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QB 2022 Database Manager issues

We are having an issue with QB 2022 DB manager -- we can't put files in Multi User Mode.


We've installed the program on our server -- it just it does not show that it is running. Apparently this is/was a known issue and is addressed under INV-63789.


I called Intuit and they said it was solved -- the solution being to uninstall every version for QB we have running -- we have quite a few -- and then re-install them.


That does not seem like a solution to me -- but maybe that is it.

(I can't believe I am saying this, but I wish Intuit was more like Microsoft and provide some deeper detail!)


Has anyone else run in to/solved this issue?


The rep/tech also said to re-install 2022 and then try to run the updates and see if that fixes. I am already on R3, but maybe there is some secret update that gets applied.


I will try that, but I think we will probably hold off on implementing 2022 until we get some more clarity around this issue and the fix.


See also:


Thanks in advance.


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QB 2022 Database Manager issues

Hold off on reinstalling all the workstations.  But I would uninstall the QB Desktop Server Manager and then reinstall it.  Don't go through the installation too quickly and just make sure you've selected all the correct options.   


Then on one of the workstations make sure you can go to the folder that has the Company File you're trying to open.  Copy some random file to that folder and then Delete that file as a test to make sure it's not a Network issue.  Then open QBs from that workstation and try to open the Company File.  If it opens, confirm/switch the file to Multi User Mode and then LOG OUT.  Then try it from a 2nd Workstation.  


If it does not load from the 1st workstation, go ahead and reinstall that machine, then try it again.  Some (or all) of the workstations may be fine.  And if you find it works from some computers and not from others, first check the Network access to that folder, then uninstall and reinstall QBs as needed.


And I'm guessing Support had you download the QB Tool Hub.  It can check Network and File issues.  If they didn't have you download Tool Hub can get it here:[removed].[r... 


If that link doesn't work for a direct download, you can go to this page and look in Step 1 for the link that says QuickBooks Tool Hub.  That should download the file if the above doesn't. 



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QB 2022 Database Manager issues

Intuit Support / Intuit Engineering -- is there any sort of update on this issue?

QuickBooks Team

QB 2022 Database Manager issues

Thanks for reaching out to us today with your Database Manager concern, John_K.


I suggest uninstalling the version installed on the server computer as a workaround. If the QuickBooks Server Manager version 2022 is nowhere to be found after uninstalling the prior version, you can perform a manual clean install on QuickBooks 2022 to fix it.


Also, to ensure you'll get an update about the resolution status, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. Our Support Team is available every Monday to Friday 6 AM – 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) and on a Saturday at 6 AM – 3 PM PST. 


You'll see the detailed instructions on this from the article I'm attaching below (scroll down to If you're trying to update QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server computer): QuickBooks Database Manager.


In case you need more insights into installing the server manager all over again, you can visit this article: Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager.


Feel free to get back to me if you have any questions about this or need further assistance with anything in QuickBooks. I'll be right here to assist you anytime. Have a nice day!

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QB 2022 Database Manager issues



Hello -- the issue is not with QB 2022 by itself. The issue appears when you try to use QB 2022 in MUM on a machine (server/workstation) that is also running the Database Manager for QB 2021, 2020, etc... it seems the DBM for 2022 does not want to co-exist with the other DBMs. The solution provided was to uninstall everything else -- we can't, we are a CPA firm and our clients use various versions.


I am getting mixed signals from Intuit -- it sounds like this is a known issue., but then other say it is fixed or not an issue. Has anyone at Intuit actually installed and used 2022 in MUM on a machine that is also running 2021/2020/2019 Database Server.


Thank you, 



QB 2022 Database Manager issues

Hello, John_K.


I've found out you've posted a similar concern about using QuickBooks Desktop 2022 in Multi-user mode on a server or workstation. My colleague already posted her response.


You can view her answer through this link:


If you're experiencing difficulties switching to multi-user mode, I've also included these troubleshooting instructions for a complete guide in fixing it.


Don't hesitate to drop a reply below if you need further assistance with multi-user concerns. I'll be around to help in any way I can. 

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