilization Rate

Learn what a utilization rate is and why it can be an important metric to calculate for businesses that charge their time to clients. Also, see an example calculation of an employee’s utilization rate.

Corporate Restructuring and Its Impact on Work Eligibility for Foreign Workers

Learn how a company’s temporary foreign workers may be affected in a merger or acquisition. Review how corporate restructuring affects intra-company transfers and foreign workers pursuant to a labour market opinion.

Use Failure to Drive Success

Learn how failure can actually be a key stepping-stone on the path to success, with examples drawn from history. Pick up some tips on how encouraging a positive attitude toward failure among your employees can promote innovation and creativity.

Lost and Forgotten: Fixing Online Cart Abandonment

Overcome the potential issue of online shopping cart abandonment by honestly evaluating your cost transparency, information gathering process, and website reliability.

Tricks for Remembering Names of Business Acquaintances

Tired of forgetting colleagues names? Keep everyone’s name firmly stowed in your memory with these tips. Get strategies for what to do when you meet someone for the first time. Learn what to do when you forget someone’s name a few days or weeks after meeting them.

Strategies to Invest in New Technology Without Breaking Your Budget

Learn different ways for small businesses to invest in exciting and essential new technologies without breaking the budget, going into debt, or sacrificing progress toward growth goals.

Save Money on Office Supplies With These Simple Tips

Follow these easy tips to reduce the amount of money your company spends on office supplies. Increase your small business’ bottom line and meet your green goals by reducing waste and spending less on items you don’t need.

How to Conquer the Critical Stages of the Sales Cycle

Conquer the steps of the sales cycle, and you are sure to succeed in any business venture. This article details the most critical steps of the cycle, which means all of them.

Train Your Employees to Recognize Phishing Emails

Learn to recognize fraudulent emails and phishing scams, and understand the dangers of falling prey to these scams. Read about how you can protect your company from malware and other phishing-related danger through education and reporting.

What Is Fintech?

Find out what fintech is all about. Canada is home to some of the leading fintech companies including Shopify and Mogo Finance Technology. Fintech includes software, apps, and other types of technology, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. The goal of fintech is to disrupt the financial services industry.

Stay on the Right Side of Copyright Law

Understand how Canadian copyright laws affect your business, whether you’re designing your website or looking for music to play in your retail shop. Learn how to acquire or license website copy, photos, music, and logos for business use so you can stay on the right side of copyright laws.

Preparing for the Worst: Do You Have a Business Continuity Plan?

Learn what a business continuity plan is and why it’s important for your small business. Discover what the parts of the plan are, and learn how to implement it in an emergency.

Using the McKinsey 7-S Framework in Your Small Business

Learn about the McKinsey 7-S framework. Read about how this framework relies on the alignment of seven core elements to help a business become more successful or navigate changes. Get tips for utilizing this framework in your business.

Food to Go: Utilizing a Mobile Ordering System for Your Restaurant or Food Truck

Learn how to start accepting mobile orders at your restaurant or food truck, and find out how to adjust your space and operations to create the best possible customer experience.

Undergoing an Eviction Process in Your Property Management Company

Discover the correct procedure for handling a rental eviction at a property you manage. Learn what kind of notice you must give a tenant and how to get ready for a hearing with an eviction court.

Assessing Whether Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

Get the facts about cyber insurance. You most likely want cyber insurance coverage for your small business to protect your data, as well as your employee and customer private information. Cyberattacks can be costly, and cyber insurance protects you from any losses that may occur from being hacked.

Why You Should Test Market Your Product

Learn why it’s important to test market your company’s new product before launching it so you can maximize profit potential and generate interest among your customer base.

Improve Strategy Through Value-Chain Analysis

Perform a value-chain analysis to gain the competitive edge over other companies in your industry. The analysis looks at your production process to find ways to cut costs and improve value to customers.

Possible Impacts on Business Travel If Canada Privatizes Its Airports

Learn about what might happen if the Canadian government opts for privatization of the country’s major airports, and how it could impact your company’s business travel.

Upgrade at the Gate to Save Money on First Class Business Travel

Reduce travel expenses by upgrading your next flight to first class at the gate, on your phone, or at the check-in kiosk, rather than shopping for luxury business travel in advance.

How to Deal with a Key Employee or Partner Quitting Unexpectedly

Understand how to respond when a key employee or even your partner announces plans to leave your company with no warning. Learn how to handle your exit interview and what steps to take regarding the transition.

How to Avoid the Retail Apocalypse

Find out how online shopping has led a retail apocalypse for thousands of stores. Learn what you should do to ensure your store remains profitable in these changing times.

Can Your Small Grocery Business Compete with Online Grocery Delivery Services?

Find out why online grocery delivery services could become a game changer. See how your small grocery store can continue to do well even with the rise of online grocery shopping.

Developing a Robbery Prevention and Action Plan at Your Retail Store

Reduce the chances of a retail store robbery at your business with the right prevention techniques. Learn how to create a robbery action plan to help keep your employees and customers safe.

4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer for Your Small Business

Learn about the importance of having an attorney even for a small business. Review important factors to consider when preparing to hire an attorney, including the lawyer’s expertise and connections.

Are Your Employment Contract Termination Clauses Clear and Enforceable?

Learn what makes an employment contract termination clause clear and enforceable, and review the details of an important Canadian court case which sheds light on the issue.

What Is an Exit Strategy?

Learn about the options available to you for planning your exit strategy from your business. Choose the option that benefits you and your company most, and understand the importance of planning ahead.

What is KYC?

Learn what KYC stands for, what crimes it is supposed to detect, the type of businesses subject to KYC regulations and the policies imposed on businesses to meet their obligations under these regulations.

Use Census Data to Inform Business Decisions

Look at compelling ways to use Statistics Canada’s census information in your business. Get tips on using the census data to determine the direction of your business, refine your marketing efforts, or assess the competition.

Minimize Wear and Tear on Your Mobile Small Business’ Vehicle

Learn how to adjust your driving habits and conduct regular maintenance to reduce wear and tear on your work vehicles. With this proactive approach, you can extend the lifetime of your valuable automotive assets.

Choosing the Right Property Management Software

Get tips for choosing the right property management software for your company’s needs. Review useful features offered by some types of property management software, and figure out which features you want for your business.

How Does a Data Breach Hurt Your Small Business?

Understand how a data breach can hurt your small business, learn how to put preventative measures in place to prevent hacking, and develop a response plan to effectively recover if a data breach does occur.

Going Green Enhances Your Brand and Reputation

Improve community perception of your small business by going green. Learn how being environmentally responsible helps your company elevate its brand and reach a broader audience.

Easy and Inexpensive Ways for Your Small Business to Give Back to the Community

Discover ways to give back to your community through donations, sponsorships, and other inexpensive means. Learn how your small business can benefit from charitable giving.

Hire a Business Coach to Achieve Greater Success

Hire a business coach to achieve higher levels of success. Coaches help you with goal setting and accountability, and ensure you are on the right track for growing your business.

Balancing Margin and Volume to Maximize Business Profit

Maximize your business profit when you strike the ideal balance between your business’s margin and sales volume, and use benchmarking to know where the most profitable businesses in your industry are finding that balance.

Trending: E-Commerce Advances in North America

Implement the latest e-commerce trends into your retail business to keep your sales high. Augmented reality, photo shopping, mobile checkout, and voice searches top the features that shape the retail market.

Essential Features to Incorporate Into Your Online Store

Find out about the essential features that every online store needs to be successful. By using these features in your store, you can improve your sales numbers and increase customer satisfaction.

Understanding Limitations: Theory of Constraints

Apply the Theory of Constraints to your manufacturing process to remove the limitations that keep your business from reaching bigger goals. This tool can help you improve efficiency and increase profits.

Small Business Term: Full Stack Developer

Learn what a full stack developer is and see what makes them different from plain vanilla developers. Learn why it might be smarter to hire a full-stack developer instead of one or more less experienced developers.

What is a Black Swan Event?

Protect your business against potentially devastating losses when you take important steps to avoid Black Swan events and minimize the damage that such events can cause.

What Is a Churn Rate?

Discover what a churn rate is, how to calculate it, and how small businesses use churn rates to make important business decisions, such as where to invest capital or what products to offer.

Keeping Tabs on Your Business With the Defensive Interval Ratio

Learn how to calculate and track the defensive internal ratio for your small business to know if it could be facing a working capital bottleneck and to gain insights on areas of your business that may need improvement.

What Is an NDA and When Does Your Small Business Need One?

Learn about the uses and necessary elements in a nondisclosure agreement. Understand how to utilize this legal document to protect trade secrets, intellectual property, and sensitive financial information.

Develop a Turnaround Strategy to Save Your Small Business From Crisis

Create a small business strategy that addresses crisis situations immediately and effects a strong turnaround. Learn how to recognize the signs of a crisis and how to set management procedures in place.

Minimizing Rent Delays in your Property Management Company

Keep rent delays from becoming a problem for your property management company. By taking the preventative measures, you can encourage your tenants to pay their rent on time.

Small Business Term: What Is an Unmanned Aircraft System, or UAS?

Use Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly known as drones, to increase your business’s offerings and cut costs. Understand the simple laws regulating drone usage to ensure safe, legal drone operation.

How-to Guide: Becoming a Vendor With the Government of Canada

Partner with the Canadian government to reach a large market and improve how your small business is perceived by the public. Learn how to bid on tenders with this helpful guide.

Conquer Business Difficulties In Selling Products

Learn unique challenges that only product sellers experience. This includes risks relating to returns, theft, obsolescence, shipping, and upfront costs to get your company started.

Benefits of Keeping Your Small Business Small

Discover the benefits of eschewing growth and instead deciding to keep your small business small. Not every business needs to be as big as possible, and you may prefer the perks of running a small business.

Do You Know How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Discover how to select a trustworthy exchange for buying and exchanging Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency tokens for your Canadian small business or personal portfolio.

Worried About Facebook’s Unpredictability? Get Back to the Basics of SEO

Learn how Facebook’s algorithm changes impact businesses, and why past changes make it more important than ever for you to use SEO techniques to drive traffic to your site.

How to Avoid Fraud Alert Triggers on Overseas Business Trips

Learn how to prevent fraud alerts and credit card freezes when you’re travelling for business. Before you go, take a few steps to prepare your accounts, and call your financial institutions to give them a heads-up on your itinerary.

What Is a Callback URL and Why Does Your Small Business Need It?

