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Level 3

Create a Test Company

Is there a way to set up a test company so that I can train others prior to going live? I was told by someone a while back that QB won't allow that because you have to set up using Tax ID # and it will show it already exists. We use QBD Enterprise.


Create a Test Company

Thanks for your interest with this feature in QuickBooks, @NNeese,


If you already purchased a QuickBooks Enterprise license and installed it on your computer, you have the option to use a test file. All live versions of the program is equipped with sample files so our customers can run tests without penetrating the actual account.


You can access the test account on the QuickBooks startup page when you launch the program. See this illustration:


If you're currently working on the actual company, you can switch to the sample file by clicking the File menu and selecting Close Company/Logoff.

Adding your business information is optional for test accounts. Access the company file anytime just like how you normally open the actual company.


You may also visit this link to learn more about opening a practice file: How to Create a Practice or Testing File in QuickBooks? 


Doesn't have a license with us yet? Don't worry, you can still avail to our 30-day QuickBooks Desktop trials. The following article has a list of programs that you can install and use for training purposes: Download a trial of QuickBooks Desktop


Feel free to connect with me again if you have any questions. I'm just a click away for additional concerns or help. Have a lovely day!

Level 2

Create a Test Company

You can do what is mentioned above. However, you can also just copy your existing company over to a "TRAINING TEST COMPANY" so it has all your real info in it. Then just open your new file using the QB file dialog. 


We do this all the time for training and it works well. Since it has our company info already in it, it provides better training. 


One word of caution - make sure your employees are working in the real company when necessary and training only during training - we changed the colors of the test company so that they are very different than real company so it's obvious.

Level 2

Create a Test Company

What if you opened a test company file to install hardware such as printers and then uploaded your company file to the test company and saved it as the working company file?  We don’t use a test company but wanted to “test” the hardware connectivity before installing our working file. The file doesn’t show it’s a “test” or “sample”file. 

QuickBooks Team

Create a Test Company

Hey there, budgeco. 


Thanks for dropping by the Community I'm more than happy to assist you today. My recommendation to you would be to create a backup of your working company file, and then test out your hardware. Creating the backup will allow you to revert to it, if you accidentally do anything you didn't want too. For the steps on how to create a backup, follow this in-depth article listed here. Also, as previously mentioned, it's a good idea to change the colors of of your test and company files so you know exactly which one you're working with. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Edit tab and click Preferences.
  2. Under the My Preferences tab, tick the box beside Switch to colored icons / light background on the Top Icon Bar.
  3. In the Company file color scheme field, choose the color you want. 
  4. After that, you'll immediately see the color bar will change to the color that you've selected.
  5. Click OK

If you also want to add a new icon bar item, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select the drop down arrow located in the upper right-hand before the search field.
  2. Click Customize Icon Bar.
  3. In the Customize Icon Bar window, tap the Add button.
  4. In the Add Icon Bar Item, choose the option you want to add. You can also edit the Label and Description.
  5. Hit the OK button twice.

If there's anything else you need help with, please, don't hesitate to post here anytime. Thanks for dropping by and have a nice afternoon. 

Level 2

Create a Test Company

Thank you!  I checked the file and all is good, credit card charges are being sent correctly and all other hardware is great!!  Those are some good tips to customize since it can be confusing when you upgrade or get a repaired file back to know what is the working file and what is not. 

QuickBooks Team

Create a Test Company

Thanks for keeping us updated, budgeco.


It's great to hear that your file is working seamlessly. As always, if you have any other concerns or QuickBooks-related questions, please don't hesitate to visit us again.  


The Community Team always has your back. We're also looking forward to helping you out in the future. 

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