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Last paystub used employee’s old address

For some reason with our last payroll, the pay stub of one employee used her old home address (she moved over a year ago). This address isn’t even in the system anymore and it’s been printing it correctly for over a year. Everybody else’s was correct. What happened?

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Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Last paystub used employee’s old address

Hey there, @ADeutsh. 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. 


I recommend clearing the cache from your browser. Web browsers collect cache to save time when loading repetitive data and images. Over time, these files can become outdated and corrupted, causing issues like the one with your payroll. I've included links that contain the steps to clearing the cache for all supported browsers below. 


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach out to the Community at any time. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day. You certainly deserve it! 

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Last paystub used employee’s old address

Thank you. I'll give it a shot. I do access through Quickbooks for Mac desktop. I'm unclear on how it would work properly for a year, though, and then suddenly find that old address. Do I need to be concerned when an employee changes a bank account number or other info?

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Last paystub used employee’s old address

Quickbooks for Mac desktop does not look like the sample in the link. How do I reset app data in Quickbooks Desktop for Mac?

QuickBooks Team

Last paystub used employee’s old address

Hello there, @ADeutsch.


You don't need to be concerned when an employee changes his bank account number. If the old address shows in your employee's pay stub, we can edit this to show the correct one. 


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Employees menu.
  2. Choose your employee's name.
  3. Click Edit on the section you want to update.
  4. Update your employee's address.
  5. Once done, click OK to save the changes.

Also, to find and fix company data issues in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, we can use the verify and rebuild tools


You may want to assign a new work location for your employees. This will help manage your payroll taxes correctly. Feel free to review this article on how: Set up and assign a new work location


Keep me posted if you have additional queries about QuickBooks. I'll be around to help. Cheering your business to continued success!

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Last paystub used employee’s old address

Hi, thank you. Yep, I know how to update an employee. I did it over a year ago. This employee has had nearly 30 pay stubs with the new and correct address. All of a sudden, the most recent stub reverted to her old address which is no longer anywhere in her profile. Someone suggested it could be a cache issue. So if it's somehow pulling an address over a year old from cache, couldn't it also pull bank account info from cache?

QuickBooks Team

Last paystub used employee’s old address

Thanks for getting back to this thread, @ADeutsch.


Allow me to provide more information about how clearing cache affects your data files in QuickBooks. 


Performing these steps can remove temporary files in the cache, however, it won't delete your other data like logins, settings, and bank information. Therefore, your employee's payroll will still be deposited into their correct bank account.


If you're experiencing an issue while accessing your account in a web browser, you can use these troubleshooting steps to immediately fix the error. 


In addition, you can run the Employee Details report Intuit Online Payroll. This will show you the list of your employees with their personal info, payment info, and tax info that was entered into the system. Just go to Reports and select Employee Details.


If you have other payroll questions or concerns, feel free to reach back out anytime. We'll be happy to assist your further.

Level 3

Last paystub used employee’s old address

Thank you. Yes--I would love to clear my cache. But as I mentioned above, I access through Quickbooks Desktop for Mac. Somebody linked directions that appear to be for the Windows version, but I do not have the same menu options.


And yes, checking the employee report is the first thing I did. It lists her new address (and so have her pay stubs for the last 12+ months). I can't figure out where the system even pulled her old address from. If it's somewhere in the cache from over a year ago, I'd love to clear it, but I'm not sure how to do that from Quickbooks Desktop for Mac and would appreciate instructions.

QuickBooks Team

Last paystub used employee’s old address

Hello, ADeutsch. 


Let me chime in and share my knowledge on how to clear the cache in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. 


There are times that the browser is full of frequently accessed page resources, causing some unusual responses. We can start by accessing your account in a private browser. This mode doesn't save your searches, visited pages, log in details, and cookies.     


You can use the shortcut keys that I've listed below.   


  • Ctrl + Shift + P (Firefox) 
  • Command + Shift + N (Safari) 
  • Ctrl+ Shift + N (Google Chrome)


For more detailed information you can check out these articles: 



Once you're in the Private / Incognito Window, sign in to your QuickBooks account, and start modifying your employee's information's. If it works, then you can go back to your original browser and clear the cache. Alternatively, you can use other compatible browsers. It could be that the one you're currently working on has a temporary issue with QuickBooks.   



If the same thing happens. I'd suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. They'll be able to pull up your account in a secure environment and investigate what's causing this issue.   


Please let me know how it goes. I want to ensure that everything is taking care of. Have a great day, and stay safe always!

Level 3

Last paystub used employee’s old address

Hello. As I mentioned before, I generally don't access Payroll through a browser, but through Quickbooks Desktop for Mac itself (it seems to work as its own browser). However, whether I log in that way or log in through any browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) in regular or private browsing mode, the employee information is correct. My problem isn't that I'm unable to update her information. My problem is that it suddenly printed her old address on her pay stub after over a year (and this old address is no longer anywhere in her employee profile that I can find).


Last paystub used employee’s old address

I appreciate you for clearing the cache and trying other browsers, ADeutsch.


At this time, I'd recommend reaching out to our Payroll Support team. Our Phone Support agents have other tools that can check your account and verify why your employee's old address keeps appearing on the pay stub.


Here's how you can contact them:


  1. Go to this page: Contact Us.
  2. Click the International tab and then select United States.
  3. Select QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  4. Click the Search for something else box.
  5. Enter, My employee's old address is printed on the pay stub.
  6. Click Search and then click Start a Message.


I've also added this article in case you want to E-pay your payroll tax liabilities and create an unscheduled or custom liability check: Set up and pay scheduled or custom (unscheduled) liabilities.


Feel free to get back to me if there's anything that I can help. Stay safe!

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