If your small business generates revenue through online sales, or if you are interested in creating a dynamic website through which customers can buy your goods, you should definitely learn about (and probably implement) a callback URL — sometimes referred to as a postback URL. On a practical level, a callback URL directs your customer’s […]

The Benefits of Making Your Business a Learning Organization

A learning organization is one that emphasizes employee growth and development and is constantly adapting to the changing marketplace. Coined during the 1990s, the term “learning organization” casts a wide net but ultimately refers to any business where two conditions are present: the organization is constructed to achieve a set of desired outcomes, and it […]

Do You Need a Business Consultant? When Too Much Advice Can Be Harmful

For small business owners, seeking advice from consultants often serves as a double-edged sword. When you need expertise outside your wheelhouse, consultants can prove invaluable. However, hiring a consultant doesn’t always provide solutions in the best interest of your business. Seeking too much outside advice can become a detriment to your company, and in certain […]

Protecting Remote Workers’ Computers From Cybersecurity Threats

Learn about cybersecurity threats, why it is increasingly important to protect your remote workers computers from these threats, and read about four key areas where you can implement security solutions to protect against cyber attacks.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Consider Using Cloud Computing

Transition to cloud-based computing for small businesses, and take advantage of lower upfront costs, easy maintenance, lower hardware requirements and access from anywhere and on any device with internet access.

What Is a C3 Company?

Discover what a community contribution company (also known as a C3 or CCC) is, read about some characteristics of these new Canadian entities, and learn where you can find more information about starting one.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency in Your Business

Expand your sale and payment options with point-of-sale software that lets you accept cryptocurrencies. The success of Bitcoin has created a demand among customers to pay with the secure online currency, and your business can be one of the first to answer it.

Take Responsibility to Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Product or Brand

Approach customer complaints with an open mind to find ways your business can improve and grow. Being an advocate for customers is how you gain loyalty, and it takes commitment to excellent service from the top down to create a positive customer experience. Unhappy customers are always right about one thing. Something went wrong, and […]

Delivering an Effective Client Estimate in Your Remodeling Business

Your remodeling business relies on a constant stream of jobs to keep your staff busy. Remodeling estimates are an important part of landing those contracts with prospective home remodeling clients. Learning how to create and deliver estimates efficiently and accurately can make the difference in growing your company, especially when you’re just starting your remodeling […]

What Is a Freemium Model?

A freemium model is a business model that offers both free and paid versions of a service or product. Usually, this involves giving users free access to basic features, while offering premium features for a price. If you run a small business, the freemium model helps you overcome one of the biggest product strategy hurdles: […]

What Is Due Diligence?

Due diligence involves a thorough, in-depth evaluation of a business situation so you can make an informed decision and minimize risk. In other words, it means doing your homework. As a small business owner, doing your due diligence is necessary in a wide range of situations. Fortunately, these days it’s easy to research virtually any […]

How to Increase Customer Retention for Your Online Business

Customer retention is crucial to the long-term success of online businesses. With so much competition on the internet as well as a lack of personal, face-to-face communication, it can be difficult to keep customers loyal to your company. Use these ideas to form stronger connections with your online customer base. Improve Your Online Presence It’s […]

How to Recover When Your Foot Traffic Dies Down

You rely on factors like foot traffic to bring customers into your location, so a change that affects that traffic can hurt your business significantly. Several factors go into choosing your location, including the surrounding area. Things like a nearby major store or employer closing, road construction that changes traffic patterns, and new developments that […]

Learn About Canada’s EI Maternity and Parental Leave Benefits

The birth of a child is a life-changing event for everyone involved. To help biological, adoptive, and legal parents through the transition and provide a good foundation for the child, Canada offers Employment Insurance (EI) maternity and parental benefits. This program assists families during the final weeks of pregnancy and throughout the first year to […]

Mastering the Perfect Warehouse Layout

Your small business may not have the sprawling storage warehouse of your dreams, but you can leverage the space in a warehouse of any size to work for you. Your warehouse layout affects the efficiency of your employees, safety of your products, and success of your inventory management processes. Audit your current use and layout […]

Minimize Inventory to Decrease Costs and Free Up Working Capital

Having enough inventory to meet your customers’ demands is essential to running a small business. While having enough of your products is important, having more inventory than you can sell in the short term might be hurting your bottom line. Consider these tips to help you avoid the physical and financial burdens that excess inventory […]

Small Business Terms: What Is a Merger?

A merger is a legal agreement between two already-existing companies that unites them voluntarily as one company. Typically, companies that merge are of approximately similar sizes (as opposed to takeovers, in which two companies become one because the larger company subsumes the smaller one). Mergers are done primarily to increase the market share of the […]

The Flows of Supply Chains

For your company to thrive, it is almost a necessity to work with people outside of your business. These external parties provide a number of resources that help your company. Although the concept of a supply chain is typically thought of relating only to products, there are a number of different items that flow across […]

Ensure Your Small Business Has Efficient Contract Management

Contract management gives your small business a seamless way to organize, create, and sign contracts. Whether you’re managing contracts from vendors, customers, or employees, this type of management software serves as a modern day filing cabinet. Online contract management keeps your records in one central location and improves productivity by eliminating the need to handle […]

Using Hedging to Protect Against Currency Swings

Small businesses that do any sort of transactions across international borders face potential foreign exchange risks. International clients may have to convert their home currency into Canadian dollars before paying you, or you may need to buy raw materials from another country for use in your manufacturing process. In either case, an unfavorable exchange rate […]

Tips to Make Your Business More Family Friendly

Improve employee retention and make recruiting top talent easier with family-friendly policies that keep your workforce happy. In many cases, making your business family friendly costs little to nothing. Any costs you incur can be made up by gains in productivity and reduced employee turnover. Flexible Scheduling and Leave Time Different families have different needs, […]

Taking a Vacation Can Enhance Your Productivity

Your business is your baby, so you pour everything you have into it to make sure it succeeds. In the beginning, you may not have a choice of taking time off. Hiring help is expensive, and you want to shape the business with your vision at the core. If you're not working, your business isn't [...]

How to Handle a Cash Flow Shortage

Knowing how to handle a cash flow shortage can be crucial to the financial survival and success of your small business. Cash flow crunches are fairly commonplace for small business owners investing in expanding their business. It’s easy for you to become overextended when adding locations, inventory or employees. Seasonal or temporary marketplace downturns can […]

How to Increase Volunteer Retention at Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofits often rely heavily on their volunteers. In fact, volunteers entirely run(http://www.imaginecanada.ca/resources-and-tools/research-and-facts/key-facts-about-canada’s-charities) 54% of Canada’s non-profit organizations. This unpaid workforce provides invaluable expertise, energy, and enthusiasm alongside increased competition, helping to attract and retain the most devoted volunteers, especially those with good connections. A strong volunteer program(http://www.imaginecanada.ca/blog/beyond-application-attracting-motivating-and-retaining-volunteers-today’s-landscape-0) helps your organization retain top volunteers, especially if […]

3 Tips for Turning Customer Complaints into Opportunities

Every small business has to deal with customer complaints at some point. Successful customer engagement helps you turn those complaints into opportunities for solidifying relationships with your customers and learning ways to improve your customers’ experiences. These three tips help you handle customer complaints in a healthy, productive way that fosters long-term associations. Follow Up […]

Use Incentives to Encourage Customers to Sign Up for Email Marketing

Reach your customers more effectively by enticing them to sign up for your company’s email list. Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool for today’s businesses, as the people who receive your newsletter are already familiar with and possibly even interested in your products or services. At the same time, convincing people to sign […]

Payroll Staffing and Set Up for Small Businesses

The Canada Revenue Agency requires all small businesses to comply with payroll regulations to ensure the accurate filing of income taxes and to make sure employees are paid on time. For this to happen, a small business needs to have an adequate payroll system with smart employees who know how to handle money correctly. Although […]

What Is a Buy-Sell Agreement, and Why Does a Small Business Need One?

Small businesses even sole proprietorships and joint partnerships are potentially immortal entities. Their owners, unfortunately, are not. That’s why many small businesses operate under buy-sell agreements, which can be a smart approach to succession planning. Buy-sell agreements are a lot like prenuptial agreements, in that they set up in advance a plan for breaking up […]

Creating a Canadian-Based Secure File Management System With Sync

The Canadian cloud-based management company, Sync, offers an ideal solution to improving productivity while keeping your business safely compliant with Canada’s broad privacy laws. What Are Your Privacy Obligations? As a small business, your company must comply with all aspects of the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA). This comprehensive law protects consumers […]

Save Time Searching for Documents by Organizing Your Business’s Files and Folders

These days, paperless offices are becoming increasingly common. Businesses of all types and sizes are opting for computers over file cabinets, and for good reason. Storing your critical data digitally is safer and more efficient than physical storage, and accessing it is significantly faster and easier. However, if your files and folders aren’t properly organized […]

Protecting Your Product, Brand, and Reputation When Selling Through Amazon.ca

Keep fraudulent Amazon.ca listings from stealing your Marketplace sales and good seller reputation from under your nose. The following tips can help you protect your selling turf while boosting your reputation, leading to better sales and profits. Approval for Private Label Brands For a while, being an honest private label Amazon Canada Marketplace seller was […]

Non-Disclosure Agreements for Nonprofit Volunteer

A non-disclosure agreement, or an NDA, is a legal contract in which one person agrees not to reveal or discuss specific information. The topics vary by situation but might include confidential data, financial details, or proprietary information. NDAs are often used to protect sensitive details exchanged in a business relationship, but they can also be […]

What is a Virtual Office

A virtual office gives you credibility in the eyes of some of your clients and helps lower the cost of running your business. Office space remains costly, and you may not want or need to rent or buy office space, especially if your business activities take place entirely online. Some of your clients, though, might […]

To Succeed, Keep Your Intellectual Property Secret

Small businesses thrive on innovation. For many, a groundbreaking invention or new way of doing things is the very reason the founders went into business in the first place. That makes it essential to protect a small company’s intellectual property. While trademark and copyright protection are fairly straightforward affairs, there’s one type of intellectual property […]

Small Business Tip: Establish a Relationship With an Attorney

Small businesses need an attorney almost before they need anything else — before hiring staff, before leasing an office, sometimes even before finding financing or developing a product. Having an expert who knows Canadian business law on the team from day one can help you avoid making the common mistakes early on that can derail […]

How to Manage Confidential Files

Many small businesses handle confidential information ranging from trade secrets and client data to signed contracts and personnel documents. As a manager or owner, it’s your responsibility to protect and secure this data. Protected Information Start your file security program by separating digital and hard copies into two categories: protected information, such as legal documentation […]

Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

It’s always a good idea to plan for your retirement, and it’s even more important when you’re a small business owner. If you don’t start planning soon enough, you could find yourself working well into your golden years or struggling to figure out what to do with the company you’ve built. Here are the three […]

Creative Ways to Increase Productivity: More Work Breaks, Fewer Work Hours, and More

Happy, healthy employees are productive employees. It may seem counterintuitive on paper, but in practice, regular work breaks and shorter work days can actually boost productivity in the long run. Keeping stress low and employee morale high can improve both the quality and quantity of work they produce. Consider various creative ways to get more […]

What are Business Insights?

