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Quickbooks Online Acct Billing Issue Unable to Resolve

My QBOL account is not being billed correctly. I have been working on getting this fixed since January 2021. I have spent at least 25 hours on the phone with QB to no avail.  A client was given a promotion of 3 QBOL company files  I have had multiple case ID's and multiple support people who say they will follow up on the issue, keep me updated etc but then they drop out of the picture. I can't seem to escalate this to an upper level to get this fixed.  Quickbooks is extremely terrible at times with support that doesn't involve dealing with the actual program issues.  They should be ashamed of themselve.    Does anyone know how to escalate a case to the right department?


Here is my long & sad story:

January we signed up for a promotion for a client with 3 businesses.


One account was $35 and the other two $5 each for 5 years.


3 Shell companies were created to which I was instructed to upload the QB Desktop companies data 


One of the Shell Companies was broken. After working with Tech Support and the back end engineers trying to work on it it was determined it was a known issue that wouldn't be fixed any time soon. The solution was to give me a new Shell File.


This messed up all the billing on the promotion and now 6  months later it still hasn't been sorted out. I am being overbilled every month.  


What needs to happen is one the total of the 3 files need to be billed $45/month for 5 years. They need to go back and fix all the billing with credits for the overbilling.  


QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online Acct Billing Issue Unable to Resolve

Hi BarbaraS,


I understand that you're having issues with your billing, and you've reached out to our Support team about it. However, as much as I want to help, I'm unable to ask for your account details from here to check it since this is a public forum. And for that reason, I recommend contacting our Support team again to make a follow up.


On the other hand, I'll take note of your experience and share it with the relevant departments for training and to improve our customer service processes.


If you have other concerns, you can always go back to this thread.

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Quickbooks Online Acct Billing Issue Unable to Resolve

And once again these is no help for 6 months on this issue and the advice is also no help as I've done this over and over again . I can't get help from regular support I have spent over 25 hours on the phone trying to deal with this. You need to have someone who can actually handle the issue to call me. Or give me a separate phone number to call and get handled.

Your tech support is a failure over and over again on issue.


Quickbooks Online Acct Billing Issue Unable to Resolve

It isn't the kind of experience that we want you to come across, BarbaraS.


I will endorse this one to our Communications Team.  This way, we can investigate this matter.


I'm just a post-away if there's anything that I can help. Keep safe!

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