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Payroll Tax Center website not loading

Hello.  I'm trying to reprint an employee's W-2 but the payroll tax center site is not loading for me.  I tried within the Quickbooks desktop application and I tried on different browsers as well.  This is the site I'm trying:

Please assist if possible.  Thanks.

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Payroll Tax Center website not loading

I would like to help you out with this, ayea786.


Along with the details you've shared, the screenshot is a good reference that helps me check our record here. We can start accessing the tax center one more time. 


If the same thing happens, you can get a callback from our payroll specialist. I've seen an open investigation that is similar to your concern where our customers have an issue accessing the Payroll Tax Center website.

Once you called them, your company details will be added to one of the affected users. Here's how to contact them:

  1. From the main menu, click Help.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help, or you can press F1 on your keyboard.
  3. Select Contact us at the bottom part of the pop-up window.


Also, please consider checking this article. It's all about the support hours and types.


Please know that I'm here whenever you have questions about payroll. Take care!

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