Small business owners can effectively make choices with decision-making models, including a competitive matrix and big data analysis. These models alone don’t always lead to actual business insights, but you can use them in conjunction with other steps to arrive at some actual business insights. A business insight combines data and analysis to find meaning […]

Make an Excellent First Impression to Build New Client Relationships

A negative first encounter is hard to live down. For the sake of repeat business and referrals, you need to make a very positive impression whenever you meet a potential client for the first time. Speak Clearly and Carefully Potential clients make snap judgments about you within seconds of meeting you, so don’t get tongue-tied […]

Use the 5S Methodology to Keep Your Office Organized

Organize your office for success with the 5S methodology that helps you manage workplace items with visual cues. Developed in the 1970s in Japan, this organizational system helps you sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain items within your office. By keeping your space neat and tidy, you help boost worker productivity because staff members know […]

Maximizing Profits with Online Resales

Flipping items online is a great way to make extra money. If you’re a savvy shopper, you can make handsome profits with minimal work. At the same time, you can end up spending more than you make if you’re not careful. Here are some tips to boost your profit potential. To find cheap products you […]

Designing a Business Plan for a Virtual Business

For an entrepreneur, a virtual business can be an attractive alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar company. Since a virtual company operates almost entirely online, you can start with less funding and get up and running quickly. In fact, you probably have all of the equipment you need at home: a computer, cellphone, and internet connection. […]

Using SPIN Selling in Your Small Business

Selling is one of the most important aspects of small business. As the old saying goes, no business has survived without sales. And while there are many aspects of sales, such as prospecting, sales forecasting, and time management of the sale process, perhaps one of the most revolutionary ideas in selling is the SPIN selling […]

3 Ways You Can Use Machine Learning in Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you probably can’t go a day without hearing or reading about the phrase “machine learning”. Machine learning is a subset of the wider field of artificial intelligence. In the simplest sense, machine learning is the area of technology where computers are fed large amounts of data which the […]

Supply Chain Management Savvy Can Improve Your Small Business Operations

Supply chain management is a battle for any small business. You may feel you’re a low priority for suppliers who favour high-value corporate accounts but there’s no reason to stay at the mercy of vendors. By adding more effective management strategies to your supply chain, you can improve everything from cash flow to customer relations. […]

Can a Smart Assistant Help Your Small Business?

In the past few years, the practical applications of artificial intelligence have gone from sci-fi to modern-day reality. Smart assistants such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are growing in popularity. Imagine ways your small business can put these clever machines to work. Using Smart Assistance Is Smart Over the years, computers and computer software […]

How a To-Do List Maximizes Your Time and Your Goals

One of the most valuable tools you can use to get things done is a to-do list. As a small business owner, your to-do list is a productivity tool that lets you accomplish tasks deliberately each day so that you no longer bounce from one deadline to the next. Why Use a To-Do List? Why […]

Excel v. Cloud Accounting Software

Deciding whether to use Excel or cloud accounting software for your small business is a big consideration. Many small business owners opt to use Excel spreadsheets to track their finances so they don't need to pay for additional software, but is it really worth the money you save? Learn what makes cloud accounting software a [...]

How to Keep Your Small Business Cloud Accounting Even More Secure

Although cloud accounting software is one of the safest ways to store your small business’ financial and customer information, you can always improve your cloud security where password protection, third-party applications, and backup plans are concerned. Make your data as secure as possible to avoid setbacks such as a failed audit or declining credibility with […]

How to Migrate to the Cloud from Excel or Traditional Accounting Software

Now that you understand why migrating to cloud accounting software is a good idea, you’re probably wondering how to do it. If your current desktop accounting software has an online option, the transition should be quick, easy, and seamless. If you’re switching to a new brand of accounting software, you may need to do some […]

Traditional Accounting Software v. The Cloud

When you're starting your business, traditional accounting software may be all you need to balance your books. As your business grows, though, you may find cloud-based accounting software more appealing. Traditional accounting software often comes in a shiny package, but consider these facts about it before deciding to use it in favor of the cloud: [...]

Checklist for Setting Up an Online Retail Business

Building an online business seems simple at first glance, a website, credit card processing, and you're all set. As with any company, however, the reality is more complicated once you get into the practicalities of how to start an online store. Step-by-step checklists can help you work through the process. By taking the time to [...]

Determining Which Products to Sell Online

When starting an online store, your first priority should be determining which products you want to sell. Although figuring out a successful product for your online store requires some trial and error, the best course of action is to narrow down your options by initially selecting products that you find interesting. This process can be […]

Ecommerce Marketing 101: A Retail Marketing Guide

Now that you’re familiar with best SEO practices for driving sales, it’s time to look into more direct online shop promotion ideas. These retail marketing strategies encompass a wide range of approaches so you can reach a broad audience while still honing in on your target demographic. Start by implementing these tried-and-true marketing methods, and […]

How to Manage and Track Inventory for Your Online Store

When you sell products in your online store, it’s easy to let inventory management slide, as virtual sales happen without the need to lay eyes on your physical inventory. However, knowing the basics of how to manage your inventory helps you avoid costly inventory issues that can leave your store rushing to fulfill orders. Attend […]

How to Sell to Online Marketplaces

As a retailer, you might be confused as to why your merchandise isn’t selling, even though you’ve invested a lot in a well-designed brick-and-mortar store, website or both. Whether physical or virtual, you need lots of traffic for your enterprise to be successful, and getting traffic isn’t easy, especially if you’re a newcomer to the […]

Pros and Cons: Is Online Merchandising Right for You?

In the age of modern technology, reaching your customers and interacting with them is easier than ever before. The online retail process of selling products or promoting your business is enhanced by the presence of social media and the popularity of mobile devices. When it comes to starting your small online business, you should ask […]

How to Write A Security Plan for Your Small Business

Cyber threats are out there, but there are ways to protect your company. Implementing a well-rounded security plan helps prevent problems, and it ensures that your team responds quickly during a time-sensitive cyber attack crisis. Create an effective computer security plan for your business with these tips. Why You Need a Plan When a breach […]

The Basics of Firewalls and Antivirus Software

In today’s largely digital landscape, implementing cybersecurity measures is absolutely critical. After all, it only takes one internal or external breach to cause irreparable damage to your company’s bottom line and reputation. Fortunately, there are easy, budget-friendly steps you can take to safeguard your company’s computer system from common cyberattacks, such as malware, spyware, viruses, […]

Checklist for Selling Your Business

Once you decide to sell your business, it’s time to take the proper steps to make sure you sell your company at the best possible price. A simple understanding of what you need to accomplish before you announce that your business is on the market can help you plan for every eventuality. Follow this checklist […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Closing Your Business

Are you thinking of shutting down your small business? No one intends to close a business early, but many small business owners find themselves in just that situation. It may be for personal reasons, like retirement, or perhaps you no longer feel it’s a sustainable business. Knowing the signs that may point to the right […]

Why You Need a Contingency Plan or Exit Strategy

It’s important to have a plan of action, or contingency plan, to keep your company moving forward when unforeseeable events occur, including whether or not the company will continue when you, the business owner, leaves the company. A business contingency planning guide can help a company prepare for unusual events that happen during the course […]

What is Field Service Management?

In the past, small business owners had a hard time keeping track of resources such as vehicles, inventory and employees in the field. They ended up losing money and customers weren’t happy. Today, cloud computing and field services management software help you stay on top of everything that’s happening in the field, which in turn […]

Track Your Field Reps’ Inventory With a Checklist

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of investing money in the tools of the sales trade to help your staff win new clients. Many of the items you may issue to your sales force include smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These items represent a substantial outlay of capital for your small business. But […]

Manage Your Company’s Vehicle Fleet with Fleet Management Software

Use fleet management software to monitor business vehicles, find sources of waste and take action before bigger problems develop. When costly vehicles play a core role in your business, you need accurate data at your disposal to run a smooth operation. Revenue depends on timely scheduling, maintenance and incident response, and you have the added […]

Hospitality Industry: Managing Last-Minute Cancellations

In the travel and hospitality industry, last-minute cancellations are inevitable. A cancellation here and there may not be a big concern, but you may start to sweat if you’re running a hotel and a large group has cancelled its reservation for a dozen rooms. Even though you can’t eliminate the risk of cancellations, you can […]

How to Address Unexpected Delays in Job Completion

As an independent contractor, meeting deadlines is one of your highest priorities. After all, keeping your customers satisfied is what protects your reputation in the field. Sometimes, unexpected delays are unavoidable. When that happens, it’s important to handle them properly. Even if you deliver a project late, you can leave your client satisfied and willing […]

Sending Invoices Is Easier With Google Calendar

Do you run a schedule-based business? Your calendar is one of the top tools at your disposal that keep your business up and running. Even though a packed schedule is a good thing in business, getting paid on time is what really matters. To help entrepreneurs like you save time invoicing and ensure you’re being […]

Why Small Business Owners Need Disability Insurance

Most business owners realize that they couldn’t afford to rebuild a warehouse or replace equipment without insurance. While these are important and expensive assets, the actual risk of loss pales next to the loss of their biggest asset – their ability to earn an income. For most people, the risk of being unable to work [...]

Why Assertive Behaviour Is Better for Business Than Aggressive Behaviour

As a small business owner, the way you communicate and handle other people is crucial to the success of your business. What’s the best way to ensure that you communicate effectively and display appropriate leadership qualities? The best leaders balance being firm with being open and respectful towards others. When you’re managing your team, choose […]

What You Need to Know to Import Commercial Goods Into Canada

In a global marketplace, it is entirely likely that you will find yourself needing to import goods from another country. While free trade agreements have made the process considerably easier in recent years, there are still rules that need to be followed. Here is what you need to know. Register With the Canada Revenue Agency [...]

What Is Scenario Planning?

How do you create data that can help you understand the market and make better long-term business decisions? And how do you form a strategic plan for your business if you don’t have certainty about the future? If you’re a small business owner, you need to predict uncertainties in your industry to make both short-term […]

What Is Competitive Intelligence?

Are you an entrepreneur in search of ways to make your products as competitive as possible? Or do you want to identify competitive gaps in an existing market? Competitive intelligence helps you research the trends and identify a niche in an established market. But what’s competitive intelligence and how’s this strategy useful to your small […]

5 Ways to Manage Emails That Improve Your Productivity

Like most people, you likely receive an influx of email everyday, and not all of it is useful. The time you spend wading through spam, sales offers, and email newsletters is time you could devote to more important activities, like your business. Entrepreneurs often have many roles, from negotiator to human resource manager to chief […]

Visual Merchandising Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Retail Space

As the owner of a small business retail store, your bottom line can benefit substantially from good visual merchandising that makes your store aesthetically appealing to customers. Visual retail merchandising covers every aspect of the appearance of your store, from window displays to the entire store layout. Effective visual merchandising captures and directs customers' attention, [...]

