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Oklahoma state W-2 e-file will not populate the Excel file

QuickBooks Team

Oklahoma state W-2 e-file will not populate the Excel file

Hi there, @spstarks


Welcome to the Community. Most reasons why W-2 will not populate in the Excel file is if your payroll tax table isn't updated. 


Let's first check to see if this is the cause. Then, update your payroll tax table to make sure you're it populates on the Excel and e-file it. Here's how:


  1. Go to Employees menuthen select Get Payroll Updates. 
  2. Check the version of the tax table you have.
  3. The first line in the Get Payroll Updates window, "You are using tax table version: #####," lists the tax table version. 
  4. Click the Payroll Update Info to see summary information and its changes.


Once confirmed that it isn't updated, follow the steps to download the latest payroll tax table in this help article: Get the latest payroll tax table update


You can also update the payroll tax table automatically by turning on the automatic updates in QuickBooks.


Once done, you're should be able to see the Welcome window with its instruction and lets you continue creating W-2. 


For your future reference. Read through: E-file Federal W-2 Forms. It will guide you on how you can file your payroll forms electronically in QuickBooks. 


Keep me posted if you need more help with the process. We're always around here to help you more. 

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Oklahoma state W-2 e-file will not populate the Excel file

What happens when you try to use the Excel feature?  Do you get an error message? Something else?

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