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Service charge for payroll

I recently purchased your services. I have yet to enter any data or run payroll and I was charged a service charge of 19.50 it also appears to have run the payroll from Dec28-Jan28. Please reverse this service fee as I have not entered employee data or 1099 data to run payroll. 


Seperatley - I purchase Online payroll services as part of my subscription,  is there going be a monthly service charge every time I run payroll even though I paid a monthly subscription fee for online payroll? Seems to be double dipping and a bait n switch. 



Service charge for payroll



This is not a "bait and switch".  The payroll service is a separate charge per month.  You're charged the same price regardless of HOW many payrolls you run during that month.  That also includes if you don't run any payrolls that month.


If you were charged 19.50, it sounds like thats the 3 month 50% off normal price special for payroll.

QuickBooks Team

Service charge for payroll

Hello, @Anonymous.


Thank you for reaching out to the Community, I'll be happy to make sure you aren't getting charged any improper charges.


You shouldn't see any charges until after you have ran your first payroll. Please private message me your email address and I'll be able to look into your account to see why you're seeing this extra charge.


For more information on Payroll charges, click here.


I'll be keeping an eye out for your message so I can get this resolved. Please remember, I'm always here for any other questions or concerns.


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