Use Scent Branding to Create a Unique Customer Experience

Are you looking to boost your overall brand image and help your small business stand out from the competition? A marketing technique known as scent branding may be the ticket. The idea is to get customers to associate a particular scent or fragrance with your business. Many hotels have jumped on the scent-branding bandwagon, commissioning […]

Top Document and Receipt Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

The era of paper receipts and invoices is over. Small businesses can operate more efficiently by organizing and storing documents and receipts in digital form on a computer or a cloud-based platform. Take a look at some of the most popular mobile apps allowing you to use your smartphone as a document scanner when you [...]

What You Need to Know About Employing Barbers and Hairdressers

Take a look at Canada’s payroll and tax rules surrounding barbers and hairdressers. Learn about your obligations as the owner of a barber shop or salon.

3 Biggest Stumbling Blocks for E-commerce Businesses

Take note of these three stumbling blocks that e-commerce businesses face, and learn how to overcome them.

3 Ways to Minimize Losses on Damaged Merchandise

Limit your losses on damaged merchandise. Use one of these three strategies to recoup what you can, depending on the level of damage.

3 Ways to Share Your Calendar on the Go

Check out three of the best calendar apps for scheduling and sharing meetings and events on the go, sending reminders, and linking to related work tasks.

4 Mobile Tech Solutions for Accepting E-Signatures

Learn about five e-signature collection tools that make collecting, storing, and managing documents easy from the office or in the field.

4 Tips for Successful Inventory Management

Get these four tips on how you can save money by more effectively managing the inventory of your small business.

5 Data Security Tips for Accountants

Use these five simple data security tips for accountants to protect your clients’ sensitive data and protect yourself from liability.

Accounting for Perishable Inventory

Opening a food truck or a new grocery store? Here’s how to accurately account for your perishable inventory.

AI for Contractors

Learn how today’s artificial intelligence technology may be able to benefit your contracting company.

Artificial Intelligence for Freelancers

Learn out about artificial intelligence products available now or coming soon that can help freelancers improve productivity and generate income.

Artificial Intelligence for Wedding Industry Professionals

Understand how artificial intelligence can enhance your wedding business by allowing you to focus on the tasks that make you money.

Build an Efficient Business and Solid Brand Through the Art of Subtraction

Subtract low-yield products and inefficient processes from your small business, and enjoy an addition to your bottom line.

Busking in Canada? How to Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Bump up your busking game with these tips to make sure your street performance complies with local and provincial laws.

Choosing a Sustainable Supplier for Your Small Retail Business

Establish a sustainable product supply chain for your small business through research, education, and open discussions.

Choosing the Best Smartphone Operating System for the Sole Proprietor

Find out how you can select the best smartphone operating system for running your small business as a sole proprietor.

Contrasting Evolutionary Innovation vs. Revolutionary Innovation

Innovations can be either revolutionary or evolutionary depending on whether they improve an existing process or create an entirely new one.

Developing and Using a Continuous Improvement Process Plan

Ensure your business survives and thrives by adopting continuous improvement process planning to efficiently deliver excellent products and services.

Financial Consultants and Accountants Work Well in Tandem

Partnering between accountants and financial consultants helps grow customer bases and strengthen revenue streams.

Focus on User Experience When Developing Your E-commerce Site

Develop your e-commerce site with user experience in mind to give users an enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back.

Going Green With Your In-Home Cleaning Business

Green your cleaning methods to make your cleaning business more attractive to parents, pet owners, and eco-conscious consumers.

Handling Privacy Through Non-Disclosure Agreements

Learn what an NDA is, discover how a small business can use one to maintain confidentiality, and see what major elements are included in an NDA.

How Continuous Process Improvement Boosts Your Bottom Line

Learn why you should implement a continual process improvement strategy, how to set up this process, and what benefits you can expect to receive.

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Advisory Board

Get the most from your advisory board members by employing clear, issue-specific communication that invites useful feedback.

How to Safeguard Your Clients From Short-Termism

Safeguard your clients from the negative effects of short-termism by encouraging them to take a longer financial view.

Improve Your Productivity and Learn to Prioritize by Single-Tasking

Increase your productivity, eliminate distractions, and reduce stress by learning the art of single-tasking.

Increasing Workplace Efficiency and Productivity Through Unified Communications

Discover how unified communications make it easier for employees and clients to communicate with each other.

Inventory Management: Push and Pull Systems

Learn the importance of inventory management and the fundamental concepts, advantages, and disadvantages of the push and pull systems of inventory management.

How the Retail Method Keeps Your Inventory Management Straight

Learn what the retail calculation method is and how to use when you need to determine the value of your current inventory.

Key Performance Indicators the CRA Uses to Help Charities and Businesses

Learn how the Canada Revenue Agency is using key performance indicators to reach goals and improve operations.

Know Your Structures: The 5 Corporation Types Allowed In Canada

Discover which of the five corporation types in Canada is best for your business structure. Learn the tax benefits and legal requirements of each common type.

Legal Aspects of Exporting for Small Businesses

Learn the basic laws and rules that apply to small businesses looking to export to the United States and elsewhere.

Managing Inventory Audits for Consignment Boutiques

Learn to keep an accurate count of items in your consignment boutique to make inventory audits pain-free.

Millennials’ Impact on Accounting and Bookkeeping

Review common traits of the millennial generation, and see how these trends and expectations may change the accounting and bookkeeping practices.

How to Become a Mobile-First Retail Business

Understand why mobile-first retail is important for small retail businesses and how to formulate such a strategy to leverage resources and aid in sales.

Non-Compete Agreements and Their Enforcement: An Independent Contractor’s Guide

Discover what a non-compete agreement is, and how Canadian courts weigh the employer’s confidentiality needs against the independent contractor’s need to work.

Omarali vs. Just Energy: Class Action to Clarify Role of Independent Contractors

Read about Canada’s first class action lawsuit regarding the classification of independent contractors. Review the case and its importance for business owners.

Pad Your Retail Bottom Line By Going Green

Learn about ways to go green at work, and discover how sustainable retail business practices can cut costs.

Questions to Ask Before Software Upgrades

Discover questions you should ask yourself before you upgrade a software for your business, and when it’s OK to delay an upgrade.

Save Money With Green Product Delivery

Learn how you can minimize your impact on the environment and save money by sending out your products in eco-friendly packaging and consolidated shipments.

Shorten the Distance From Farm to Table With Plants in Your Grocery Store

Shorten the distance from farm to table. Take a look at these tips and ideas for putting vertical gardens in your grocery store.

Beta Test Your Products and Services for Success

Learn the power of beta tests, and find out how you can use them in your business to improve your company’s next product.

The Future of Accounting: Today’s Trends Predicting the Future

Learn about today’s accounting trends and how they are shaping the future, from advances in technology to changing roles and expectations of accountants.

The Ministry of Small Business, Red Tape Reduction, and Other Programs in BC

Look at BC’s resources for business owners. From reducing red tape to accepting ideas, the government tries to create a great business environment.

The Three Components to Project Management

Identify the three most common constraints to project management, and understand how you can manage these limitations while working on projects.

Things to Consider When You’re Fighting Petty Theft in Your Convenience Store

Learn how to spot and stop petty theft in your convenience store. From shoplifting customers to dishonest employees, your store deserves to be safe.

Tips to Advise Your Clients When They Become Landlords

Help your clients manage any financial anxieties as they complete the purchase of their first rental property.

Why Small Business Diversification is Important

Understand the concept of diversification and why diversifying offerings can strengthen your small business.

What Automation Means for Accountants

Learn about the changing role of accounting and bookkeeping due to the increased use of automation to reduce costs and save time.

What Is Green Business?

Incorporate socially responsible, sustainable practices to run a green business that benefits your employees, the environment, and the community.

What Is Liquidation, and How Can it Help Your Small Business?

Find out what liquidation means to product sellers, and discover ways to liquidate your inventory quickly.

What Is the Canada Business Corporations Act, and Why Does It Matter?

Discover the CBCA, and learn how to form, operate, and dissolve a Canadian business in accord with this critical federal law.

What’s the Difference Between Micro Businesses and Small Businesses?

Understand the differences between a small business and a micro business, and what unique challenges a micro business may handle.

Your Guide to the Integrated Reporting Debate

Jump into the debate about Integrated Reporting, and see why it has divided the accounting and reporting profession.

Save Time by Outsourcing These Tasks to Your Virtual Assistant

Stay on top of your game by hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can do some of your daily tasks so you can spend more time growing your business.

3 Ways to Stay Organized as an Up-and-Coming Local Contractor

Take control of your contractor business with organizational strategies, from finding an online accountant to organizing your work truck.

4 Business Card Apps to Clear Out Your Wallet

Check out these business card apps designed to help small business owners or independent professionals digitize business contacts.

4 Free Anti-Virus Solutions for Field Professionals

Amp up your internet security with frugal anti-virus app choices for Windows, Mac, or Android. Choose a solution that meets your needs as a field professional.

4 Technology Trends for Accountants

Embrace today’s technology for accountants and bookkeepers to provide better client support and solutions that are more accurate, faster, and more efficient.

4 Tips for Assessing Client Lists When Buying a Company

Find out what to look for when evaluating a company’s client list and how it can help you determine the value of a company.

4 Tips for Avoiding Security Breaches in Accounting

Get these four tips for avoiding security breaches in your small business as an accounting professional.

5 Alternative Apps to PowerPoint

Dress up your presentation by using these five alternatives to PowerPoint to help create one that’s engaging and memorable.

A Guide to Small Business Office Remodeling

Look through this step-by-step guide to getting the maximum benefit out of remodeling your small business’ office space.

Building Your Company’s iPhone App on a Budget

Discover a variety of tips for building an app for your business, and learn how to do it inexpensively if you are on a budget.

Crafting Emails: The Importance of Signature Blocks

Learn about the benefits of signature blocks in your company’s emails. Find out what you should and shouldn’t include in a signature.

Dealing With Credit Card Fraud in Your Retail Store

Discover how you can reduce credit card fraud for your business. Learn the most common signs of a stolen credit card.

Don’t Fall for Phishing Schemes: Be Alert for Scams

Be aware of the dangers phishing scams pose to your business and learn how to prevent your employees from taking the bait.

Event Planning: How to Incorporate Contingency Planning

Handle any problems that might occur during your company’s next event with contingency planning and budgeting.

How Augmented Reality Can Grow Your Retail Business

Find out how today’s retailers can leverage augmented reality technology to improve customer experiences.

How to Leverage Virtual Reality as a Real Estate Agent

Take your real estate business to the next level with virtual reality setups that let clients explore homes in the digital realm before they commit.

How Useful are ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards to Your Business?

Implement ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards to improve business processes, delight your customers, and secure international business deals.

Keep Calm and Carry On: How to Function When the Internet Goes Down in Your Shop

Can’t process credit cards due to an internet outage? Check out these tips for prepping for that risk. There are multiple options for retailers.

Let Them Know You Care: Client Appreciation Gifts

Turn clients into loyal fans and win repeat business with a strong client appreciation gift program.

