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QB will not send employee portal reactivation emails. It says they're sent but they are not received.

It did work, but stopped about a month or so ago.
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QB will not send employee portal reactivation emails. It says they're sent but they are not received.

Thanks for posting in the Community, @rogerabritt. I can see the need to get this issue sorted out since you've experienced it about a month or so ago. That's why I'm here to provide the steps on how to resolve this. 


Here are the three possible factors why the system says your reactivation emails are sent, but they aren't received: 

  • The emails were moved to your employees' Junk or Spam folder.
  • Their email addresses were incorrectly entered.
  • Their browsers' stored cache is full. 


First, I'd suggest letting your employees open their emails and check their Spam or Junk folder from there. This way, they can locate your Workforce invitations. 


Second, let's make sure their emails are correct in their Workforce accounts. If you've updated their email addresses in QuickBooks Online (QBO), they need to do this on their end. Please have them go to the Sign In & Security or Personal Info tab to make any changes. After that, you can resend the invitation to them. For more information, check out this article: Invite Employees To See Paystubs And W-2s Online. Just go to the "I sent the invite to my employee but they didn’t see it. What should I do?" section under Get answers to common questions. I've attached a sample screenshot below of how it looks like after I clicked the Resend Invite from my employee's profile. 


However, if the issue persists, let's have your employees open their emails via an incognito window. It doesn't store data in the cache, so it's a great way to isolate browser-related issues. Here are the keyboard shortcuts: 

  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Safari: Command + Shift + N 
  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + P 


If the employees received your reactivation emails, let them clear their regular browser's cache. Doing so will help them remove their junk files, so they'll function efficiently. Otherwise, have them use a different browser to help them get the most secure experience with the program. 


Once resolved, your employees can view, download, or print their paychecks online. Just let them go to the Paychecks page through their Workforce accounts. They can also print their W-2s from the W-2 menu. For more details, visit this article: Viewing Paychecks And W-2s Online.


You've got me here in the Community if there's anything else you need. Keep safe always, @rogerabritt.

Level 2

QB will not send employee portal reactivation emails. It says they're sent but they are not received.

Hi RaymondJayO


Thank you for replying.


I’m using my own personal email account as an employee, so. Emloyees can't log in as they're not receiving their invites.....


There’s nothing in the junk box.


All email addresses are unchanged since before the ‘upgrade’ i.e. the move to Advanced pay roll, all worked well enough before then and mine is unchanged.


The browser cache is the not the issue. The email accounts are outlook on PCs and there’s no problems with any other emails.


So, currently no emails are being received from Quick books either as portal invites or with pay slips, an ongoing issue (this has never worked). Those emails that are working are, HMRC submissions (PAYE and VAT) and customer invoices.


The additional links you sent told no more than your email.


So, no solution yet.

QuickBooks Team

QB will not send employee portal reactivation emails. It says they're sent but they are not received.

I appreciate update that you gave, @rogerabritt.


I'd like to ensure that your employees will be able to receive invites to they can view their paychecks.


To help determine the reason behind this matter, I recommend contacting our Customer Care Team. They have the tools that can further identify why your employees are not receiving the invites that you've sent since the problem persisted after performing the steps above.


For your reference, I'm adding here some links that you can visit about the different ways of having your employees access their paycheck through the QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll:

I'll be right here to assist you if you have any other questions. Just leave a reply below and we'll take it from there. Have a good one!

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