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Error 3371 status code 11118

Because I purchased a desktop version.


Error 3371 status code 11118

Hi again, SeriouslyNancy,


I appreciate your prompt response. Allow me to join the thread and help share additional information on how to resolve Error 3371.

Right now, the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016 is no longer supported. This means you'll need to look for a download link for the said version since this can't be downloaded from any Intuit websites. To update your QuickBooks you can either do it manually or automatically.


Once done, you can follow the steps provided by my colleague GraceC.


Keep me posted on how things go. I'm always here to help out!

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Error 3371 status code 11118

Well this stinks.  I have the box with the license.  The website does not recognize my email.  When I enter my phone it thinks it's a mobile #   The box does state it will only support the product until May 31 2019.  BAD :womantongue:WORD, my hard drive had to fail July 1? 

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Error 3371 status code 11118

OMG.  I finally was able to do a reinstall.  And this shows up again.  I can't stand it.


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Error 3371 status code 11118

Hi there, SeriouslyNancy.


Let’s first make sure you’re able to install the latest Windows updates. This is to avoid QuickBooks Desktop installation from being damage or corrupted. 
Also, you can follow the recommended troubleshooting steps presented in this article:

Though, if the issue continues, it would be best to contact our support team. They have extra tools to help you investigate and fix the issue. Here’s how to reach them:

  1. Click Help at the top.
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click Contact Us.
  4. Give a brief description of your issue and click Continue.
  5. Select Talk to a Specialist.

Please drop by again if you have other questions about QuickBooks. 

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Error 3371 status code 11118

OKAY   I've solved the problem.


Finally got rid of the  EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.

  👍👍👍👍👍  to all you rock stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Error 3371 status code 11118

I've been using Pro 2019 for two months.  Today I got the 3371 error.  I tried the MSXML solution, the QBregistration.dat solution and the only thing that worked was this from a 3rd party site:

 1) Press the window + R button to access the Run command.

 2) In the Run Command enter: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\ v8.

 3) This will run the windows explorer window.

 4) Access the ECML file by locating it.

 5) Delete it once you have found it by clicking on the “Delete” button.

 6) Go back to the desktop and re-start QuickBooks.

Once you reinstall the setup, you will have to ensure that the version of QuickBooks installed is the latest one. Once the same is done, you shall be good to go.

-I had to go online to verify my Quickbooks registration, but didn't even need my license number to do that.  Why couldn't Intuit offer this solution?

QuickBooks Team

Error 3371 status code 11118

Hi, @jyehle.


I appreciate you for posting your experience on how you resolved the 3371 error. Other users will be able to use this as an additional workaround if they encounter the same error.


Also, I'll make sure to share this to our engineers for additional troubleshooting steps on how to isolate this problem. 


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns related to QuickBooks. The Community will always here to help. 



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Error 3371 status code 11118

I had this earlier today and did the following with success: 


Go to: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or wherever your Intuit data is stored)

and add “.old” to the end of the file name of EntitlementDataStore.ecml


Then open QB.


I think this file helps to open QB and was probably corrupt in some way. A new one will be created upon changing the extension to the old one and then launching the program.


Warning: don't waste your time deleting the old file. Rename it. I deleted it and it made its way back into my folder.

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Error 3371 status code 11118

How do I solve error 3371


Error 3371 status code 11118

There are troubleshooting steps that were shared to this thread, smpauto.


You can try performing those recommended steps to fix the error 3371. If the issue persists after trying them out, it would be best to contact our specialist. They'll help you to investigate this further and might create an open investigation to sort this out.


Let us know how it goes. The Community is always here whenever you need help!





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Error 3371 status code 11118

I am a computer professional and I have done all of the suggested fixes. After several hours of work I still get the same error. Support is not available even though they have posted hours which says they should be.  


This is a new install of Windows 10 and all updates have been applied. other programs install without issue.

QuickBooks Team

Error 3371 status code 11118

Thanks for following this thread, @SCP0167.

I appreciate you following the recommended resolution and for sharing to us the result. To get past the error, I recommend contacting Microsoft’s Customer Care Team.

They have tools to check if there’s damage to your Windows operating system. You can contact them by entering this link:

From there, tap the Get started button to reach their online support.

I don’t want to leave you empty-handed, so I’m adding a link to view the latest enhancements added to the product. It also contains tips on how to efficiently manage the business: Firm of the Future.

If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know by posting a comment below. I’m here to assist further. Have a good one.

Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

I installed a new cloned drive. All my programs work except QuickBooks 2013. I get error 3371 code 1118. I totally uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same error.