Must-Have Technology and Tools for Wedding Planners

Simplify your business’ logistics by taking advantage of technology and apps for wedding planners, including payment processing apps and more.

Showing the Right Stuff: Adhering to Product Label Rules

Rolling out a new product line? Here’s what you need to know about Canadian product labelling regulations.

Successfully Navigating the Merger of Two Small Businesses

Learn how to successfully manage a business merger including who to contact, how to internally manage, and external reporting requirements.

The Four Steps to Integrative Thinking

Learn the four steps to integrative thinking, and understand how applying this process can improve your decision making.

Three Great Audio Recording Apps to Keep You Organized

Record your thoughts, meetings and important small business moments using these top audio recording apps.

Understanding Limitations of Internal Controls

Realize that your internal controls have weaknesses that may enable employee fraud, collusion, and material misstatements in your financial records.

Understanding Slow Business: Why Your Product is Failing

Identify the main reasons why businesses and products fail to make it when introduced to consumers and learn how to fix any issues.

When Goods Are No Good: How to Manage Obsolete Inventory

Discover ways to deal with obsolete inventory that help you grow your business without waylaying your bottom line.

4 Billing Apps for Automated Invoicing and Payments

Choose a mobile app that caters to small businesses for billing, invoicing, and payment acceptance. Integrate apps with QuickBooks for easy recordkeeping.

4 Email Encryption Tools For Your Small Business

Protect your email and sensitive information from being stolen by encrypting your email with these four useful tools today.

4 Tech Tools for Real-Time Small Business Communication

Test a few small business apps to help your team communicate better. Use tools such as Slack, Hangouts and HipChat to stay in touch wherever you are.

Absenteeism vs. Presenteeism: How Both Can Adversely Affect Your Business

Understand how absenteeism and presenteeism impact your business, along with ways to minimize both of these issues.

Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance for Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Let your clients know that investment in electrical vehicle charging stations can result in an accelerated capital cost allowance.

Best Practices in Small Business

Learn about best practices and how they are utilized across industries to compare financial data and serve as benchmarks.

Best Practices: How to Implement a Price Increase

Raising prices without taking the appropriate precautions is a good way to alienate or anger your customer base. Use this guide to walk through the process.

Best Technology and Apps for Florists

Take a look at the best software programs and apps for florists to use to operate their small business more efficiently.

Business Analysis: How to Perform PEST Analysis

Learn how to use PEST analysis, or political, economic, social, and technological aspects, to identify coming business opportunities and threats.

Choosing the Right Type of Music for Your Business

Encourage customers to linger longer and to feel relaxed while shopping by learning how to choose the best music for retail.

Economic Equilibrium: Understanding Supply and Demand

Managing the supply and demand curve for your business’s products and services is one of the most important factors for achieving financial success.

Four Cloud Apps to Take Your Business Paperless

Consider using cloud-based apps to free your business from burdensome paper files, while having access to all of your documents through a smartphone or tablet.

How to Price Handmade Items

Price your handmade goods accurately by accounting for materials, time and a standard retail markup. Here’s a quick guide to pricing your handmade products.

Liability Insurance for Wedding Planners

Purchase liability insurance for any unforeseen circumstances as you attempt to plan a client’s wedding of a lifetime.

Low Business in Winter: Overcoming Seasonality in Construction

Has your construction business encountered a slowdown over the winter months? Discover four tips to help you overcome a seasonal slowdown.

Responding to Parkinson’s Law at Work in Your Business

Understand key organizational concepts such as Parkinson’s law to run your small business more efficiently.

Stay Legal With These Record-Keeping Best Practices

Learn how bookkeepers and accountants stay legal with best practices on record keeping, record management, record retention, electronic files, and audit trails.

Trends Predicting the Future of Retail

Learn about several trends transforming the retail industry and how those changes will affect consumers’ shopping experience.

Use a Trust Account to Organize Finances for Your Legal Practice

Understand the implications of managing a trust accounting, including where to put clients’ funds, how to keep accounts separate, and how to manage the account.

What to Do If Your Small Business Gets Hacked

React quickly when you or your company is at the receiving end of a security attack. Learn the steps you must take now and how to prevent them in the future.

3 Strategies to Steal (Ideas) From Apple Today

Take a cue from Apple and Steve Jobs and apply some of Apple’s business strategies to your own small business today.

Become More Competitive by Adding Digital Services to Your Small Business

Use digital services to complement your brick-and-mortar operations, providing better customer service and helping gain sales and cost advantages.

Benefits of Online Payment Apps

Explore reasons to encourage your customers to pay with an app. Increased cash flow is a significant benefit, but some payment apps are vulnerable to fraud.

Better Than Time Tracking: Other Ways to Measure Employee Productivity

Discover more creative ways of measuring employees’ productivity beyond merely tracking their working hours.

Big Data for Small Businesses

Find out how your small business can attract more customers, increase conversion rates and sales, and improve its bottom line profit through mining big data.

Business Benefits of Six Sigma

Learn what the Six Sigma methodology is and discover some of the many reasons it is a powerful and useful concept for businesses.

Custom Email Domain

Explore the reasons to have a custom email domain. An professional email address is a small but important part of your branding strategy.

Customer Churn Rate

Discover how to calculate your customer churn rate, what the rate means, and how to incorporate the rate into strategic planning.

Deduct Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) Premiums

Do you pay premiums for private health services plans for your employees? Remember to deduct that expense on your tax return.

Developing Internal Controls: Understanding ARC

Implement sound internal control policies by dividing the authorization, recording, and custodian functions within your company.

Five Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business Owners

Consider how your business could benefit from the security and convenience of a cloud-based data storage platform.

Get Paperwork Done Faster with Digital Signing Apps

Learn how digital signatures can save your small business or nonprofit time. Review the legality of digital signatures and digital signing apps.

Operations Management: Planning for Capacity

Understand how capacity planning helps a business respond to changing demand by adjusting the level of goods it can produce or services it can provide.

Pros and Cons of Giving Mobile Devices to Your Employees

Look at the relative potential advantages and disadvantages of equipping your employees with mobile devices.

Real Estate Agents: How to Ask for Referrals

Learn how to ask for referrals for your real estate business. You can ask for referrals politely, without being pushy, while offering advice to your clients.

Why Wise Small Business Owners Tackle Tough Tasks First

Discover a time management secret from the book, “Eat that Frog!”, to complete your toughest task early in the day.

Top 3 Windows 10 Advantages for Small Businesses

Discover the top three ways the Windows 10 operating system (OS) can provide a productivity boost for your small business.

Use Open Source Software to Save on Licencing Fees

Learn how open source software can benefit small business owners and review potential costs related to open source software.

What Are Currency Symbols?

Learn about currencies and symbols used by other nations and so be prepared for having foreign business partners and using payment terms in other currencies.

What is an Electronic Signature?

Review the definition of digital signatures, and learn about apps and programs that facilitate digital signatures for small business owners.

What is an Excel Macro?

Learn what Excel macros are, what they are capable of, and see how they may increase your business’s productivity.

What is Open-Source Software?

Learn what open-source software is, find out about its characteristics, and see why it is different than proprietary software.

Why More Businesses Are Turning to Bring-Your-Own-Device Policies

Discover how a bring-your-own-device policy can save your business money and boost morale among your employees.

Why Should You Set Up a Board of Directors for Your Small Business?

Explore the benefits of having a board of directors for your new small business as you plot an uncharted business development in the new marketplace.

3 Apps for Managing Your To-Do List

Take a look at three apps that small business owners can use to manage their to-do lists more efficiently.

3 Helpful Apps for Fitness Professionals

Check out three helpful apps for fitness professionals working as independent contractors or small business entrepreneurs.

5 Tips to Help Avoid Feature Creep

Developing software or other types of products? Don’t let feature creep complicate your product or ruin your schedule. Use these tips to avoid feature creep.

4 Open-Source Alternatives to Word Processing Software

Find out what open source alternatives to word processing software are available and the features they offer.

8 Reasons Most Restaurants Fail and How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Dreaming of opening a restaurant? Check out the top eight reasons restaurants fail, and get tips for avoiding these common stumbling blocks.

8 Tips for Internet Security on Public Wi-Fi While You Travel

Follow these tips to keep your accounts secure when you travel for business. Learn how to access the internet safely when you work on the go.

Apps for Remote Team Collaboration

Trying to manage a big team in far flung locations? Looking for ways to stay on top of it all? Check out this list of top remote collaboration apps.

Differences Between Perpetual and Periodic Inventory Systems

Discover the difference between a perpetual inventory method and periodic inventory method, and determine which inventory system is best for your company.

Five Apps for Upping Your Sales Game

Energize your sales efforts by adopting these five slick mobile apps that help you stay focused and organized on product sales.

Managing Business Operations While You’re on Vacation

Learn how to keep business operations running when you’re on vacation. Delegate some of your tasks and use email to keep in touch with employees and clients.

Realtors: How to Stage a Home

Learn valuable tips for staging homes. Declutter spaces first, and then add furniture, lighting, and pops of color to make the home look inviting to homebuyers.

Taxes and Bookkeeping for Uber Drivers

Driving for Uber? The payments you receive aren’t tax-free. Check out this overview of your tax obligations

The Top 8 Programming Languages to Learn as an Entrepreneur

Learn about eight of the most popular and useful programming languages for entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to code.

Understanding the Implications of Relocating Your Business

Understand both the relative advantages and disadvantages of relocating your business to new premises.

Using Hypothesis Testing in Business

Understand how to use hypothesis testing to determine whether specific business decisions are likely to produce positive outcomes.

Time Management for Sales Professionals

Skyrocket your sales by learning effective time management skills, including prioritization, focusing on individual tasks, and avoiding distractions.

5 Benefits of the Pay-What-You-Want Model

To try a new pricing model, consider letting customers choose their own prices. Read about the benefits of pay-what-you-want pricing.

Defined Contribution Pension Plans

Learn what a defined contribution pension plan is and why it is beneficial to both employers and employees.

How to Implement a Just-in-Time (JIT) Inventory System

Learn three elements of a just-in-time inventory system that are essential to promoting the long-term success of a company’s inventory system.

How to Turn a Business Failure Into Success

Learn how to turn failure into success. Small businesses experience failures along the way, but learning from failure can turn such experiences into successes.

Is a Shared Office Space Right for Your Company?

Consider the deciding factors on whether shared office space might be the best option for your small business.

Knowing When to Sell Your Business

Find out the three key factors a business owner needs to consider in determining the right time for selling a business.

Perform Worst-Case Scenario Analysis Regularly

Read about worst-case scenario analysis, and learn why this tool is an essential part of preparing for and mitigating revenue shortfalls or other incidences.

Save Money by Going Green

Implementing green processes in your small business produces a number of fiscal and environmental benefits for your environmental stewardship.

What Can You Do to Prepare Your Small Business for a Slow Season?

Find out what you can do to prepare your small business for the slow season and use the slow time to your advantage.

