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Online payments

All my customers are checked to be able to pay online.  But when I make up an invoice it says on the bottom "Your customer can't pay this invoice online" and that I should turn it on.  Why is this happening and how do I resolve this? Even if I turn it on, the next time I make an invoice it is off again.

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Online payments

Hi there, Marie67


Thank you for providing such detailed information. It gives me a helpful overview of the issue.


I have some steps for you to ensure your customer can pay your invoice online. 


First, let's make sure that you've connected your existing QuickBooks Payments account if you have. Or able to sign up for QuickBooks Payments if you don't.


Next, turn on payment options by following the steps below:


To turn on online payments for all customers:

  1. Go to the Edit menu at the top. 
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Choose Payments, then tap Company Preferences tab.
  4. In the Online Payments section, select the payment methods you want to make available to all customers. 
  5. Hit OK.
  6. Click Apply to existing customers.

Please note that these set up will become the default payment settings for all invoices.


To turn on online payments for a specific customer:

  1. Go to the Customers menu at the top.
  2. Choose Customer Center.
  3. Locate the customer.
  4. Hit the Edit icon to edit their profile.
  5. Select Payment Settings.
  6. In the Online Payments section, select the payment options you want to make available to this customer. 
  7. Click OK.

Once done, you can now send an online invoice to your customers finally. Take a look at this article for more detailed information about this process: Send online invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.


You may also find these articles helpful:

Please let me know how things go on your end. I want to ensure this gets resolved for you. Take care.

Level 2

Online payments

Thank you for the information but I have done all that and it still turns off.

QuickBooks Team

Online payments

Thank you for getting back to us and performing the detailed steps provided by my colleague above, @Marie67.


I want to make sure this gets addressed right away.


Turning on the Online Payments option from the Preferences and Customer's information menu should resolve the issue. 


Since QuickBooks still need you to turn it on every time you create an invoice, I suggest contacting our Phone Support Team. This way, they can further check on this matter and provide some troubleshooting steps to get this fixed. They can also create an investigation ticket if other users experiencing the same.


Here's how to reach them:


  1. Go to the Help icon and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Ask your question, then click Contact Us.1.PNG
  3. You will be presented with support options to help you get answers to your questions.

You might want to check out this article to learn more about processing payments in QuickBooks Desktop: Receive and process payments.


Keep in touch if you need any more assistance with this, or there's something else I can do for you. I've got your back. Have a good day.

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