Error 3371 status code 11118

Hello DebEzo,


There are different possible reasons why we encounter this error. One of them is that the Windows operating system is not updated. It could be the Windows component is damaged or missing, too. 


We can do a troubleshooting steps to attempt in fixing the error. However, I can't guarantee that these steps will get rid of the error because QuickBooks Desktop 2013 is already a discontinued version. If the troubleshooting steps that follow won't work, you might need to upgrade to the supported ones. Then, convert your company file to the new version.

Here's how to update the Windows:

  1. Select the Windows logo.
  2. Select All Programs and then Windows Update.
  3. After you install the updates, open QuickBooks.

Other possible reasons and solutions are included in this article: Fix Error 3371 - Could not initialize license properties.


You can always get back to us if have unexpected results and requires further assistance. 

Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

I just updated my operating system to Windows 10. When I try to open Quickbooks now I get this error code


Error 3771, Status Code -11118


I tried to reinstall Quickbooks but am still getting this message. Any help would be appreciated. I am in panic mode!


Error 3371 status code 11118

Thank you for following the recommended steps, djbowen.


Let's proceed to clean install QuickBooks Desktop to resolve this error. Here's how:

  1. Download the installer for your version of QuickBooks.
  2. Prepare your license number.
  3. Write down your product year and version.

Uninstall QBDT:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu. Search for “Control Panel”, then open Control Panel.
  2. Select Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program.
  3. From the list of installed programs, select the version of QuickBooks Desktop you're having problems with.
  4. Select Uninstall/Change and then Remove.  Select Next.

Check this article to proceed to the next steps: Clean install QuickBooks Desktop.


Let me know how it goes so I can assist you further if there's a need to.

Maddie the Expert
Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

One of the causes of this error occurs when you use the wrong license number or product code when installing the product. If you have changed your subscription recently, say from a 1 user license to a 2 user license, or you changed the subscription entirely to a different type of QuickBooks product, or upgraded to a new year version recently, that changes the product code and/or license number. If you reinstall the product with the same information and you still get the licensing error, speak with a representative about the license number and product code, and see if they have changed. 

Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

I purchased and installed QB Desktop 2020 on May 28. Since then, I've had to uninstall and reinstall eight times due to your 'Error 3371' that your Tool Hub can't fix.

This is annoying and time-consuming. Conveniently, you blame Microsoft. The problem is your software, why don't you fix it?

QuickBooks Team

Error 3371 status code 11118

Hi there, jmarc


I just wanted to let you know that Fiat Lux - ASIA responded to your other post. In order to keep the conversation streamlined and provide you with the best resolution, I'll ask that you post any follow-ups there.


Just in case you haven't been notified of the new response, here's the link:


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

Still having the same problem, please advise

nasava pham
Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

I can not open my quick book with the Error 3371 status code 11118. I  try to run the and put the license [removed] product [removed] it is still not working. please help

QuickBooks Team

Error 3371 status code 11118

Hi there, nasava pham.


Good to see you here!


I really want to help you in fixing this error. However, if none of the steps shared on this post resolve the issue, please reach out to our Customer Support Team so they can further investigate this.


Also, you'll want to check this article for more details on how we can resolve this:

Please post again if you need anything else. Have a great day!

Level 1

Error 3371 status code 11118

keep getting this error code, what do i need to do to fix it


Error 3371 status code 11118

I understand the inconvenience this has caused to your business, btaunton.


I'm here to provide additional troubleshooting steps to get past this error. Generally, the Error 3371 Status Code 11118 is caused by damaged or missing files in QuickBooks Desktop. Or, an anti-virus blocking QuickBooks to sync with important Windows components required by the system.


Before performing any troubleshooting steps, it is important to know the necessary system requirements. This will ensure that QuickBooks is compatible with your computer and will help avoid problems when you start using the program.


Once you're done checking, you can perform the steps below to delete the damage or ECML file:


  1. On your Windows start button, search for Task Manager, and end task on QBW32.exe. Then, close the Task Manager window.
  2. Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
  3. Enter this path C:\ProgramData\intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 in the window.
  4. Next, Windows Explorer will open with the above address.
  5. Delete ECML file. After that, close the window.
  6. After that, you have to Run QuickBooks and Register the software again.

You can go through the following article for the detailed steps and instruction in resolving this error: Fix Error 3371: Could not initialize license properties.


Let me know how the result of this troubleshooting in the comment below. I need to make sure this is resolved and you're back to running your normal business processing. All the best!

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