What is an Incident Response Plan?

Learn about incident response plans, and review tips on creating an incident response plan for your business.

Why Starting a Mastermind Group Can Build Your Business

Explore the benefits of starting a mastermind group. Being part of a mastermind peer group exposes you to new ideas and can sharpen you business acumen.

Why You Should Have Cybersecurity Insurance

Read about cybersecurity insurance, and learn why these policies can be important for small business owners in Canada.

Accommodating Service Animals in the Workplace

Check out these tips for accommodating workers and customers with service dogs. Review your obligations under the law, and read about your duty to accommodate.

Six Ways to Avoid Data Overload

Save time and money by implementing selective approaches for data use while streamlining your company’s data analytics.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Your Business

Learn about artificial intelligence, how it will affect business in the future, and why your small business must embrace it.

Keeping Inventory Costs Manageable

Incorporate inventory management techniques to minimize the period costs associated with ordering, receiving, and holding items for sale.

SKUs and Barcodes – and How They Boost Your Small Business

Understand the differences between SKUs and barcodes, and find out how to use them effectively to make your small business operate more smoothly.

Tips for Handling Difficult Clients

Have you considered how to handle difficult clients effectively? Explore these four tips to help keep difficult clients happy.

Use Purchase Order Software to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Eliminate the monotony of creating, recording, and tracking purchase orders, and simplify inventory management with integrated purchase order software.

Using Critical Path Analysis to Keep Projects on Track

Discover what critical path analysis is, and learn how to use it to increase the effectiveness of project management in your small business.

What Is a Reorder Point?

Discover the benefits of knowing your reorder point, including minimized inventory maintenance costs, smaller ordering fees, and more efficient operations.

What Is Pivot — and Why Would Your Business Do It?

Discover what the term “pivot” really means in a business context, and see if it is something your small business should do.

Best Accounting Software for Real Estate Agents in Canada

Learn how QuickBooks software can help you manage your real estate business. You can use QuickBooks to keep track of sales and expenses.

Choose the Right Point-of-Sale System for Your Small Business

Learn what a point of sales system is, the many different types available, and the benefits each may have for small business.

Recordkeeping Made Simple: 9 Document Management Systems for Small Businesses

Explore some of the most functional document management software solutions for small businesses. Scan receipts, track time, and gain control over paperwork.

Recreate the Water Cooler: Staying Connected to Your Staff When Working Remotely

Establish face-to-face communication over the internet by using videoconferencing software, creating a virtual water cooler milieu for remote team members.

What Amazon Web Services Can Do for Your SaaS Small Business

Consider the advantages of utilizing Amazon Web Services Canada to provide hosting and management of the cloud-based platform for your SaaS business.

What is EMV?

Learn the definition of EMV and how the new payment technology is saving Canadian businesses millions of dollars a year in fraud losses.

How to Use PromoSimple to Build Customer Relationships

An online contest or promotion is a great way to engage existing customers, generate buzz around your business, and conveniently build up your contact list. You don’t have to do all the work on your own – instead, use PromoSimple to create online contests to promote your business. Get Started To sign up for a […]

How to Use the Pomodoro Technique for Increased Productivity

When you’re in charge, your productivity directly influences the success of your business. Using effective time-management strategies helps you get through the most important tasks efficiently. You also set a good example for your employees when you can avoid procrastination and boost your productivity. The Pomodoro Technique is one way to help you focus and […]

Increase Your Productivity With an Organized Office

Where you work affects how you work. Whether you write blogs in a local neighborhood coffee shop or code apps on the beach, your surroundings make a difference when you work remotely. Creating an ideal work space helps you maximize productivity and efficiency. Even if you’re the digital nomad type who prefers ever-changing scenery, having […]

Quote Software That Can Take the Guesswork out of Your Bids

If you want to submit a winning bid, you need a professional, easy-to-understand quote. While it is possible to create quotes on your own, you may want to invest in software or apps that can help. Quotient Quotient provides all the tools you need to make quality quotes, and it lets you add images, files, […]

Save Time by Streamlining Your Company’s Business Meetings

In a small business, every hour spent actively growing and establishing the business is important. That means everything you do, from your daily to-do list to the meetings you hold, should be concise and meaningful. While it helps to meet with the members of your team from time to time, it’s equally as important to […]

Staying Productive at 40,000 Feet: How to Work While Travelling

Travel much? Time waits for no man — and as a business owner, you know that productive businesses take advantage of every minute. While business travel is often necessary, it can also cut into your productivity without proper planning. Fortunately, your time at the airport and in the air doesn’t need to be a waste. […]

The Software Foundation for a Successful Online Retail Business

If you want to start an online retail business, you need tools to keep your business organized, and there are several type of software and applications designed to help. While the exact solution you select may vary based on your needs and the scale of your business, check out this overview of what you need. […]

Tips for Divorced Couples Managing a Small Business

Couples often decide to go into business together as a way to fulfill their vision and mission. But what happens to your business if your marriage ends? Managing a business with your ex-spouse can present a challenging situation, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the business. Careful planning can help you navigate […]

Tools to Track the Profitability of Your Store’s Inventory

As a retailer, it’s important to understand how much profit you’re earning on your inventory. To do that, you need inventory management apps, QuickBooks Online accounting software, and some basic knowledge about the best metrics to use. Why Is Your Inventory Count So Important? It’s important to count inventory correctly, because this figure is used […]

Tracking Your Investments with Real Estate Accounting Software

If you currently invest in real estate, or have invested previously, you understand just how much paperwork it takes to maintain your portfolio. One of the major unanticipated costs of investing in properties, particularly rental properties, is the time and effort necessary for tracking and administration. One way to reasonably and responsibly cut down on […]

Unknown Future Results: How to Handle Contingencies

Financial contingencies are an issue you must understand and properly account for in your small business financial reports. There are various legal requirements for financial reporting of contingencies, based on the probability of the contingency becoming a reality, and on whether you can estimate the dollar with reasonable accuracy. What is a Contingency in Accounting? […]

Use Guest Blogging to Draw Traffic to Your Site

If you’ve just launched your small business blog, chances are that is has little traffic. Consider guest blogging to draw traffic to your website. Finding blogs in your niche with highly engaged audiences is the key to successful guest blogging. Once you identify a few popular blogs, browse social media channels to gauge whether their […]

Using Performance Management Software for Small Business Development

As a small business owner with a correspondingly small team of employees, having a top notch workforce is even more important than it is for a large corporation. Large companies with hundreds of employees aren’t all that negatively impacted if one or two employees aren’t quite up to par, but when you’re starting or managing […]

Utilizing Mind-Mapping Software for Business Creativity

A creative approach to providing a product or service can improve the success of a small business because creativity inspires innovation. Advances in understanding the creative process bring new tools to small businesses seeking to expand their creative resources. These tools can bring systematic innovation to a business, taking it beyond rare flashes of creativity […]

ACH vs. Electronic Funds Transfer: What’s the Difference?

While many people think that an electronic funds transfer (EFT) and automated clearing house (ACH) payment are the same thing, there are some key differences. A quick rule of thumb is that all ACH transactions are EFT transfers, but not all EFT payments are ACH transfers. Both payment methods allow for automatic funds transfers from […]

What is Employee Burnout — And How Can You Avoid It?

Burnout can happen at any level, from entry-level employees all the way up to the CEO. Maybe you’ve even had to deal with keeping yourself motivated to avoid burnout as the boss. It’s also important to watch for signs of burnout in your employees so you can help ease their stress and give them opportunities […]

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise resource planning software is an integration tool that combines multiple aspects of an entity into a single computer program. Using various business modules for different functions of business, a company can distribute information more efficiently through this single location of data. For example, a vendor profile can be created to submit a purchase order. […]

Why SOAR Analysis May Be Better Than SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the most commonly utilized strategic frameworks for collaborative organizational development. While each letter in the acronym represents an area of research, another similarly named analytical tool replaces two of the four areas to investigate. Because it provides a different approach to analyzing a company and its industry, SOAR analysis is […]

3 Ways Chiropractors Can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has helped businesses across many industries secure their data, streamline their office management, simplify their accounting and bookkeeping, and save money on overhead. By moving data to the cloud, business owners free up physical office space and remove the worry of losing important files due to theft, fire, or other such catastrophes. They […]

3 Ways the Internet of Things Benefits Your Small Business

The internet of things, also known as the IoT, is the inter-networking of various types of smart devices, buildings, and vehicles through a variety of embedded sensors, actuators, and software. The result is that the objects can collect, share, and analyze data in a way that results in efficiencies not possible in the past. The […]

How to Delegate Effectively: 4 Tips for Your Small Business

Do you feel like your to-do list never shrinks? It may be time to start delegating some of your workload to other employees on staff. Small business owners who figure out how to delegate effectively have more time to focus on other crucial areas of their developing businesses. Delegation also empowers employees and helps make […]

6 Excel Macros You Need to Know About

Macros help you automate repetitive tasks in Excel, and if you use spreadsheet accounting, the right macros can really help you save time. To create macros, you need to be in the developer mode of Excel, and you have to input Visual Basic code based on what you want the macro to do. 1. Automatic […]

Backup Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses rely on computers for tasks, including storing accounting and client information. Some small businesses, such as web development businesses, use computers as their main tool. Regardless of what type of small business you have, it’s important for you to back up your data on a regular basis. When disaster strikes and your business’s […]

Benefits and Perks at Work: Rewarding Your Employees

The success of your small business rests largely on the work done by the people working for you. Happy and satisfied employees are typically more productive, leading to your business being more profitable. Contented employees generally create an atmosphere that encourages shoppers to spend more time and money in your store. There are many elements […]

Best QuickBooks Features and Apps for Restaurants

If you run a restaurant, you need accounting software that can support your unique needs as a restaurateur. QuickBooks offers a range of features that can help you, including QuickBooks-compatible apps that are designed for restaurants in particular. Remote Access Running a restaurant takes countless hours. In many cases, those hours tend to consist of […]

Bring Your Dog to Work: Pros and Cons to Pets in the Workplace

Are you thinking of bringing your dog to the workplace? Bringing pets along to work can make the day more enjoyable and productive for some people. For others, the four-legged friends create a distraction that interferes with their ability to get work done. Before you establish your office as pet-friendly, consider the pros and cons […]

Can Chatbots Boost Purchase Orders for Your Small Business?

Chatbots can boost purchase orders for your small business by offering personalized help for common questions and concerns that customers have – and delivering the information customers need to make a buying decision. Building a chatbot into your small business blog or website helps ramp up productivity and sales without increasing working hours or bringing […]

Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Types of Payment

In the modern world, a large variety of payment types are available to please customers and move money quickly into your accounts. While some methods charge a small fee, the pros of the payment type may offset the costs. To optimize your profits, consider what types of payments are the most cost-effective for your business. […]

Fire Contingency Planning: What Do You Do When a Fire Strikes?

