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connect 2nd credit card under parent account - Bank of America

I have a BoA credit card for my business. Recently, I added a second card. I cannot add the second card under QB online. Following the instructions:




-->add account

-->choose bank (BoA)

--? My second card doesn't come up ??


I'm getting very frustrated at this program. My mobile app functions less often than it doesn't. It's become near impossible to snap a receipt (after a tedious log-in process) when I'm out and about. I'm trying to get help and can't get a callback. This is my second attempt to post this problem to the community to help, yesterday I simply couldn't post due to an unexpected internal error.



QuickBooks Team

connect 2nd credit card under parent account - Bank of America

Hello, @jd555.


Let me share some information on how you can connect your credit card with QuickBooks. 


When connecting your bank account and credit card account with QuickBooks, you'd want to consider how your bank sends the downloaded transactions. If the transactions are downloaded to one account, you'd only need to connect the parent account.  


However, if it's downloaded separately, connect only the sub-accounts. You can look into these articles for more detailed information: 

Once completed, your credit card transactions will be listed under the For Review tab. From there, you can edit, assign, and categorize the transactions. Also, you can match them with your existing expense entries. This way, you'd avoid getting duplicate records. You can use this article to learn more about this process: Categorizing Bank Transactions


On the other hand, there are some features that are not accessible using the mobile app version. You can read through these articles to learn more about making your QuickBooks experience more accessible:

Keep us posted here if you have other questions about managing your connected bank accounts.

Level 2

connect 2nd credit card under parent account - Bank of America

"Online Banking doesn't let you connect both parent and its subaccounts when connecting them. With this, I'd suggest contacting your bank to confirm how they send the downloaded transactions. If these download to your main credit card account, connect only the parent account and disconnect the other cards. If these go to the two cards, connect only the subaccounts."


Yes, I know. I have to connect sub accounts with Bank of America to get the individual card transactions to show. My problem is I added a new card, but when I go to add it to get synced transactions from Bank of America, it doesn't show up in the list of available cards to add.


By the way, this unexpected error message in the attached screenshot is par for the course for this website. Why is it so hard to post here? I've had to retype this message twice!

Level 2

connect 2nd credit card under parent account - Bank of America




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