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AUTO Bank Statements into QBO



Does anyone know if & when Chase will do auto Bank Statements into QBO?

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QuickBooks Team

AUTO Bank Statements into QBO

Hello CarolTorre!

Allow me to help you with your bank statement.

The Banking feature in QBO allows you to link your bank account so that the transactions will automatically download. QBO supports hundreds of financial institutions and one of them is Chase. 


You can follow these steps on how to connect your bank account:

  1. Go to the Banking or Transactions menu and select Banking.
  2. Click the Link account button, then Connect to a different bank.
  3. Search and select Chase. Enter your login credentials.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the connection.


You can also check this article for more details on how to find and link your bank:


Also, this is the article to know what to do with the downloaded bank transactions: 

Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online

Visit us again in the QuickBooks Community if you need anything else. Stay safe!

Level 1

AUTO Bank Statements into QBO

Hi There I have the auto Feed for the transactions from CHASE;

I'm specifically looking for the AUTO Monthly Bank Statement to come into QBO .

Other Banks have this feature available (like BOA, Citi, & others)

QuickBooks Team

AUTO Bank Statements into QBO

Thanks for getting back to us, @CarolTorre.


Let me share some insights about downloading bank statements. The ability to download bank statements automatically is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus, Advanced, Accountant, and QuickBooks Live users.


If you're using any of this versions, here's how to get your statements in QuickBooks.


  1. Go to the Accounting menu. Or if you're an accountant, open your client's QuickBooks Online company file first.
  2. Select the Reconcile tab.
  3. From the Account dropdown, choose the account you want to reconcile.
  4. If you see the View statements option, you can get your bank statements directly from your bank for this account. Tap View statements to see your available statements.
  5. stet.JPG
  6. When you're ready to start, click Start reconciliation or Resume reconciliation.


If you don't see this option, your bank may not support this feature yet. We're working to add more banks soon.


Want more details? Check out this guide: Get bank statements directly from your bank when you reconcile.


Additionally, here's a link that covers all the tasks you can do when using the banking feature: Find help with bank feeds and reconciling accounts.


Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with today or with bank statements. I'll be here for you. Take care and have a lovely day.

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