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How do I charge a credit card on file

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QuickBooks Team

How do I charge a credit card on file

Hello there, @mike.smack.


I'm here to help share information on how to charge a credit card on file.


If you're referring to accepting credit card payments from you customers, you may need to update the customer's billing information.


To update a customer's credit card information:


  1. Go to Sales at the left pane.
  2. Select Customers.
  3. Select a customer in the Customer page.
  4. Click on Edit. If you can't see the Edit button, you need to setup the credit card payment methods in the Payment List.
  5. Click on Payment and Billing under the Customer information.
  6. Select the current card number below the Preferred payment method line.
  7. Select the + Add link in the upper right.
  8. Enter the new card information, then select Save. After you save the entry, you can only view the last 4 digits of the card number.

To change a customer's credit card information in the sales receipt or receive payment:


  1. Go to the Plus (+) icon.
  2. Under customers, choose Sales Receipt or Receive Payment.
  3. Choose the customer.
  4. Select the current card number below Preferred payment method field.
  5. Select the + Add link in the upper right.
  6. Enter the new card information, then Save.

You can check this article for additional reference: Edit a customer's credit card information.


Also, if you need further assistance with the process, you may get in touch with our QuickBooks Support Team.


Let me know if you're referring to something else and if you have any other credit card questions. I'm always here to help you!

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How do I charge a credit card on file

Isn't there a way for the customers to enter their own info? 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

How do I charge a credit card on file


You have to setup your eCommerce platform (or an inventory management app) with the payment feature to let your customer submit their own CC credential to proceed.


How do I charge a credit card on file

Hello there, @ZDOutdoor.


Letting your customers enter their own information is currently not possible. You'll need to manually enter each detail in their profile.

  1. Go to the Sales menu.
  2. Select Customers.
  3. Click the New customer button to add one.
  4. Locate and click the name of the customers to update their information.
  5. Select the Edit button.
  6. Input all necessary details in the Customer information window.
  7. Click Save.

You can toggle on the Address, Notes, Tax info, Payment and billing, Language, Attachments, and Additional Info tabs to provide other sorts of information on the customer's account as shown in the screenshot below.


You can also utilize the suggestion of Fiat Lux - ASIA to let your customers enter  their own credit card credentials.


In case you've duplicated a customer's information in the system, you have the option to merge them. This will delete one customer and reassigns all its data to another customer. You can refer to this article for the steps: Manage your customer list. The "Merge customers" section will guide you on how it's done and provides you an important reminder before performing the said process.


To learn a few ways on how to record transactions in QuickBooks Online, here's an article that lays out a detailed information: Record invoice payments.


Please let me know if you have other concerns. I'm just around to help.

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How do I charge a credit card on file

The question was how do we charge the card that is on file? Not how do we add a credit card to a customer's file. Will you please answer the question that was asked


How do I charge a credit card on file

I can show you how to do that, QST.


After adding your customer's credit card information, you'll need a QuickBooks Payments account to process credit card, debit, and ACH bank transfer payments in QuickBooks Online. You can read this article to be guided in creating your account: Sign up for QuickBooks Payments.


Then, you'll have to choose where to record your payments and fees. Once you're all set up and ready, it's time to charge your customer's credit card by receiving invoice payments or creating sales receipts. Feel free to follow the simple steps below.


Receiving a payment:

  1. Click the + New button, then choose Receive payment.
  2. Enter the necessary information
  3. From the Outstanding Transactions section, select an open invoice to apply the payment toward. 
  4. From the Payment method drop-down menu, choose Credit card.
  5. Select Enter credit card details.
  6. Enter the credit card information or select Swipe Card.
  7. Select Process credit card.
  8. Click Save, then Save and close.

Creating a sales receipt:


  1. Click the + New button, then choose Sales receipt.
  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. From the Payment method drop-down menu, choose Credit card.
  4. Select Enter credit card details.
  5. Enter the credit card information or select Swipe Card.
  6. Select Process credit card.
  7. Select Save, then Save and close.

Additionally, you may let your customers pay you at their convenience by sending them an online invoice.


I also encourage reading this guide to learn how to check when QuickBooks deposits customer payments into your bank account.


Do you have any other questions in mind? Feel free to leave them below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. Have a pleasant day ahead.

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How do I charge a credit card on file

If I enter a customer's credit card information here as you stated above, then process it when I am ready, will it be billed as "swiped" or "keyed"?


How do I charge a credit card on file

I'd be glad to provide additional details about credit card processing in QuickBooks Online, jtrout.


Yes, the customer will be billed as "keyed" once you process the payments.
If you want to save the customer's credit card information, select the option to Use this credit card in the future. This way you won't have to do the same process again.