No business owner expects a fire to strike, which is why few are adequately prepared when it happens. Contingency planning can save your business and its assets. This means taking steps ahead of time to minimize the damage of a fire. It also means planning what steps your business will take after a fire. The […]

Give Your Customers What They Want With Agile Manufacturing

Customers love businesses that cater to their needs, wants, and preferences, and one great way to capitalize on this and build trust is switching to an agile manufacturing strategy. Agile manufacturing is the practice of rapid consumer response. In other words, you quickly adapt your products to meet the changing needs and wants of your […]

Groundbreaking Ways to Use Interactive QR Codes to Engage Your Customers

Quick Response codes, commonly known as QR codes, are similar to bar codes and can be programmed to direct customers to a wide range of online content. From a marketing perspective, QR codes provide an effective way to give customers access to information that not only promotes your brand, but increases your revenue. Read on […]

How Corporate Life Insurance Helps You with Estate Planning and at Tax Time

Among the many tax-reduction strategies pursued by Canadian small business owners, corporate life insurance stands out as a long-term approach. Individual shareholders realize tax advantages when they allow the corporation to own the policy and pay the required premiums. Sole proprietors who incorporate can use company funds to fund life insurance policies with dollars that […]

How Small Businesses Can Minimize Risk

As a small business owner on a budget, it’s a good idea for you to identify potential risks to your capital and revenue streams. Economic changes, natural disasters, legal liabilities, mismanagement, and security vulnerabilities can threaten businesses of any size. When you take the time to evaluate your own risk exposure and develop strategies for […]

How to Create and Print Cheques in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks lets users create and print a cheque and record that cheque payment automatically. To create and print a cheque in QuickBooks Desktop, take the following steps: Click the plus sign at the top of QuickBooks, and click “Cheque” in the “Suppliers” section. Select a payee in the “Payee” drop-down list or click “Add” to […]

How to Customize QuickBooks for Your Co-op

Business cooperatives, or “co-ops,” are different than other business models. Much like a credit union, co-ops are designed for and run by the community to which they serve. Decision-making in a co-op tends to be democratic and socially oriented, and members are often both owners and customers. Co-ops are not run like traditional businesses, and […]

How to Monitor Your Online Reputation

In the digital age, consumers take to the web to find out your company’s or brand’s reputation, which helps then decide whether to do business with you. Follow these tips to monitor your business’s online reputation: Receive alerts whenever someone mentions your business or its executives online. You can set up tools such as IFTTT […]

C’est La Loi: Get to Know the Charter of the French Language

With a population nearing 8 million people, Quebec offers business opportunities that can be attractive and lucrative for you as a small business owner. With 85% of the population’s first language being French, you need to adapt to the province’s unique character and place within Canada. While the legal system in Quebec differs from the […]

Scoping Out the Right Products for Your Store

You’ve decided to launch a retail store. The next step is determining which products to sell. Curating products that consumers want to buy can be the number one challenge facing small business retailers. You could sell products that you enjoy buying yourself, but too many competitors or consumer disinterest could put your retail store out […]

Small Business Terms: What Is Concentration?

Concentration is a measure of how much of your revenue is coming from one specific client or partner. If too much business is coming from too few clients, this can signal danger for the business since at any time a client may stop using your product or service, causing revenues to drastically drop or even […]

Software Options for Your Geofencing Needs

Geofencing utilizes GPS technology to draw a perimeter around a geographical area. These tools allow businesses to market to clients based on their location. Geofencing doubles app usage, increases customer engagement and boosts profits. However, these tools can be useful outside of the realm of marketing as well. If you want to optimize your marketing […]

Automation Tools That Let You Get More From Your Working Hours

Modern technology lets you automate lots of social media and email tasks you do during the course of your work day, saving you time and money in the process. These apps have the advantage of working across multiple social media platforms and email programs, giving you more time to communicate meaningfully with your customer base. […]

What Is the 80/20 Rule?

The 80/20 rule, also called the Pareto principle or the law of the vital few, states that approximately 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Or put another way, 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results. As a small business owner or manager, it’s important for you to understand how […]

Mediating a Business Dispute to Save a Client Relationship

In the course of the life of a business, disputes are inevitable. No matter how hard you try to give good service at a reasonable price, clients will occasionally be dissatisfied. Just because a disagreement occurs, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the client forever. Court battles can be costly and acrimonious, so before […]

Record Retention Requirements for Small Businesses

Under the Income Tax Act, all businesses are required to keep all records and documents that are necessary to establish their tax liability. This includes sales receipts, invoices from suppliers, proof of payment, and banking records. As a business owner, you are required to keep these documents for a period of six years after the […]

Steps to Hosting an Online Auction for a Charity

Auctions are a traditional and effective way to earn more for charities and nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately, these events have a lot of ancillary costs such as renting space and hiring staff. Luckily, there is a new alternative — you can move your auctions online. This is a great way to reach people at home or […]

Why You Should Use Google Docs for Your Small Business

Google Docs is a free, web-based platform for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can access it from any computer with a web browser and internet connection, and you can share documents with others to edit and work on together. Nearly 23% of small businesses used Google Docs in 2015, and that number is growing. […]

Accounting Tips: Upgrade From Quicken to Quickbooks

Quicken and QuickBooks Online are the most popular financial management tools on the market today. Quicken records your personal transactions, account balances, loans, investments, and various other aspects of your personal financial life. The high-end version gives you the ability to do the accounting for your small business and rental properties. However, unless you are […]

Social Targeting and How to Harness It for Your Business

Social targeting lets you develop a profile of the typical social media user who buys your business’ products and services. Then, you can target future social media marketing efforts to others who fit the same profile. In essence, it is a much more focused and scientific method to do what marketers have been doing for […]

Dropship Your Products Through AliExpress

More small retailers are turning to drop shipping to manage order fulfillment and get orders to customers more quickly. Drop shipping is an order fulfillment method that involves purchasing your products directly from the manufacturer at the time that the customer orders. Instead of shipping the product to your warehouse, and then from the warehouse […]

How to Increase Sales Conversions on Mobile Devices

A vast amount of online consumers shop on their mobile devices, and if you run an e-commerce shop, you may want to employ specific strategies to help you drive conversions up on this platform. Optimize your site for mobile devices. Make sure your mobile site is fast; slow loading can drive shoppers away. Let shoppers […]

Increase Productivity and Maximize Revenue With Mobile Payments

With all of the major banks offering mobile pay compatibility, it’s time to thrive from the advantages of contactless payment. Mobile payment technology offers customer convenience and added security, which translates to more sales for your small business. They’re also quicker and more efficient, which results in faster transaction times and higher staff productivity. What […]

Effective Ways to Deny a Customer’s Request

As you conduct business, you may have a client or customer request something you don’t want to do or can’t do. Denying your customer’s request doesn’t have to strain your relationship if you handle it well. Effective options exist that help you say no to your clients or customers in ways that build client relationships […]

Dealing With Harassment in the Workplace: Tips for Employers

Successful businesses rely on the talents of a diverse workforce with various backgrounds and skill sets. But sometimes conflict and power struggles filter into the workplace. While management should intervene when necessary, most squabbles between workers aren’t cause for alarm. However, being aware of the line between healthy dissension and workplace harassment is part of […]

Small Business Term: Non-Profit Corporation By-laws

All nonprofit corporations are legally obligated to have bylaws. The bylaws set out the rules for governing and operating the corporation on a day-to-day basis. The directors of the nonprofit corporation use the bylaws to determine how to make decisions and how the corporation will operate. Usual provisions include the determination of the financial year […]

Dealing With Investments and Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

If your small business purchases inventory that comes from outside of Canada, often you have to pay for that inventory in the country’s native currency. Sometimes businesses maintain off-shore bank accounts or investments in foreign currencies to smooth out the buying process, or for other strategic reasons as part of their business plan. Regardless of […]

Duty to Accommodate: Employer Responsibilities

As a small business owner with employees, you’re invested in your employees’ productivity because they’re essential to your success. But what happens if one of your employees encounters a workplace barrier that affects their ability to do a good job? You’re responsible for ensuring that reasonable measures are taken to mitigate any workplace factors that […]

What Is an Industrial Design?

An industrial design is a product feature that is original and appealing to the eye such as its shape, according to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Industrial design relates to the outward appearance of a product rather than its inner workings. If you’re a fashion designer, for example, you might create innovative and original industrial […]

Why a Virtual Assistant Could Be Just What Your Office Needs

As your business grows, you may need help handling tasks such as answering phones, setting appointments, and managing your social media accounts. If you don’t have a budget to pay an administrative assistant’s salary plus benefits, hire a virtual assistant. Such workers perform their tasks exclusively online and you contract their services only when you […]

4 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Firm

Hire a marketing firm to develop your business’s marketing strategy. This way, you have a marketing expert on the job and can focus on your core competencies.

5 Upcoming Business Trends That Can Impact Your Small Business

Uncover five business trends that are predicted to make an appearance in the coming years. Learn how your online retail business could benefit.

A Complete Guide to Dealing With Credit Card Payments

Review the process involved in disputing a credit card chargeback, and identify cases where you may not want to lodge a dispute.

Fire Safety for Your Small Business Workplace

Protect your employees and your business property by following fire prevention measures and developing an emergency evacuation plan.

Get Potential Clients to Value Your Work More by Removing Their Price Anchor

Find out how to remove preset price anchors that potential clients have in their head, and get them to pay what your professional services are worth.

How Automation Will Affect Small Business

Understand how automation affects your small business and produces greater opportunity to quickly and efficiently expand your business.

How to Reward Your Employees on a Small Budget

Have you considered how to reward your employees on a small budget? Explore these four options as a starting point.

How to Use the Ivy Lee Method for Productivity

Learn what the Ivy Lee method is, and see the steps involved that you can use to increase productivity in your small business.

Image Is Everything: How to Project Professionalism and Success

Learn the basics about how to produce and maintain an image of professionalism and success in the workplace.

Run Credit Screenings on New Clients

Screen your new customers carefully to avoid a cash flow problem later on that impacts your company’s ability to function.

Small Business Term: What Is RFID?

Looking for a convenient way to collect, track, and read information? Incorporate RFID into your business practices to increase operational efficiency.

Social Networking and Privacy in the Workplace

Foster a culture where creativity can thrive by establishing a sensible policy for monitoring employee social media use.

Train Employees to Spot Counterfeit Bank Notes

Learn how to protect your small business against counterfeit Canadian bank notes by properly training your employees.

Using Square to Accept Card Payments at Craft Shows and Markets

Accept credit card payments at craft shows to boost your earnings. Find out how you can use Square to accept these payment methods.

In the Zone: Getting on Task and Staying There

Learn ways to stay focused on your work. Create a to-do list, prioritize your tasks, and schedule when you communicate with others to stay on task.

