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Level 2

configure toolbar

The instructions for configuring the toolbar say to control click within the toolbar. When I do this, all I get is info on the closest existing icon - no way to add new icons. Wrong instructions also in LittleSquare (or whatever they call it).  Nothing useful in Preferences or Company. How do I add an icon? This should be ridiculously simple but it's not. It worked in QB 2016.

Best answer January 12, 2019

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Level 9

configure toolbar

There's a customize icon on the toolbar itself at the far right (or below, if you have it configured vertically instead of horizontally).  If your screen is very small it might be off the right side of the screen in which case move the toolbar to the left by dragging on its title to make it visible).

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Level 9

configure toolbar

There's a customize icon on the toolbar itself at the far right (or below, if you have it configured vertically instead of horizontally).  If your screen is very small it might be off the right side of the screen in which case move the toolbar to the left by dragging on its title to make it visible).

Level 2

configure toolbar

Thank you! You nailed it and my toolbar is working now.

Level 1

configure toolbar

How do I remove icons. I just spent 3 phone calls and over an hour trying to get someone on the support line to understand the question and after all that time on the 3rd call I was told that they do not answer how to questions. I JUST SPENT OVER $300 ONLY 2 DAYS AGO AND THEY WILL NOT ANSWER MY QUESTIONS. I have been a QB client for over 30 years.  I have a few questions, but this one applies to this thread.  Please please please, does anyone know how to remove icons from the toolbar.  

Emily M
QuickBooks Team

configure toolbar

Hey there, @efk.


This isn’t what I want to happen to anyone when reaching our support team. I’m happy to help you to remove the icons from the toolbar.


Here’ how:


  1. Locate the Customize Button on the far right (or bottom of, if your toolbar is vertical) of the toolbar to get started.
  2. Drag an icon of the toolbar to remove it. You may also drag the icons around the toolbar to rearrange them.


Other things you may find useful or helpful with the toolbar:

Choose whether you would like your toolbar to be displayed horizontally or vertically. 

  1. Choose QuickBooks.
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Pick the Toolbar.
  4. Select Tabs and find your preferred option.

Resize the toolbar. 

Drag the lower right corner of the toolbar to the right to lengthen it, or to the left to shorten it.


Move the toolbar. 

Drag the toolbar’s title bar to a new position.


Hide the toolbar.

  1. Go to Preferences.
  2. Locate the Toolbar / Tabs, and deselect Display Toolbar. To redisplay the hidden toolbar, reselect this checkbox.

Keep the toolbar expanded. 

If your toolbar is vertical, you may want to keep it extended so you can see the labels for each icon at all times. 

  1. Click Preferences.
  2. Select Toolbar / Tabs and choose Keep Toolbar Expanded. Click the checkbox again to minimize your toolbar.


Don’t hesitate to reach back out if you have further questions.

Level 1

configure toolbar

Thank you, Emily.

However, I've been doing that (attempting to drag the icons from the toolbar) and they don't drag, they only open the icon item because I have initially clicked to start the drag. I also have been trying from the customize window (they won't do anything there). I can move the toolbar and add to the toolbar but nothing will drag out. I can reorder the icons in the toolbar by dragging within the toolbar but not drag them out to remove them.  THAT is why I have been trying to reach support - I have been following the instructions online, in the product and in the forum, with no results. I truly was disappointed particularly when I was told when I HAVE FOLLOWED all the instructions that support was not available for a 48 hour old $300+ product. 

QuickBooks Team

configure toolbar

Thanks for your response, @efk.


I appreciate you sharing to us the results of the troubleshooting steps. Since you’re still unable to configure the toolbar, I’ll have to check where the issue is stemming from.


I will not be able to do that without asking sensitive data. The safety of your account is our top priority, I recommend contacting our Technical Support.


I know that you've already called, but I recommend reaching out to them once more. They have extra tools to look into this for you, and if necessary perform a more in-depth troubleshooting.


Here’s how reach them:


  1. Go to the Help section of the company file to see the contact details.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop Help to open the Have a Question window.
  3. Hit the Contact us link to see the Contact Us screen.
  4. Tap the Search for something else link and then type contact support in the field box.
  5. Choose Search to display the Message Us feature or the callback option.

Check out the following article to view our support hours: QuickBooks.


Reach out to me if you have any other concerns or questions. Please know I’m here ready to assist further. Have a good one. 

Level 1

configure toolbar

Did you ever get this solved @efk?  I just started using QB2019 for Mac and am having the exact same problem.  TIA.

Kristine Mae

configure toolbar

Let me take it from here, MistShield.


You can follow the steps provided by my colleagues at the top. It will help you fix your issue.


Although, if you're able to try them already, I'd suggest reaching out to our customer care support. They have more tools to help you out. You can follow Rasa-LilaM's steps on how you can get in touch.


We're available 24/7 to help you. Feel free to visit us again if you have other concerns. 

Level 1

configure toolbar

somehow i have 2 tool bars visible and it's taking up too much screen space for me to do my work. I put the view toolbar to the left and i still have an entire blue bar space at the top with 'search' on it only.  How do I get that off?  it's like somehow I have 2 search icons on 2 tool bars?  can't seem to slide the one I want to get rid of at the top or select anything on that bar. Please help 

QuickBooks Team

configure toolbar

I've come to help you get this sorted out so the search and toolbars will display on your preferred side of your desktop account, Ksun1.


When changing the location of these display bars from the top to the left side of your screen, it shouldn't be displayed in both places. You may want to consider using a sample or test company file to help identify if this is a minor data issue with your company file. To do this:


  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Select Close company.
  3. You'll be routed to the No Company Open window where you can open the sample file. Click on the Open a sample file drop-down arrow. 
  4. Select Sample service-based business or any other sample file available.
  5. Click Open.


From the same test company file, modify the location of the toolbar through the View menu. When the toolbar is displayed according to your preferences, you'll need to get back to your business company file and repair any data damages on your file using the Verify Rebuild Data tool. Also, please ensure your QuickBooks Desktop has its latest release so you have the latest features and fixes.


In case the issue continues, I'd recommend performing Solution 2 outlined in this article: Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


Furthermore, I'm sharing this guide to help you track customer sales and expenses in your accounts: Customize customer, job, and sales reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


We'll always be available in this forum if you have additional questions when managing your file. Just keep us posted in the comments below, and we'll ensure to back you up. Take care!

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