I'm leaving some recommended pointers to learn more what the types of charges as well as things to remember when processing credit cards. Also, this will provide you other methods for processing payments in QuickBooks:


A quick guide to Credit Card processing.

Take and process payments with QuickBooks Payments.


If I can be of assistance while processing credit cards in QuickBooks Online, please let me know. I'd be more than willing to lend you a hand. Have a good one.

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How do I charge a credit card on file

Did you ever get an answer for this? I am having the same problem

QuickBooks Team

How do I charge a credit card on file

I'd love to help you get past the credit card issue that you've encountered, @CrystalK.


If you're referring to charging the credit card of your customers, the solutions shared by my peers above will do the trick. However, if you've received any errors while doing the process, I'd appreciate it if you can share some more details.


On the other hand, if you mean to change your billing details, so your credit card will be charged for the subscription, I can guide you on how to do that.


Here's how:

  1. Sign in as the Primary or Company Admin.
  2. Go to Gear icon⚙.
  3. Select Account and Settings
  4. From the left menu, select Billing Subscription.
  5. Select Edit ✎ beside your payment method. 
  6. Update your credit card info.
  7. Make sure the address in QuickBooks is the same as the one on your credit card statement.
  8. Once everything’s good, select Confirm card or Save

For more details about this process, please see this link: Learn how to change your billing info, payment method and plan subscription level.


I'm always up to help if you need anything else, @CrystalK. Just let me know by leaving a reply below. Have a good one!

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How do I charge a credit card on file

How can my customers add tip when the card on file is charged?

QuickBooks Team

How do I charge a credit card on file

I know a way to record the tip in QuickBooks, bushma.


To start, let's add an income account to track the amount. I'll guide you how.

  1. Go to the Accounting menu and select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select New.
  3. For Account Type, select Other Income.
  4. For Detail Type, select Other Miscellaneous Income.
  5. Enter a Name, like "Tip Revenue".
  6. Click on Save and Close.

Then, we can now create a tip item

  1. Go to the Gear icon and then select Products and Services.
  2. Select New.
  3. Choose Non-inventory.
  4. Enter a Name, like "Tips."
  5. For the Income account, select the account you created.
  6. Select Save and close.

After that, record the extra money as a tip. Here's how:


  1. Go to the + New menu and then select Invoice.
  2. Choose the Customer.
  3. In the Products/Services field, select the tip item you created.
  4. Select Save. If your credits are set up to apply automatically, you're done. Otherwise, select Receive Payment
  5. Choose the credit and then Save and close.


You can also add tips to the sales receipt. This ensures the amounts are properly tracked in QuickBooks.


I'm only a post away if you need more help in managing tips in QuickBooks.  It's always my pleasure to help you out again.

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How do I charge a credit card on file

Letting your customers enter their own information is currently not possible. You'll need to manually enter each detail in their profile.


Is this something QBO is looking at adding as a feature? I would love to not have to "collect" credit card info and input the data myself, not only from a time perspective, but also from a security perspective. Just like employees can enter in their social or other personal data, what about having customers add credit card info themselves?



How do I charge a credit card on file

Hi, BES3.


I know how important letting your customer enter their card information. I here to clarify and give more details about entering customer's details in QuickBooks Online.


Currently, the option to let your customer enter their credit card information on their profile is unavailable. Instead, you can sign up for a QuickBooks Payment account to let your customer pay their invoice online. They'll be the ones who will enter their credit card information. I'll show you the step-by-step process.


Step 1: Sign up or connect an existing QuickBooks Payments account:


  1. Sign up for QuickBooks Payments.
  2. Sign in to QuickBooks Online as an admin.
  3. Go to Settings ⚙ and then Account and settings.
  4. Select the Products and services tab.
  5. In the window, click the QuickBooks Payment account you want to connect. Then choose Connect.
  6. Review the account info and make sure it's accurate. If everything looks good, hit Connect.
  7. Once done, sign out and sign back into QuickBooks Online.


Step 2: Set up online invoices so customers can pay online:


  1. Go to the Gear icon on the toolbar.
  2. Select Account and settings, then the Sales tab.
  3. Under Invoice payments, click the pencil to edit your selections.
  4. Once done, hit Save.


Once done, you can create an invoice and send the invoice to your customer. Then, you can ask your customer to follow the link in the email and finish paying their invoice online. For your reference, you can check the steps in this resource: Take and process payments in QuickBooks Online.


In addition, I've included this material that contains detailed information about recording invoice payments manually: Record invoice payments in QuickBooks Online.


I've got your back if you have any other questions managing your customer's profile or any QuickBooks-related concerns. Just add any details below and I'll get back as soon as possible.

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