Small Business Terms: Define Matrix Organization

A matrix organization is an organizational structure, often temporary in nature, designed to support the management of a specific project or business-specific processes. The lines of authority and reporting extend both vertically and horizontally, forming a matrix. It typically involves bringing together employees and managers from different departments under a new command and control structure. […]

Getting Work-Life Balance Right as a Busy Entrepreneur

Your business is your baby, and you dedicate an enormous amount of effort to making it successful. Spending too much time on your business, however, can dampen your enthusiasm for it and could lead to burnout. Thankfully, there are ways to keep both your work life and personal life thriving as you grow your company. […]

Would Your Business Benefit From Going Mobile?

As a small business owner, you probably enjoy the convenience of using online accounting apps to manage your business, but you might not realize the benefits of having a branded app of your own. Millions of consumers interact with their favorite brands daily via apps. Even if you have a mobile website that’s getting lots […]

Key Performance Indicators: What Makes a Good KPI?

Using key performance indicators is a great way for management to track goals. KPIs integrate numerous metrics from across an organization to analyze progress. However, KPIs should embody certain criteria to be useful and worth the effort in developing. Measurable Goals All KPIs should have an intended purpose that can be quantified. Even if the […]

How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing in Canada

In 2015, nearly six in 10 Canadian small businesses didn’t have their own websites. Compared to other major industrialized nations, Canada lags behind in both domestic and international online presence. There are signs that this may finally be changing in 2016, but most Canadian businesses have a lot to learn about selling online. If you […]

Tracking Inventory for Your Brick and Mortar Store

If you run a brick and mortar shop, you need a quality system that can help you track your shop inventory. The right inventory management tools allow you to see what inventory you have on hand, support invoicing, purchase orders, cost tracking, and more. Brick and Mortar Shop Inventory Systems SOS Inventory SOS Inventory lets […]

How to Use Multicurrency in Quickbooks

Many businesses, particularly online businesses, sell to customers from all over the world. QuickBooks’ multicurrency feature lets businesses keep track of their income and expenses in multiple currencies. To use multiple currencies in QuickBooks Online, take the following steps: Click the Gear icon, select Company Settings, select Advanced and then Currency. Check the Multicurrency checkbox […]

The Agile Approach to Project Management

As a small business owner, you deal with project management issues daily. The Agile Process is an alternative approach to project management. that many people find superior to traditional sequential or waterfall project management strategies, and you may find it helpful to your own business. The Agile Development Process is designed to incorporate feedback and […]

Best Practices for Millennial Clients

Younger client bases are certainly different than older customers. Millennials are embracing different communication methods, implementing different ways to perform activities and approaching problems differently than previous generations. When working with younger clientele, keep the following items in mind to create a better connection and business relationship with your millennial customers. Communication Reaching out to […]

Home-Based Business

A home-based business is a business, regardless of its size, that operates from the owner’s home. Many successful businesses start as home businesses. For example, Steve Jobs started Apple Computer in his parents’ garage. Depending on your business, you may need to check with your city officials to see if there are any zoning ordinances […]

How Improvement Occurs: Understanding the Learning Curve

What is a learning curve in business? The learning curve depicts how the relationship between output and cost changes as your employees become more efficient at their jobs. You can use learning curves to compare employee improvement to expectations, forecast future costs, and measure production efficiency. A standard learning curve is its steepest in the […]

How Communication and Conflict in the Workplace Impact Productivity

When you assemble a team with the skills needed to bring your business vision to life, you often end up with a diverse group working together as one. While their combined expertise might be just what your business needs to succeed, keeping them all on the same page can sometimes prove challenging. Interpersonal relationships between […]

How to Accept Payments With QuickBooks

How do you get paid? If you’re a small business owner that accepts or wants to accept credit cards, QuickBooks makes it easier than ever to do so. QuickBooks recently launched a new bundle for QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) that allows any small business to get paid in their office, store, or on the go, […]

How to Make Working Hours on Your Computer More Comfortable and Productive

As a small business owner, you probably spend a good amount of time working on a computer. During these long work days, a little comfort can go a long way. In fact, it can even make you more productive. The trick? Finding ways to change your position to prevent stiffness and allow the freedom to […]

How to Offer a Health Insurance Plan for Your Canadian Employees

With the spiraling cost of medical care, health insurance is of the utmost importance to Canadian citizens. Many small businesses absorb the cost of offering benefit plans to supplement universal health insurance offered to all inhabitants. [Quebec takes coverage one step further] (http://www.quebecfirst.com/en/living-in-quebec-city/healthcare/), offering a public prescription drug program that business owners in other provinces […]

How to Schedule a Campaign in Constant Contact Using API

Constant Contact allows you to schedule individual emails so your clients receive them at opportune times, but the service also allows you to set up campaigns or bulk mailings on a specific schedule. Contact Constant Contact’s AppConnect team. Verify your legitimacy with your Constant Contact username and API key. Create a campaign through the system’s […]

How to Use Technology to Increase Foreign Sales

Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to restrict sales to your hometown or even your own country. If you want to boost your revenue, it may be time to expand your operations to the rest of the world. This process is easier than it ever has been, even for small business owners. As […]

Exploring Relationships: An Analysis of Value Net

You may be able to make your small business more innovative and strategically sound by simply thinking through your company’s most important economic relationships. By using a process known as value net analysis, you can build synergies, identify threats, or even remake your company’s identify thanks to a new perspective. Breaking Down Value Net The […]

4 Ways Employers Can Resolve Employee Lawsuits

Employees and ex-employees have the right to sue a business to resolve various types of disputes. If you receive notification that an employee or former employee is suing your company, you need to act fast. Pending lawsuits could tarnish your company’s reputation, cost money that you may not have, and drive a wedge between you […]

5 Apps to Organize Your Small Business Tasks

Running a small business requires a superb ability to manage and track time. To help you become a more efficient business owner, consider using the following apps to help you organize business-related tasks, such as package distribution, hiring, and workflow monitoring. Boxmeup Available exclusively on Android, Boxmeup helps improve your purchase order system by tracking […]

A Guide to Employment Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals

In one of the opening episodes of the CBC hit “Schitt’s Creek,” Johnny Creek tries to obtain Employment Insurance benefits but is turned away because he’s never paid into the program. As a small business owner, Johnny could have avoided that situation if he had just signed up for EI special benefits. If you are […]

Amazon, eBay, Etsy: Which Online Marketplace Is Right for Your Products?

As a retailer, you have several options when it comes to selling online. Amazon, eBay and Etsy have strong reputations and millions of dedicated shoppers, which makes it easier to make money than on your own e-commerce website. However, you’ll need to take the types of items you sell and the amount you want to […]

Best Project Management Software for Small Businesses

Project management software is an instrumental part of modern business planning. The right software can help you cut costs, generate more revenue, and improve collaboration — even if you’re working on a tight budget. Best Free Software to Consider The past several years have seen a proliferation of free and open-source project management software. The […]

Complete Guide to Encryption for Small Businesses

Encryption is the process of encoding data to protect it so unauthorized users cannot access it. For example, when using a credit card online, the payment processor encrypts the credit card information before it is sent across the internet so no one else can see it. When it comes to data, here are some things […]

Compliance With Revenue Recognition Rules

Your small business may earn revenue in a variety of ways at a variety of times. Although this different avenues of earning are great for your small business, it also leads to unique revenue reporting requirements. It’s a good idea to have a firm grasp of the following rules related to revenue recognition to ensure […]

Decide if Your Small Business Needs to Hire an Internal Auditor

An internal auditor looks over your business practices, identifies risks, and sets up controls or processes to analyze your operations for potential issues. Internal auditors don’t just work with big businesses or corporations; these individuals can also help small businesses. If you are worried about internal theft, fraud, industry compliance issues or similar matters, you […]

Employment Equity Act: Understanding and Compliance

If you operate a small business in Canada, you may be responsible for compliance with the Employment Equity Act. If so, the Canadian government requires that you ensure you have a well-balanced workforce made up of different demographics. This act doesn’t apply to all Canadian private businesses. According to the Canadian government, it limits its […]

Methods for Accepting Credit Card Donations at Your Fundraiser

If your nonprofit holds a a charity event, you want to collect as many donations as possible during the evening. Accepting credit cards lets you maximize the amount of money you collect .Luckily, you don’t need to drag a bulky point of sale system to the event, since many mobile credit card processing tools are […]

How to Use Goo.gl to Shorten Links on Twitter

Twitter has a strict, 140-character limit per tweet, so it is important to use the space wisely. The character restriction sometimes puts businesses in a bind, especially when the goal is to post tweets that get clicks. If you have an exceptionally long link to share, use Google’s link shortener tool, Goo.gl, to shorten the […]

Maximize Your Sales With Etsy Payments (Etsy Direct Checkout)

Etsy reports that sellers who accept multiple forms of payment experience 49% more sales than sellers who only accept one type of payment. With Etsy Payments (formerly known as Etsy Direct Checkout), it’s easy to accept credit cards or debit cards, transfers from select banks, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal, Etsy gift cards, and Etsy […]

Insurable Earnings

Insurable earnings are usually considered to be the amounts reported on a worker’s earnings statement and any income reported as gross earnings in box 14 of the T4 slip. Insurable earnings are those reported before any deductions are made for income tax, employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan, health care plans, loan payments, or union dues. […]

How to Build New Client Relationships in Compliance With CASL

On July 1, 2014, Canada implemented a new consumer protection law known as Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. CASL is designed to strike a balance between protecting consumers from unwanted messages and ensuring that businesses can still reach out to customers through email marketing. While CASL places restrictions on several marketing activities that were previously legal, your […]

Stay Organized With Receipt Scanning and Tracking

If you operate a small business and want to get organized, consider using a receipt scanner. These mobile apps let you convert paper receipts to a digital format with your smartphone camera, helping you track your expenses while you’re on the go. Saving your receipts in this fashion ensures you always have a copy in […]

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the practice of selling merchandise on behalf of a wholesaler. In the digital age, an entrepreneur can launch an e-commerce website, market the wholesaler’s merchandise, and take orders and forward them to the wholesaler. Drop shippers hold no inventory, which makes it a low-cost business option for new entrepreneurs. To start a […]

Importance and Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are step-by-step instructions that act as guidelines for employee work processes. Whether written up in numbered steps or formatted as flow charts, effective SOPs are complete, clearly written, and based on input from the workers who do the job. When employees follow the SOP for a particular job, they produce a […]

How To Make A Mobile App For Your Business

A mobile app may be a great idea for your small business. General steps to have one created include: Hire a developer. There are dozens of sites online to hire freelance developers, locally and abroad. Choose whether the app’s platform is Android, iPhone or both. Storyboard the app. A storyboard is a visual representation of […]

Common Types Of Currency Your International Business Needs To Accept

Modern businesses are part of a global economy, and as such they have to be ready to do business in a variety of currencies with overseas partners. Even small businesses need to be able to adapt to make and receive payments in a variety of currencies. However, you probably don’t need to open a checking […]